Chuck Trickle Takes Points Lead and Twin Wins at LVMS

Las Vegas - Chuck Trickle, father of the late Chris Trickle and brother of stock-car veteran Dick Trickle, celebrated his 56th birthday and Father's Day with victories in both of the NASCAR Late Model main events Saturday night at Las Vegas Motor...

Las Vegas - Chuck Trickle, father of the late Chris Trickle and brother of stock-car veteran Dick Trickle, celebrated his 56th birthday and Father's Day with victories in both of the NASCAR Late Model main events Saturday night at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's 3/8-mile paved oval.

Last year on the same weekend, Trickle captured his first career victory. This year, he exceeded that accomplishment when he won both of the 25-lap main events and took over the lead in the race for the track championship.

"What a day? This makes two years in a row," Trickle said as fans crowded around his pit area. "It is so hard to win like we did last year. It's hard to believe we did it again.

"I don't care if I ever race again, but I'm always going to race on Father's Day weekend. I don't know what, but I will race something."

Trickle started on the pole of the first event and led all 25 laps. Rick Cobb and his father, Dick Cobb, followed Trickle to the finish line.

"I can't believe we won," said Trickle after the first main event. "My birthday is Monday. I couldn't ask for a better present.

"I'm at a loss for words. I usually have something to say. I have dreamed of winning so much. I wish I could have started racing 40 years ago."

In the second main event, Trickle started ninth and was in third by lap two. At the halfway mark, he drove to the inside of Steve Anderson to take the lead.

With four laps to go, Trickle encountered lap traffic and a strong challenge for the front spot from Ray Hooper Jr. The fans were on their feet as Trickle and Hooper Jr. were side-by-side when they crossed the line to get the one lap to go signal. Trickle managed to hold Hooper Jr. off for the second win of the evening.

"Now we have a good lead in the points. The championship is my main focus," Trickle said. "If I get fifth in every race this year that is fine. I want to win this championship for Chris."

Scott Gafforini was leading the points going into the evening, but he had fuel pump problems in both races causing him to finish 11th and 20th.

Other winners were C.J. Sherkenbach in Grand American Modifieds, Kyle Busch in the Hitchin' Post/Exiss Legends main event, Pat Petrie in the Chargers, Mark Schottmuller in Mini Stocks and Jim Bunty Jr. in the Bandoleros main event.

3/8-mile paved oval results

Saturday, June 17, 2000

NASCAR Late Models

Main Event #1: 1. Chuck Trickle; 2. Rick Cobb; 3. Dick Cobb; 4. David Quartero; 5. Ray Hooper Jr.; 6. Steve Rzesnowiecky; 7. Steve Anderson; 8. Ken Holt; 9. Gerald Lair; 10. Mark Ayers; 11. Scott Gafforini; 12. Eddy Hedrick; 13. Jerry Spilsbury; 14. Dennis Rock; 15. Bob Barker Jr.; 16. Lance Magin; 17. Jeff Coleman; 18. Stanley Call Jr.; 19. Jim Sanderson; 20. Richard Bridges; 21. George Antill; 22. Pat Petrie; 23. Greg Schindler; 24. Dan Philpott; 25. Rich Attisani; 26. Sam Crow; 27. Jeff Wright.

Main Event #2: 1. Chuck Trickle; 2. Ray Hooper Jr.; 3. Steve Anderson; 4. Dick Cobb; 5. Jerry Spilsbury; 6. Dave Quartero; 7. Ken Holt; 8. Rick Cobb; 9. Eddy Hedrick; 10. Lance Magin; 11. Jeff Coleman; 12. Dennis Rock; 13. Gerald Lair; 14. Pat Petrie; 15. Bob Barker Jr.; 16. Jim Sanderson; 17. Jeff Wright; 18. Dan Philpott; 19. Richard Bridges; 20. Scott Gafforini; 21. Stanley Call Jr.; 22. Mark Ayers; 23. George Antill; 24. Rich Attisani; 25. Steve Rzesnowiecky.

Grand American Modifieds

Main Event: 1. C.J. Scherkenbach; 2. T.J. Clark; 3. Fabian Bray; 4. Doug Hamm; 5. Greg Haase; 6. Jeff Prenger; 7. Jack Dessaints; 8. Stoney Gray; 9. Brian Matzke; 10. Greg Albright; 11. Kyle Busch; 12. Kirk Miller; 13. Jerry Walton; 14. Larry Gerchman; 15. Don Williams.


Main Event: 1. Pat Petrie; 2. Reyes Valenzuela; 3. Len Dejoria; 4. Robert Rittgers; 5. Robert Rudd; 6. Keith Danser; 7. Mark Sargent; 8. Ron Moffatt; 9. Tom Youmans; 10. Dawn Vint; 11. Scott Henry.

Hitchin' Post/Exiss Legends

Main Event: 1. Kyle Busch; 2. Tyree Brown; 3. Rob Russell; 4. Morris Sealy; 5. Richard Rogas; 6. Dan Williams; 7. Chris Sutton; 8. Greg Haase; 9. Don Kelly; 10. Brian Kizer; 11. Bob Woodsford; 12. Ron St. Amaud; 13. Gregg Klefstad; 14. Cyndi Gaskins; 15. Jason Allen; 16. Jim Galza; 17. Kurt Minnick; 18. Spencer Clark; 19. Rob Guevera; 20. Ken Kulikowsky; 21. Steve Legg.

Mini Stocks

Main Event: 1. Mark Schottmuller; 2. Casey Kingsland; 3. Shane Coons; 4. Mike Aleknewicus; 5. Tony Leonard; 6. Mike Morton; 7. Danye Hagan.=20


Main Event: 1. Jim Bunty Jr.; 2. Joey Mogar; 3. Joshua Gross; 4. Kevin Terrell; 5. Justin Johnson; 6. Alex Haase; 7. Eric Chelberg; 8. Bear Rezneweicky; 9. Ryan Ayers.=20

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