Cajon Speedway results 2004-04-24

EL CAJON, CA (04/24/04). David Beat thought he would be doing well to finish in the top three in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series main event at Cajon Speedway Saturday night. But the racing gods were looking his way. The defending late model...

EL CAJON, CA (04/24/04). David Beat thought he would be doing well to finish in the top three in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series main event at Cajon Speedway Saturday night. But the racing gods were looking his way. The defending late model sportsman champion ended up romping to his second straight victory in the 40-lapper on the 3/8-mile paved oval.

Beat, who waited for the field and the race to come to him, bested 2002-2003 points runnerup John Manke by 15 lengths. Seven lengthy cautions extended the contest to nearly 45 minutes. Manke shouldered his way past Rich Chavez, who led much of the way, five laps from the checkered. Chavez ran third ahead of Ron Overman. Stephen Peace rebounded from a lap 10 spin to finish fifth.

In the companion events, Eric Ferguson duplicated his opening night showing with his second straight win in the street stocks. Rick Nies took home his second career trophy in the bomber stocks. Art Nevill paced all 25-rounds of the legend feature.

Patience paid off for Beat who seemed to have only the third or fourth best car in the feature. He started eleventh and didn't crack the top five until a lap 10 restart. Billy Hoagland got the jump on polesitter Rick Chavez at the green. Hoagland held Chavez at bay until lap 9.

Meanwhile on the move were Stephen Peace and Steve Teets. A little more patience by either could have earned them their first NASCAR victory. Peace who started eighth made a bid for the number one spot in turn three on lap 10. He dipped under Chavez, who left him little room. To avoid contact Peace pinched his car off and spun. This put Teets, who started seventh, in the second position. Five rounds later Teets suffered the same fate in the same place as did Peace.

This left Beat on Chavez's tail. First Beat looked under Chavez in turns one and two and again in three and four just after the restart. He looked again in one and two a round later. This time he was able to pull even with Chavez and gain the advantage as they powered off the turn. By the time they got to three, Beat was out front to stay. "Slow but steady" once again paid off.

"I had to work for that one," Beat exclaimed after climbing from the cockpit of his Dodge. "Holy smokes. I think that is the hardest race I've driven in two years. That one was something. The car is awesome -- it's actually a little better than it was last year."

"I would have been satisfied with a top three finish. We were starting pretty far back. I knew there were some really good cars in front of me. It was going to take a lot of good breaks. And we got some. I was really pleased. It's just that traffic goes good sometimes and sometimes it doesn' t. We had a couple of close calls, but man this car works -- it goes through the corners."

"Rick (Chavez) raced me clean (for the lead)," Beat continued. "He's raced me clean since the day we started racing together. Everybody raced me clean tonight even when I got to the outside of a couple of guys -- they all raced me hard and raced me clean. That's all I can ask."

In the street stocks, Rob Overman was the class of the division for 14 circuits of their 25-lapper. But moving steadily forward were Ferguson and Kenny Hall. Overman, Ferguson, and Hall were running one-two-three by lap six. Overman had a very close call when rookie Tony Masey looped it in turn three on lap 10. Overman had to brake very hard to avoid contact. Ferguson worked the leader lap-by-lap and finally inched past him on lap 15. Overman managed to fend off Hall until round 23. Ferguson was seven lengths ahead of Hall at the checkered. Overman had to settle for third ahead of Matt Arnold and Richard Hinze.

The bomber stocks had their own woes. On lap 2 Allen Basile went all the way around in turn two and was hit head on by Greg McCown. Another car then rear ended Basile T-Bird, crushing the fuel cell. There was no fire, but a lengthy cleanup was required to clear the cars and clean the track. Front row starters Darrell Moore and Kevin Gantz ran side-by-side for the lead fro m the tenth round through the 16th when Gantz finally moved out front. Side-by-side behind that duo was Nies and David Whisenant who had to wait for something to happen up front before they could make their move. Nies followed Gantz past Moore. Nies, who started ninth, then battled Gantz. With two rounds remaining in the 20-lapper Nies pulled out front. Gantz was two lengths back when the race concluded. But his Caprice had too much left side weight at the scale and he was disqualified. That gave second to Whisenant who took over the point lead. Moore had his finest run to date and was third. Hayden Smith was fourth and opening night winner Randy Hart was fifth.

In the legends it was the old and the new. Veteran Art Nevill had his hands full with 16-year-old rookie Matthew Hicks. On lap 7 Hicks got into Nevill in turn one and turned him around. Hicks was sent to the rear and Nevill resumed the race out front where he went unchallenged. Gary Scheuerell started eighth and claimed second ahead of Eric Brett, Tom Skahill, and Donnie Akers.

Longtime Legend car inspector "Papa Jim" Pantier made his debut behind the wheel. He had his problems but he took the car home in one piece. Despite being the night's slowest qualifier, he finished a strong fourth in his nine-car heat and a creditable 14th in the 19-car feature.

PIT NOTES: Victor Clark, who competed in the pony stocks here a couple of years ago, has relocated to Idaho and is running a Pro Four modified in that region. -- Next Saturday night Nextel Cup stars Bill Elliott, Kevin Harvick, and Sterling Marlin are scheduled to appear at Cajon as part of the KGB Dodge Race of Champions.


Fast Time - David Beat, El Cajon; Time - :16.195.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Rick Chavez, Lakeside; 2. Billy Hoagland, Santee; 3. Ben Carver, El Cajon; 4. Jack Lee, Vista; 5. Faron Collins, El Cajon; 6. Dee Cable, Santee; 7. Alex Robertson, San Diego; 8. Gary Rodriguez, Chula Vista; 9. Bill Parenteau Jr., Santee; Time - 4:57.07.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 2. Steve Teets, Ramona; 3. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 4. Bob Caron, Fallbrook; 5. Bob Wickey, San Marcos; 6. David Beat, El Cajon; 7. John Manke, Ramona; 8. Ray Neveau, San Clemente; 9. Mike Daniel, Alpine; 10. Scott Moses, Chula Vista; Time - 4:03.78.

Main (40 laps) - 1. David Beat, El Cajon; 2. John Manke, Ramona; 3. Rick Chavez, Lakeside; 4. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 5. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 6. Billy Hoagland, Santee; 7. Bob Wickey, San Marcos; 8. Bob Caron, Fallbrook; 9. Scott Moses, Chula Vista; 10. Jack Lee, Vista; 11. Gary Rodriguez, Chula Vista; 12. Alex Robertson, San Diego; 13. Faron Collins, El Cajon; 14. Bill Parenteau Jr., Santee; 15. Ray Neveau, San Clemente; 16. Mike Daniel, Alpine; 17. Steve Teets, Ramona; 18. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 19. Ben Carver, El Cajon; 20. Dee Cable, Santee; Time - 44:05.15.

Fast Time - Rick Hagen, Rancho SD; Time - :17.516.

Dash (4 laps) - 1. Matt Arnold, San Diego; 2. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 3. Rick Hagen, Rancho SD; 4. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - 1:10.88.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Josh Green, Lakeside; 2. Rob Overman, San Diego; 3. Rob Freeman, Santee; 4. Keith Donohou, Lakeside; 5. Eric Sweetman, Santee; 6. Tony Masey, El Cajon; 7. Randy Buell, San Diego; 8. Don Moore, Lakeside; Time - 2:26.95.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Kenny Hall, Lakeside; 2. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 3. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 4. Neil Rodvold, Lakeside; 5. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 6. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 7. Dave Arce, Santee; 8. Rick Hagen, Rancho SD; 9. Matt Arnold, San Diego; Time - 2:23.29.

Main (25 laps) - 1. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 2. Kenny Hall, Lakeside; 3. Rob Overman, San Diego; 4. Matt Arnold, San Diego; 5. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 6. Rick Hagen, Rancho SD; 7. Neil Rodvold, Lakeside; 8. Rob Freeman, Santee; 9. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 10. Keith Donohou, Lakeside; 11. Tony Masey, El Cajon; 12. Josh Green, Lakeside; 13. Don Moore, Lakeside; 14. Eric Sweetman, Santee; 15. Dave Arce, Santee; 16. Randy Buell, San Diego; 17. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - 17:55.11.

Fast Time - David Whisenant, Murrieta; Time - :19.995.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Darrell Moore, Ramona; 2. Michael Burford, Ramona; 3. Perry Humphries, San Diego; 4. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 5. Allen Basile, Poway; 6. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 7. Brandon Haag, Santee; Time - 2:56.46.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Rick Nies, Lakeside; 2. Greg McCown, Lakeside; 3. Mark Wendell, Santee; 4. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 5. David Whisenant, Murrieta; 6. Hayden Smith, San Diego; 7. Randy Hart, National City; 8. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 9. Bill Holland, El Cajon; 10. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; Time - 8:13.33.

Main (20 laps) - 1. Rick Nies, Lakeside; 2. David Whisenant, Murrieta; 3. Darrell Moore, Ramona; 4. Hayden Smith, San Diego; 5. Randy Hart, National City; 6. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 7. Mark Wendell, Santee; 8. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 9. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 10. Michael Burford, Ramona; 11. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 12. Perry Humphries, San Diego; 13. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 14. Brandon Haag, Santee; 15. Greg McCown, Lakeside; 16. Allen Basile, Poway; Time - 31:40.26.

Fast Time - Art Nevill, Acton; Time - :18.885.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Pete Sands, Temecula; 2. Chuck Carter, Spring Valley; 3. Larry Alsop, Fountain Valley; 4. Papa Jim Pantier, Buena Park; 5. Dan Shaffner, San Diego; 6. Lynn Sowers, Costa Mesa; 7. Dennis O'Conner, Oceanside; 8. Donnie Akers, Anaheim; 9. Dave Riggs, Lakeside; Time - 9:35.02.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Gary Scheuerell, Murrieta; 2. Don Stone, Lodi; 3. Eric Brett, Ramona; 4. Fred Chavez, Santee; 5. Matthew Hicks, Santee; 6. Tom Skahill, Duarte; 7. Art Nevill, Acton; 8. Mark Gaiser, Anaheim; 9. Micah Nourse, Irvine; 10. Mitchell Thorpe, Sun City; Time - 4:59.50.

Main (25 laps) - 1. Art Nevill, Acton; 2. Gary Scheuerell, Murrieta; 3. Eric Brett, Ramona; 4. Tom Skahill, Duarte; 5. Donnie Akers, Anaheim; 6. Fred Chavez, Santee; 7. Micah Nourse, Irvine; 8. Pete Sands, Temecula; 9. Chuck Carter, Spring Valley; 10. Dave Riggs, Lakeside; 11. Lynn Sowers, Costa Mesa; 12. Larry Alsop, Fountain Valley; 13. Dennis O'Conner, Oceanside; 14. Papa Jim Pantier, Buena Park; 15. Mitchell Thorpe, Sun City; 16. Dan Shaffner, San Diego; 17. Matthew Hicks, Santee; 18. Don Stone, Lodi; 19. Mark Gaiser, Anaheim; Time - 21:56.58.

TRAIN RACE -- Ryan Gay, El Cajon and Richard Togwood, Hillcrest


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