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Ted Christopher - #13 Wynn's Motorsport Chevrolet - (Finished 1st) - I was at the front spot where I didn't have to worry about much. I wish there weren't as many cautions. We had a good run going and could have pulled out pretty good. The car was awesome on the restarts. We had the right ratios in this thing.

Jerry Marquis - #44 Teddy Bear Pools Pontiac - (Finished 2nd) - We're lucky as hell. It was definitely a crazy ending but everybody is going for position here and you've got the championship on the line, everything on the line. We had problems right off the get go, the brakes locked up on this thing, I burned the clutch up trying to get in the pit area, but we brought it home second.

Charlie Pasteryak - #5 Dale Averill Designs Chevrolet - (Finished 3rd) - It was a typical NASCAR finish. Everybody wants to win. This is a big feather in your cap if you come here and win a race or do well. It's fun; I don't care what anybody else says, these cars are made for the road course. They handle well and put on a good show.

Rick Fuller - #8 ASB Chevrolet - (Finished 15th) - We started 12th, and we picked them off slowly. We got up to second, and the #3 car took us out on the last lap. I don't even know where we ended up. We worked real hard, but we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Tim Connolly - #4 Ralston Purina/Tidy Cats Dodge - (Finished 19th) - The #3 car ran a good race all day long, but came unglued at the end there. It cost me and Fuller big time. We were no good on the backstretch, but we were good in other places. But the car was good; tried to save a little tire for the end there. It was certainly a top-three car.

Tommy Cravenho - #3 T&M Landscape/Beech Bluff Auto Chevrolet - (Finished 20th) - We probably should have won the race, but I messed up on the restart, shifting and stuff. Four or five cars go by. What happened in the back there, Ricky (Fuller) was ahead of me with (Tim) Connelly and I side by side, there wasn't enough room. Connelly was on the track, I was on the bump, and when I hit the bump, it was all over. Basically, when I hit the bump, I slid everywhere and took everybody out.

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