FMS: Watkins Glen winner's quotes



MIKE STEFANIK (#6 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet) -- I was patient early. I didn't want to get too racy there, because they were really dicing it up, and I was like 'Wow'. I swapped it back and forth a little bit, and then I said 'This is ridiculous, we can't keep doing this for 38 laps. Somebody's going to make a mistake, and then you're going to be whining, so I just sat back and watched the show. It was a good show, and I liked the seat I was in, so I waited a while, and then when the #4 went off course down there I took advantage of the situation, turned the wick up, got the lead, and lost it, and gained it, and lost it, and gained it. I made a couple of little errors, but other than that, we had a really good race car, and had a lot of fun. This month was tough. We have nine point races, and that's like one every three days on the average, and each race is as important to me as any of the other races. There are different tracks that you might favor, but all the points add up the same at every race. The pressure of shortchanging the crew here...I mean, I left early yesterday, I got back here late this morning, and they don't get the practice time that the other guys do, but they never say one word about it. I've got to thank them for that, because I feel bad about it, but they don't let me feel bad about it. They're just always a-smilin', and working hard, and that's why this championship, if we can possibly win it, I'd love to win it for those guys. To miss the race, and do the effort that they do, and to put up with all my stuff that I end up putting them through just because the other car takes precedent on the schedule...these guys are doing one heck of a job, and my hat's off to them.

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