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Ted Christopher - #13 Wynn's Motorsports Chevrolet - Qualified 1st -- Qualifying went well. I was a little worried because we weren't really as fast as I expected to be in practice. There were some guys turning better times than we were. It's the same car we went with last year -- a little better motor -- the same setup. Hopefully we will end up in the same spot we did last year at the end of the race.

Zane Zeiner -- #76 Sunside Landscaping Chevrolet - Qualified 2nd Fastest -- It would be really nice to win the race tomorrow but we are shooting for a top five finish. I like to stay up front as long as we can, I know I'll learn a lot there.

Tim Connolly -- #4 Ralston Purina/Tidy Cats Dodge - Qualified 3rd Fastest -- I got to be honest, I'm a little disappointed with myself. I expected to do a little better than that. We'll take the third, I guess. We've been very good over the years here. It's close to home; close to Ithaca; and it's a special place for me.

Frank Boardwick - #06 Coffman Tree Service Chevrolet - Qualified 4th Fastest -- The run felt good. Considering we went out in the seventh group, the worst we could do is seventh. It was lot better than practice. I just love racing on a road course like Watkins Glen.

Mike Ewanitsko -- #21 Universal Welding/Rebuilders Automotive Chevrolet - Qualified 5th Fastest -- We had a good car in practice. We ran a little quicker in time but not quick enough for Teddy (Christopher) and them but the car feels comfortable so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I think we have a real good race setup.

Reggie Ruggiero - #2 Les Care Kitchens/Painters Edge Pontiac - Qualified 8th Fastest -- We changed gears for qualifying. I think we had too much for practice, and I don't even know how fast we went. But it felt pretty good. It's just how smooth you are and how you make all the corners. And we made all the corners. And didn't run off the track. So, hopefully, we're all right.

Charlie Pasteryak - #5 Dale Averill Designs Chevrolet - Qualified 11th Fastest -- Considering the week we have had, that was an excellent run. It will probably get us in the top ten somewhere. That's great for me, because I'm not considered a road-racer.

Jerry Marquis - #44 Teddy Bear Pools Pontiac (points leader) - Qualified 13th Fastest -- The way we turned in qualifying, we weren't too good. It was definitely a cold shot the first two laps. Then the motor finally started waking up on the third lap. We ended up with a decent time. We got a bit of work ahead of us for the race. I love coming to Watkins and racing this track and hopefully we will be quick tomorrow.

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