Columbus Motor Speedway Main Event Review

(Sept. 19) The 12th annual Main Event race at Columbus Motor Speedway was run on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Ted Johnson won his first Main Event Series championship by 22 points over Tim Ice. John Grega held off Buddy Schrock for the ...

(Sept. 19) The 12th annual Main Event race at Columbus Motor Speedway was run on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Ted Johnson won his first Main Event Series championship by 22 points over Tim Ice. John Grega held off Buddy Schrock for the 150-lap feature win and took home $15,000 for his victory.

Thirty super late models started the prestigious race with fast qualifier Robbie Pyle on the pole. When the green flag flew he quickly left fellow front row starter Buddy Schrock in his dust. At the time of the first of 11 cautions on lap 27, Pyle had built up nearly a straightaway lead.

On the restart, Pyle's car emitted a huge plume of smoke behind it and the caution once again flew so Pyle's silver #72 could be checked by the officials. A blown power steering hose was the culprit and Pyle was allowed to resume his spot at the front of the field.

Over the next 47 laps Grega lurked behind Pyle, dogging him every lap. Coming down for halfway, Grega dove low and nipped Pyle at the line to lead lap 75.

The cars were allowed to "fuel only" when they pitted during the halfway break. Consequently only five or six cars at a time were allowed to pit to allow officials to watch all the cars.

On the restart, Grega and Pyle resumed their battle, running nose to tail for the next 25 laps. Buddy Schrock, Tim Curry, Stan Boyd and Rich Rohrer joined the pair as the field circulated in single file formation. When the sextet approached lapped traffic about lap 100, Grega was able to negotiate around them better and put a five car length lead between himself and the rest of the contenders.

Pyle began losing positions and by 117 had dropped to eighth place. He wasn't a factor for the remainder of the race and finished in 14th position.

Grega maintained a five car length lead for the remaining distance. The 11th and final caution flew on lap 147 of the 150 lap event, giving Schrock, Boyd and Rohrer one last chance for the win. The Fruitport, Mich. resident was too strong and his Pro/Cam, Parts Plus #11 crossed the start finish line a car length ahead of Schrock for the biggest victory of his career.


John Grega, Buddy Schrock, Stan Boyd, Rich Rohrer, Tim Ice, Ted Johnson, Donnie Hill, Don Whetnall, Steve Sauve, Roger Black, Chuck Silva, John Cline, Dick Dunlevy Jr, Robbie Pyle, Marcus Malcuitt, Donnie Renner, Jimmy Cruse, Mack Gribble Jr, Tim Curry, Scott Baker, Fred Campbell, Joe Bush, Andy Bozell, John Doering Jr, Tim Felver, Gary Whipkey, Don Mahaffey Jr, Mike Holland, John Vallo, Joel McKnight

Last Chance Race #1 (top 2 transferred) Scott Baker, Don Whetnall, Bill Cantley, Ryan Tedesco, Jamie Simpson, Dino Long, Brian Volk, Jamie Hunt, Warren Thoma, Gary Whipkey, Joe Bush, Mike Holland, Rick Sexton, Bob Gainer

Last Chance Race #2 (top 2 transferred): Andy Bozell, Dick Dunlevy Jr, Steve Sauve, Danny Eaves, Scott Drake, Norm Davis, John Crumerine, Joel McKnight, Donnie Hill, Don Mahaffey Jr, Chuck Silva, Tim Ice, Rob Swindell, Robbie Dean, Randy Sword

Heats: #1 - Hill, Felver, Dunlevy Jr, Bozell, Sauve, Swindell, Long, Gainer, Volk, Thoma, Ice, Silva #2 - Campbell, Gribble Jr, Cantley, Johnson, Jerry Mitchell, Dean, McKnight, Whetnall, Bill Huntley, Whipkey #3 - Renner, Rohrer, Cline, Cruse, Hunt, Sword, Bush, Davis, Sexton, Burgess White, Terry Humphrey #4 - Vallo, Doering, Mike Stacy, Tedesco, Eaves, Crumerine, Cord Erhardt, Drake, Holland, Mahaffry

MAIN EVENT POINTS: Johnson 2342; Ice 2320; Rohrer 2115; Whipkey 2065; Cline 2052; Silva 1843; Malcuitt 1840; Holland 1772; Cruse 1724; Gribble 1663; Mahaffey Jr 1658; Long 1611; McKnight 1597, Erhardt 1355; Thoma 1312; Vallo 1056

E-Mods Heats: #1 - Kim King, Dan Williams, Dennis Kelly, John White, Lance Young #2 - Todd Ripley, Jimmy Johnson, Tom Carr, Glenn Jewell, Rick Sibila #3 - Don Fleming, Rahn Poole, Ralph Herrod, Jack Ripley, Ed Lorents Last Chance: Herrod, Sibila, Kelly, J Ripley, Don Johnson, John Stroble 30-lap feature: Mike Carroll, Dick Dunlevy Jr, James Fisher, Jerry Stapleton, Chad Poole, Mike Rush, Pat Jones, Gary Smith, Dave Stacy, Kevin Colvin, Fleming, Williams, Sibila, R Poole, Herrod, Terry Flora, Kelly, D Johnson, J Johnson, King

SS Finish: Donald Parsons, George Lindsay, Ron Dague, Mike Litchfield, Doug King, Bruce Holmes, Gary Lamer, Ron McMannis, Phil Gussler, John Ramser, Don Hill Sr, Jeremy Everding, Adam Conroy, Chris Meier, Eddy Mathinson, Gary Smith, Larry Caudy, Sean McNealy, Roger Moore, Kevin Moore, Danny Brown, Eddy Mathinson, Sean Stroble, Steve Rainer, Ron Mangus

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