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DAYTONA USA MOTORSPORTS ATTRACTION 200 POST-RACE NOTES LYNDON AMICK (No. 33 Amick Farms Pontiac) -- It's amazing to be up here (the Houston Lawing Press Box) and to look at it from such a different perspective. It was a great day all day long.


LYNDON AMICK (No. 33 Amick Farms Pontiac) -- It's amazing to be up here (the Houston Lawing Press Box) and to look at it from such a different perspective. It was a great day all day long. One time, we came off pit road and shut it down. Then, on a restart, I missed a gear and overreved it. It was a real good race for us -- unbelievable! We led all those laps and Will Hobgood was right there with us. I knew he was trying to build up a run on us down through one and two and we went into three and I saw him drop down. I knew I had enough to stay in front of him. With the right move -- he's a veteran -- he'd have pulled right around me. (Amick is a freshman business marketing major at Newberry (S.C.) College. He played offensive/defensive tackle in high school football and also played prep basketball. His family farm, near Greenwood and Columbia, S.C., processes 2.5 million chickens each week.) Today's winnings will buy several, several pounds of chicken. (UNTIL TODAY, WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST THRILL IN RACING?) Last year, when we ran the Goody's Dash Series, we led 25 laps at Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Speedway. That's the first time I'd led, until here. That had to be the biggest thing for me, to be out front. (DID YOU THINK YOU COULD PARK IT IN VICTORY LANE?) Well, I had my hopes up. Last year (finished fourth) we came down here and we really learned a lot. This year I was ready out there, ready to draft. (FUTURE DRIVING AMBITIONS ARE TO RUN FIVE NASCAR BUSCH SERIES, GRAND NATIONAL DIVISION RACES IN 1996.) If we can run five races this year and maybe catch a deal next year things might work out.

WILL HOBGOOD (No. 65 Wynn's Oil Co. Pontiac) -- I was going as hard as I could go. The 33 car (Lyndon Amick) was just too stout for us. Our car ran good and handled good, we just came up one place short. I think we learned some things we can use next year. The two stop-and-go penalties didn't hurt us too bad because they happened under caution. I thought we had a run at Amick there in the last laps but he crowded me pretty heavy. That's what he's supposed to do. He needed to take care of what he could. I would have done the same thing.

DAVID HUTTO (No. 97 Shell Fire & Ice Pontiac) -- We had to run our backup car. It wasn't as good as our good car, but it still ran good. It was harder to drive. It wasn't too good by itself, but if I could catch the draft we were all right.

DARRYL MURRAY (No. 52 Lancaster Speedway Ford) -- We've been working real hard all week. We've been chasing the car all week. We finally caught up yesterday. The restarts helped us a bit. We got behind at the start and the yellows allowed us to catch back up to the lead pack. I tell you, if you got out of the line you were going to the back of the line -- as far back as you could go. I hooked up with the 20 (Davis Myers) there at the end and we ran good.

DONNY DUCHESNE (No. 74 Apex Mortgage Pontiac) -- It was a tough race. I'm still new at the game and went past the stop sign (at the end of pit road) so we got a stop-and-go penalty. My car wasn't real good by itself but in the draft it was excellent. The caution periods helped us to catch the main pack because I needed to be with the fast cars to do any good. The car wasn't a rocket ship, but it did what it needed to do. The biggest thing is that it stayed together. There at the end Scott Weaver (No. 2) and I hooked up to try a run at Dave Stacy, but his car was strong. There was no way we could blow on by Stacy without shaking things up. It was better to run where we were at.

DAVE STACY (No. 6 Wash Well Pumice Soap Ford) -- We would liked to have won the race, but we needed to look at the big picture because we're running for the championship. We needed to finish and finish good. We did both of those. You can't complain about a fourth place finish. There was a lot of jockeying around in the final laps. All we were doing was hoping everybody behind us stayed there.

RICKY BRYANT (No. 5 Make-A-Wish Foundation Pontiac) -- Darryl Murray (last year's Rookie of the Year) got loose and came up and tagged me. Once I got turned, it was just hang on. We had dropped back to 15th and moved up to eighth through two gas stops and I think we were in a position for a top-five finish until our accident. I might have been OK after I spun, but the 19 clipped me pretty good.

SCOTT WEAVER (No. 2 Speedway Custom Photo Lab Pontiac) -- We started the week out bad, had a poor pole qualifying run and have just gotten better since then. We've changed everything there is to change on the car. With two more days maybe we could win. This was a good race for us. It matches my best finish here three years ago. We could run with the lead pack but had no chance of outrunning them. This gets our season off to a good start.

MICKEY YORK (No. 24 Cobra Electronics Pontiac) -- (On pit road incident which cost him several laps.) I killed the engine. It was my fault. We had an awesome car today -- it was just my fault. We had to change transmissions yesterday and it was a different second and third gear ratio. I'm not used to it and I killed the engine. Then the wire had broken off the starter. When they got that fixed we had already lost a couple laps. We had a real good car, we just didn't have any luck. At least we finished and brought it back in one piece and we're thankful for that.

CARROLL JENKINS (No. 92 Sunset Carson Housing Pontiac) -- Our strategy was to stay back, stay out of trouble and be there at the end. We just didn't have enough to stay with the fast cars -- but we're satisfied with what we got. Coming down the backstretch after the last restart another car got into my side and that's what caused me to lose the lead draft. Once you're out, you're out.

MIKE SWAIM JR (No. 28 Spring Air Mattress Pontiac) -- I've got a smile on my face but, yeah, it could be bigger. We got some paper and trash on the grille. The (water) temperature went to 250 degrees and we started losing horsepower. The main thing is we got a good start on the points. (DID YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR THE LEADERS, BEFORE OVERHEATING?) Without a doubt I think we did. I was running 3/4 or 1/2 throttle. I want to congratulate my best friend, Lyndon (Amick). He did a great job. I just hope I'll be there (in victory lane) next year.

MIKE SWAIM (No. 21 Husqvarna Dodge) -- He (Mike Jr.) drove a great race. The first time I was here I ran third. If his career moves like mine, he'll do well. It's great. You know, Mike and Lyndon (Amick) are best friends. One got the pole and one got the win.

GARY MOORE (No. 99 Lucas Oil Products Chevrolet) -- It was a long day. We just hung onto the draft with the faster cars. Our body style is slower. We need to get a new transmission, too. Ours was dead on the restarts. We got hooked up there at the end with the No. 11 (B.J. Mackey), who was a lap down, and that helped us. We were only as good as the cars we were running with.

DAN PARDUS (No. 42 Midwest Transit Pontiac) -- We broke a rocker arm. I could feel the loss of power and knew there was a little puff of smoke. It kept running and the gauges didn't show anything wrong, so we knew it was a rocker arm. Up until then we were right where we wanted to be. I knew what we needed to do -- take it easy and be patient. We were in the lead draft and we had a good handling, stable, consistent car. We'll just keep plugging along and keep our head up.

NATIONAL ANTHEM: Today's opening ceremony will feature the National Anthem sung by country artist Darlene Austin.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: More than 100 high school students were the guests of Daytona International Speedway and the Volusia County School System as part of the "Winners Circle/Victory Lane" program. The program targets students in danger of not meeting requirements for graduation. NASCAR Winston Cup drivers Derrike Cope and Loy Allen hosted a special ceremony honoring the students in Victory Lane at 10:15 a.m. The drivers also had a group photo taken with the students.

DAYTONA USA Motorsports Attraction 200 Dignitaries: Seven-time Daytona 500 winner Richard Petty will be the GRAND MARSHAL for the 18TH annual running of the DAYTONA USA 200. International Speedway Corporation Executive Vice President Lesa Kennedy will wave the green flag as HONORARY STARTER for the race.

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