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T.J. POTRZEBOWSKI (#37 Ithaca Gun Chevrolet) -- After being involved in an accident at the True Value Inner Loop. -- We had a tire rub so they were black flagging us and I was really going slow down the back straight-away. Right before the Inner Loop I tried to get off the track just enough but Ted Christopher just barely clipped my right front going in. It's really unfortunate because I need all the track time I can get being this is our first time here. This is kind of a set back for us. -- What is the extent of the damage? -- It just looks like a broken tie rod end is all it is. It's really not that big of a deal.

TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet) -- After being involved in an incident in the True Value Inner Loop with #37 T.J. Potrzebowski. -- It was just a guy going slow and I was going fast. We just clipped each other. There's not much room going through there two abreast and we just got together is all. When you're doing 150 mph and the other guy is doing like 30 mph, we just missed a little. -- What is the extent of the damage? -- It doesn't look too bad. I think it's just a rim and we need to make sure the tube isn't bent. They're going to check that now because I need to go drive this truck (#18 DANA Corporation Dodge).

JAN LEATY (#25 Adirondak Bev/P&C Foods/Hoosier Chevy) -- Our first practice session went very well. We were very happy with the times we turned and we had no problems with the car, so I guess after a couple of tries we're getting this deal worked out. We're going to change gearing a little bit for the next practice just to see if we can gain a little bit more. We finally feel like we can unload the car here and feel pretty comfortable that I can feel the car and tell the guys something we can change to get quicker. How will the potential for changes in the weather affect you? It will make a little difference, but I don't think it will be a huge thing for these cars. They don't react quite as badly on this track. The times may drop a little, but overall, I don't think it will matter much.

TIM CONNOLLY (#4 Ralston Purina/Tidy Cat Dodge) -- We haven't gone out yet. We put a new motor in but its not lined up just right, so we've got to put the other one back in. We'll be okay. We'll be out in the next practice session.

MIKE STEFANIK (#6 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet) -- I ran maybe one good lap and that was the only green lap we had. I think a lot of guys go out there and don't get up to speed or they're way off speed, so we just kind of have to evaluate how the car feels in the corners and not be so worried about lap time. Our gearing is pretty good, but our handling seems to be a little off. What's your schedule like this weekend with the Busch North race at Riverside? They are going to make a time trial session for the modifieds just before the next practice so at the end of the next practice, I guess we can leave.

RICK FULLER (#21 Polar Beverage Rebuilder Chevrolet) -- I couldn't get a clean lap. Everytime I thought I was going to get a clean lap, I'd get three quarters of the way through the lap and something would happen. We ended up being eighth fastest, which is terrible. We're really much faster than that. The car is working really really good. Maybe the weather changing will dry the race track, its been a little on the moist side.

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