Ford Racing on fuel injection announcement

Ford Racing Reacts To Fuel Injection

NASCAR announced today that the sport will be going to fuel injection with the 2012 season being the targeted start time. Ford Racing got statements from Jamie Allison and Doug Yates regarding this change and what it means.

JAMIE ALLISON, Director, Ford North America Motorsports

"We fully support the move to fuel injection in NASCAR. It's been a topic of discussion by the manufacturers and NASCAR for a number of years, and we're pleased to see it progressing forward. Our Ford fans want to see more brand identity and relevant technologies in the cars we race in NASCAR; so we think it's very important that both the cars and the technology in NASCAR are more closely related to production cars. The move to fuel injection is another important step in that process."

DOUG YATES, Chief Engine Builder, Roush Yates Engines

"It's a big change for our sport and it's an exciting time to be an engine guy. We've had these carburetors for many years, so the move to fuel injection is really something we welcome. We look forward to working with NASCAR over the next month to get prepared for the 2012 season and now that we know there are some official partners and a clear direction, I think it's going to be a lot of fun getting prepared. These carburetors have done a good job for a long time, but we think fuel injection can help us tune each cylinder more precisely and probably clean up some emissions off-throttle, which is good and healthy for the sport. When you also consider the change NASCAR made this year with the E15 fuel, the sport is definitely heading in the right direction and doing some really good things."

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