FMS: Watkins Glen Friday press conference


TIM CONNOLLY (#4 Ralston Purina/Tidy Cat Dodge) -- Is there any extra pressure being the defending winner from June? -- Most definitely. I think it would be tough to repeat here at Watkins Glen but I’m really looking forward to it. -- You got a good run going for the season after being here last time.-- It kind of brought a kind of chemistry together. It brought all the pieces together and we got fired up. We won a few races after that. We’ve been running very strong the last two or three months. I think our fire has fizzled out here a little bit. I’m kind of hoping we can rekindle here this weekend. -- Do you think this weekend is going to be a little tougher then the last two as drivers learn more? -- I think the show we had here last time was really excellent. I had a chance to see if afterwards. It looked like a good show. Only three cautions I guess. I’m not saying were going to have that kind of show again but it would be nice. I think the competition has stepped up even more since last time so I think there is going to be five or six guys that are running up front. We got the making of a great show.

TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet) -- Why do you think drivers point to you as being the best modified road racer? -- I don’t know. I guess I just like it a lot and it’s been good to me. Hopefully we can have a better race Sunday with the modified race and a good race with the DANA Dodge truck. -- What kind of race are you expecting to see in modified? -- It’s going to be good. We got a brand new motor this time. We were down on horse power so this time hopefully we’ll be running up front with Timmy and Ricky and the other guys. -- This is your fifth NASCAR race at Watkins Glen this year. What kind of transition is it going getting into the trucks? -- First I thought it was going to be a little bit heavier then the Busch car but they really got this car set up good. I want to thank the team for the truck. They got the truck working pretty good. It’s almost like you don’t even notice the weight of it. If we could get some laps in practice hopefully we could get it going better.

MIKE EWANITSKO (#8 Sheba Racing Chevrolet) -- How competitive to you plan on being in the modified race? -- I’m really looking forward to the modified race. The last time we were here we were like fifth or sixth. We couldn’t run with the top three the last time. We were a little bit down on horse power. We got a new motor this time. I think we’ll be a lot better. I’m looking forward to getting up in that top three and dicing it up. -- What are you looking to experience in the trucks? -- I’m just looking to get experience in this division. It’s an excellent division in the way it’s taking off. It’s got some excellent drivers . I’m looking forward to doing a couple of more shows and just getting some seat time. -- There was a wild show at Loudon last week, do you think that is going to carry over to this week? -- When it gets down to the end of any race and you got four or five guys fighting for the lead with a couple of laps left, anything can happen.

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