FMS: Watkins Glen Stefanik qualifying quotes



MIKE STEFANIK (#6 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet) -- Stefanik ran his qualifying laps before the second Modified practice so he can leave for Riverside this afternoon. This is getting a little old. When the races are three, four hundred miles apart on the same day...I kind of shortchange these guys (the modified crew) because they don't get the full practice benefits, and then the Busch guys are looking to the skies to see when I'm coming in, and they might have to get somebody else to take the car out like they did last week. Last week they got Andy Santerre to practice the car in the first practice, but we won the race, so I guess it didn't hurt us too bad. But it definitely starts to wear on you. This is the last big deal split that we've got going. We've got some more little conflicts, but nothing of this magnitude, so I'm kind of glad it's winding down. We've got a so-so lead in the Modifieds- 120-some points. In the Busch North we fell behind in your race here two weeks ago with a broken rear end, and that hurt us. But we won last week, and 50 points, 57 points, whatever it is, that's like one race, and we've got five races to go, so a lot can happen, a lot probably will. We're just going to keep doing what we're doing, and see how it shakes out at the end. We've got a legitimate shot at two of them (both the Busch North and the Modified Championships). I'll leave Elmira airport at 12:30 (pm today), we should arrive at Barnaby Airport in Westfield, Mass. at approximately 2 p.m., I'll drive from there to Riverside Park for the practice that begins at 3 p.m.. We'll qualify, race, and hopefully have a good night there, I'm going to catch a room in West Springfield, and if we want to make that morning practice here, the gear's got to be up on the airplane at 5 a.m., so if we don't have to get up for that morning practice, that won't bother me too much. But whatever we have to do, we'll do it, because once the snow flies, all this nonsense will be over, and I just want to give it my best effort.

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