Cedar Lake Speedway signs with NASCAR

Cedar Lake Speedway signs with NASCAR! Cedar Lake Speedway is proud to announce that in addition to being part of the DTRA organization, the track will be NASCAR sanctioned in 2008. This landmark decision marks the 50 year old track's...

Cedar Lake Speedway signs with NASCAR!

Cedar Lake Speedway is proud to announce that in addition to being part of the DTRA organization, the track will be NASCAR sanctioned in 2008.

This landmark decision marks the 50 year old track's commitment to excellence for their drivers and fans. Cedar Lake Speedway, founded in 1957 has evolved from a small circle track in a western Wisconsin swamp to one of the nation's premier dirt track facilities. The addition of NASCAR only solidifies this position.

"We couldn't be happier about the partnership with NASCAR" stated Bob Kaufman, CLS owner. "NASCAR brings a comprehensive sponsorship and huge marketing benefits. In addition, our drivers will compete for the largest track point fund ever and by far the largest track point fund of any dirt rack in the upper Midwest. Finally, and maybe the single most important aspect for the change to NASCAR is their $1,000,000 participant insurance policy for every member in the pit area."

Cedar Lake Speedway now will have piece of mind knowing that every person in the pit area that supports the track week in and week out will have significant accident insurance. "Wisconsin has always been a hot bed of short-track racing," stated George Silbermann, NASCAR Managing Director of Racing Operations. "We are pleased to welcome Cedar Lake Speedway into the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series and look forward to some great racing action."

Cedar Lake Speedway believes that NASCAR is undoubtedly the next step for the track and their drivers. That said, this closely guarded change obviously prompts many questions. We have tried to answer a few below. If you have any further questions regarding Cedar Lake becoming a NASCAR sanctioned track, please call 612-363-0479 or email info@cedarlakespeedway.com

Q. How can Cedar Lake be involved with NASCAR and DTRA at the same time?

A. In prior years, many tracks carry multiple banners. For example, late model drivers at RiverCities supported NLRA and DTRA while streets and midwest modifieds supported both MDRA and DTRA. In a similar fashion, Cedar Lake Speedway drivers will benefit from the offerings of DTRA and will also be NASCAR sanctioned and benefit from what NASCAR offers.

Q. Why NASCAR? Aren't they focused on pavement racing?

A. No, NASCAR concentrates on successful tracks in the country and assists them in many ways. NASCAR alone is marketable to a whole new audience and Cedar Lake Speedway will build on their success. In addition, NASCAR sanctioning gives our drivers more point fund money than ever before and $1,000,000 of insurance coverage for all NASCAR members.

Q. What rules will Cedar Lake Speedway use for their classes of cars?

A. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series does not have specific rules. The 50+ NASCAR member tracks utilize industry standard rules in their area. Cedar Lake Speedway will utilize standard rule templates which are posted on the Cedar Lake Speedway website.

Q. What tires will Cedar Lake Speedway use in 2008?

A. Cedar Lake Speedway will continue to support their relationship with Goodyear. Cedar Lake Speedway believes the longer lasting, less expensive Goodyear spec tire is the best choice for their drivers and fans.

Q. Does NASCAR sanctioning affect the premier events scheduled at Cedar Lake Speedway?

A. No, the Masters, Nationals, World of Outlaw Sprint Cars, The Legendary 100 and all other specials will continue as planned.

Q. Do I have to join NASCAR in order to race at Cedar Lake Speedway?

A. No, however in order to participate in the point funds an annual membership is required.

Q. Do I have to be a NASCAR member to get in the pits?

A. NASCAR does not require everyone in the pits to be a member. However, unlicensed people in the pits are not covered by the $1,000,000 participant insurance policy provided by NASCAR. Cedar Lake Speedway would like to see everyone covered by this policy. See below for plans to do this.

Q. What do I get when I become a NASCAR member?

A. The benefits NASCAR provides include the $1,000,000 participant insurance coverage, discounts on NASCAR sponsors products, complimentary subscription to Speedway Magazine and many others.

Q. How big are the point funds?

A. The total Cedar Lake Speedway local track point fund will be over $30,000! The Late Model point fund will pay $4,000 to win, Modifieds will pay $3,000 to win, Super Stocks pay $2,000, Midwest Modifieds pay $1,000 to win and Street Stocks will run for $750 to win. In addition, Late Models will compete for NASCAR state championship money that pays $4,000 to win and a national championship that pays $25,000 to the winner.

Q. How do I become a NASCAR champion?

A. Each track designates a division of cars called their premier class. The drivers in that class compete against all the other premier class drivers at the other NASCAR tracks. The 2007 NASCAR Whelen All American Series Champion was won by Steve Carlson, a Late Model driver at the LaCrosse Fairground Speedway in West Salem Wisconsin. He won the championship by racing at his home track only. 22 starts and 8 feature wins brought the national title to Wisconsin!

Q. Will I need to fill out a NASCAR application?

A. Yes, in order to be a NASCAR member and to receive their benefits a completed form must be filled out.

Q. How much does a NASCAR membership cost?

A. A NASCAR membership for all drivers (except late model drivers) and pit men is $90. A Late Model competitor's license is $185. However, because it is important to Cedar Lake Speedway that all drivers and pit crew are covered by the $1,000,000 insurance policy and receive the other NASCAR benefits, CLS has decided to cover the entire cost of licenses for all CLS weekly drivers and up to four (4) pit crew members.

-credit: www.cedarlakespeedway.com

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