Cajon Speedway standings as of 2001-05-12

<pre> CAJON SPEEDWAY NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES POINT STANDINGS LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN 1 Mike Mendenhall Santee 2 wins 236 2 Ron Overman Lakeside 1 win 201 3 Todd McLauchlan Alpine ...


LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN 1 Mike Mendenhall Santee 2 wins 236 2 Ron Overman Lakeside 1 win 201 3 Todd McLauchlan Alpine 191 4 Jerry Gay San Diego 141 5 Danny Gay Lakeside 121 6 Jack Lee Vista 118 7 Dee Cable Santee 108 8 Wayne Morse Alpine 104 9 Ray Burns San Diego 94 10 John Manke Ramona 90

GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED 1 Scott Brown Spring Valley 1 win 64 2 Mike Salm Fallbrook 59 3 Doug Carpenter La Mesa 51 4 Mike Jackson Bonita 46 5 Stan Perkins Spring Valley 42 6 Paul Brunette Spring Valley 40 7 Ron Brown San Diego 38 8 Carol Kirby Williams San Dgo 37 9 Dave Williams Escondido 36 10 Billy Cable La Mesa 0

STREET STOCK 1 Rich Green Jr. El Cajon 289 2 Rick Hagen Alpine 261 3 Brian Collins Oceanside 203 4 Scott Holmberg San Diego 2 wins 202 5 Scott Moses Chula Vista 183 6 Rob Overman El Cajon 163 7 Charles Nevin El Cajon 158 8 Richard Hinze Lakeside 1 win 152 9 Neil Rodvold Lakeside 150 10 Dave Arce Santee 148

PONY STOCK 1 Ed Hale El Cajon 2 wins 345 2 Mike Weimann Temecula 270 3 Andy Papp La Mesa 268 4 Marty Schmidt El Cajon 228 5 Douglas Wright Jr. Rancho SD 1 win 225 6 Neil Rodvold Lakeside 166 7 George Behlman Santee 151 8 Kenny Hall Lakeside 148 9 Ken Wikoren El Cajon 1 win 141 10 Debi Urioste Poway 140

BOMBER STOCK 1 Bob Wickey Spring Valley 206 2 Mark Holland San Diego 200 3 Eric Seene Santee 168 4 Pat Garity El Cajon 2 wins 153 5 Randy Wallace El Cajon 1 win 147 6 Greg McCown El Cajon 144 7 Marty Lehrke San Diego 133 8 Chris Boyer San Diego 120 9 Alex McKay San Diego 116 10 Bill Holland El Cajon 113

</pre> EL CAJON, CA. (05/19/01). It will be another evening with lots of different types of stock cars in action this Saturday night at Cajon Speedway. The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series event includes the late model sportsman, the Grand American modifieds, bomber stocks, legends, and those crazy train racers.

Race time will be 6:45 P.M. Qualifying runs will start at 5:15. Practice runs will commence at 4:00.

The late model sportsman class is Cajon's premier division. Those sleek machines which resemble current model Chevrolet Monte Carlos for the most part will run a 40-lap main event.

The Grand American modifieds are open wheeled machines. Though the body styles are called Chevrolet or Ford, it would be hard for the casual observer to name the brand of any car in the modified class. The modifieds turn lap times around Cajon's 3/8 mile paved oval similar to the late models. They will have a 25-lap feature.

Along with the pony stocks, the bomber class is one of Cajon's entry-level classes. Most of the bombers are 1970 though 1980 Chevrolets or Fords. Only minimal modifications can be made to get this class of car ready for competition. The bombers will host a 20-lap feature Saturday night.

The legend cars are shrunk down versions of classic 1930's American cars. A Yamaha motorcycle engine is under the hood. Still the cars have plenty of pep and are capable of averaging over 70 mph around Cajon's oval.

The late model sportsman and Grand American modifieds turn laps in the low-80 mph range while the bombers average mid to high 60 mph speeds.

This weekend will mark the first appearance of the season for the legend cars. Their first event was scheduled for April 21, but was washed out. This will be race number four for the sportsman and the bombers and the second event for the modifieds. Mike Mendenhall continues to pace the sportsman point standings. Last Saturday the Santee resident romped to his second triumph in three races.


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