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JAN LEATY (#25 Adirondak Bev/P & C Foods/Hoosier Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on picking up a sponsor and coming to Watkins Glen? - Naturally, it helps financially to have major sponsorship, and it's nice to have a vote of confidence that a company is willing to let you represent them. It helps you to be competitive in points and keep the sponsors happy . Running on so many different kinds of tracks, you do have to develop talents, and you have to constantly work to get better. Last year we had a lot of mechanical problems here, but NASCAR has worked some of them out, and people have spent the money to get new transmissions, so it should be a lot better show this time. I really enjoy this. I had a ball at Lime Rock when we ran there. It's hard for the team, because they can't see you and see what's going on all the time, but I love running this place.

CURTIS MARKHAM (#00 Brady Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on racing a modified here at Watkins Glen? -- I've been asking questions, and I've made a couple of laps. I've always wanted to run the modifieds since my parents took me to Martinsville in the early 70s. I have no clue what I'm doing. I've asked two people the same question and gotten two different answers, so we'll see. I think it's going to be lots of fun I've raced with some ot these guys in the Busch series, and they're fun to race with. I'll be back here with the trucks, and the modifieds are running then too.

TIM CONNOLLY (#4 Ralston Purina/Tidy Cat Dodge) -- How about racing here six times instead of just two. This is great. Watkins Glen has done a nice job in the off season. We're looking for a great race Obviously national television has made a big impact on the modified tour. The Ralston and Tidy Cat peopel are very pleased. (On the versatility of modified drivers ) - In all fairness, I'm really proud of the Tiddy Cat team. We're qualifying well, we had some tough breaks but,its just a matter of time before we put it all together. Last week, we weren't sure how much commitment there was to this race but it was great to see Watkins Glen International step up and put it on the sechedule two times this year I truely enjoy running around this place, It's tough on the team because they can't watch you all the way around the track, but I love running this place. It's a lot of fun.

REGGIE RUGGIERO (#44 Gulf Racing Pontiac) -- - My first impression was seeing all this blue stuff as I came up the hill. It was the Armco. Actually, last year, I had a lot of fun, we adapted real fast. I came with Hoosier Tire and tested, which gave us a lot of help. When race day came and it was time to qualify, it was a lot a lot of fun., but different than what we're used to. Last year we had a mandated caution, but I believe you can go 32 laps and I'd like to see it without a caution. I'd rather see it go right form the green. This race track is alot of luck. We are using more parts and different kinds of parts. Anything can happen, including driver error. You race your own race. Actually you race the track.

TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 Les Car Kitchens Chevrolet) -- Last year we started near the back and came up to the front when a wheel came off - We put the car together about a week before the race last year and we had a really fast car. There are so many things that can go wrong, so you've got to be easy with the transmission and brakes. (On the prospect of # 6 car being out of the race after a practice crash) I'd rather have them fix the car and race, because I'd rather beat him on the track

CURTIS MARKHAM (#00 Brady Chevrolet) -- Originally, Mike Stefanik had planned to start the #6 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet, but after co-driver Butch Leitzinger crashed, that car was unable to continue. Stefanik will now start Curtis Markham's #00 before leaving for the Busch North race at Nazareth. -- What we're going to do now is, since I'm not running in the points or anything, we're going to let Mike qualify the car, and he'll start the race and complete one lap, and then he'll get out and I'll get in, and I'll get to go out and have fun while he goes to Nazareth. Whoever starts the race gets the points, and I don't have any points, I've just always wanted to drive a modified, and Joe Brady was nice enough to give me the opportunity to do it. So, I'm still going to get to do it, and I went and helped out a friend. Mike Stefanik and I use to run the Busch North series together and he's always been a friend. Anytime I can help out a friend, I'm always glad to do it.

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