Cajon Speedway point standings 2001-09-03

<pre> CAJON SPEEDWAY NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES POINT STANDINGS LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN 1 Todd McLauchlan Alpine 3 wins 1080 2 Ron Overman Lakeside 4 wins 1026 3 Mike Mendenhall Santee 4 wins...


LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN 1 Todd McLauchlan Alpine 3 wins 1080 2 Ron Overman Lakeside 4 wins 1026 3 Mike Mendenhall Santee 4 wins 1016 4 Jerry Gay San Diego 1 win 925 5 Danny Gay Lakeside 1 win 824 6 John Manke Ramona 3 wins 670 7 Dee Cable Santee 562 8 Wayne Morse Alpine 489 9 David Arzola San Diego 468 10 Claude Bell El Cajon 381

GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED 1 Scott Brown Spring Valley 3 wins 575 2 Mike Salm Fallbrook 3 wins 561 3 Ron Brown San Diego 3 wins 558 4 Mike Jackson Bonita 435 5 Dave Williams Escondido 369 6 Doug Carpenter La Mesa 347 7 Carol Kirby Williams San Dgo 314 8 Paul Brunette Spring Valley 252 9 Steve Lloyd Encinitas 214 10 Stan Perkins Spring Valley 180

STREET STOCK 1 Rich Green Jr. El Cajon 4 wins 1176 2 Rick Hagen Alpine 5 wins 991 3 Brian Collins Oceanside 1 win 833 4 Richard Hinze Lakeside 1 win 764 5 Rob Overman El Cajon 680 6 Rob Freeman Santee 1 win 668 7 Scott Moses Chula Vista 651 8 Neil Rodvold Lakeside 600 9 Randy Buell San Diego 584 10 Todd Phelps El Cajon 495

PONY STOCK 1 Ed Hale El Cajon 6 wins 988 2 Douglas Wright Jr. Rancho SD 4 wins 946 3 Andy Papp La Mesa 1 win 945 4 Mike Weimann Temecula 932 5 Marty Schmidt El Cajon 716 6 Kenny Hall Lakeside 1 win 657 7 Ken Wikoren El Cajon 1 win 602 8 George Behlman Santee 1 win 508 9 Debi Urioste Poway 450 10 Victor Clark Lakeside 416

BOMBER STOCK 1 Mark Holland San Diego 1035 2 Bob Wickey Spring Valley 5 wins 1029 3 Eric Seene Santee 736 4 Pat Garity El Cajon 4 wins 669 5 Bill Holland El Cajon 1 win 640 6 Marty Lehrke San Diego 625 7 Jeff Coskey Santee 1 win 612 8 Scott Denton Fallbrook 551 9 Greg McCown El Cajon 516 10 Joey Schneider Escondido 499

</pre> EL CAJON, CA. It isn't quite the end of the season for the late model sportsman stock car drivers at Cajon Speedway. But there will be one title on the line this Saturday night when the sleek and fast stock cars return to action on the 3/8-mile paved oval.

Either Todd McLauchlan, Ron Overman, or Mike Mendenhall will be crowned the track's NASCAR Weekly Racing Series point leader for 2001. That person won't necessarily be the track champion. That title will be determined following the race on September 22.

It sounds a bit confusing. But NASCAR divides the track into regions. The point leader at each track in the region is ranked each week based on four variables. The rankings following the weekend of September 15 - 16 determine the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Regional and National rankings. And since Cajon's sportsman division will not be competing on September 15, the final regional points race is this Saturday. Sharing the track will be all of the local racing divisions. That includes the sportsman, Grand American modifieds, street stocks, pony stocks, and bomber stocks. In addition the Allison Legacy cars have been added to the card.

Race time is 6:45 PM. Qualifying runs start at 5:15 PM. Gates open and practice for the very busy and important evening will start at 4:00 PM. The four variables used to determine the regional and national titles are percentage of possible starts, winning percentage, top five finishing percentage, and car count. Currently Todd McLauchlan, Cajon's sportsman point leader, sits in ninth place in the Pacific Coast regional standings. When the season concludes each point leader at each of the regional tracks will be awarded prize money based on his relative standings. That amount ranges from about $5000 to nearly $42,000. The national champion will pick up a check for over $160,000.

A program similar to the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series exists for the street stocks at Cajon. They are part of the Exide Shortrack Series, which also concludes on September 16. Here Cajon's Rich Green sits third in the region.


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