Cajon results 2003-08-30

Overman and Meech split Cajon Twins EL CAJON, CA (08/30/03). A pair of racing veterans, Ron Overman and Mark Meech, showed they still know where victory is at Cajon Speedway Saturday night. The dynamic duo, each two-time track champions, split...

Overman and Meech split Cajon Twins

EL CAJON, CA (08/30/03). A pair of racing veterans, Ron Overman and Mark Meech, showed they still know where victory is at Cajon Speedway Saturday night. The dynamic duo, each two-time track champions, split honors in the twin 30-lap NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series main events on the 3/8 mile paved oval. The 60-year-old Overman took the opener in the late model sportsman while the younger 47-year-old Meech paced all 30-rounds of the finale.

Overman, who won the super stock title back in 1974 and took honors in the Grand American modifieds in 1996, was followed in the opener by Danny Gay, point leader David Beat, John Manke, and Stephen Peace. Meech, the 1984 super stock 1993 Grand American modified champ, edged out Manke and Beat. The trio was trying to get three-wide coming off the final turn in the nightcap as the top three. Peace was a close fourth and Overman was an equally close fifth.

Rich Green moved back into the thick of the points race in the street stocks with his fourth victory of the season. Ty Tipton prevailed again in the pony stocks. Point leader Matt Arnold was victorious in the factory stocks. Art Nevill outlasted Tom Landreth after a stirring 25-lap battle in the legend cars

It was an especially pleasing victory for Overman, who had such high hopes when the season started but had been winless. He started fifth and his car was a rocket from the green. He worked his way steadily forward. He ducked under pacesetting Scott Moses on lap 12 and ran the divisional rookie even for about three rounds before inching into the lead. Once in front, he ran away. Rumor has it he was in a hurry to get back to his pits for pizza.

The running order in the 30-lapper was shaken up when first nighter Alex Robertson spun in the north turn while being lapped on lap 21. He was clipped by second place Scott Moses; third place Jeff Wright, Claude Bell, and Jerry Gay all got caught up in the incident.

"I could have won the race even if I was older," Overman beamed as he climbed from the cockpit of his always-immaculate Sid's Auto Body Chevrolet Monte Carlo. "The guys gave me such a great car. We had such a tough time since we got here. The thing was missing. We replaced the carburetor, the distributor, the switches. We didn't find it. Finally we found it. They got it hooked up at the very last. We went out with a hope and a prayer. And the thing was hooked."

It's has been a frustrating season for Overman who has never given up after breaking first his back (in 1999) and his neck (in 2002) in jarring accidents. "It's been terrible," Overman said of his team's disappointments. "But because we have a good pizza source, we've never let it get us down. We feed good so we keep our spirits up. The guys never gave up even on the sorriest nights. Last week we had 6-1/2 cylinders. Tonight we came back and thought we had it fixed, but we didn't. But here we are."

It was Overman's 25th triumph at the track.

Even though Meech paced all 30-laps of the second late model sportsman feature, he never had any breathing room. Manke dogged him all the way and even dipped underneath the leader a couple of times. But he was never able to get past. Meech, Manke, Beat, and Peace ran in tight formation the entire distance while Overman moved in to make it a five-car tussle in the final ten rounds. Meech has been an infrequent visitor to the track in the late model sportsman in recent years. This was only his second start of the year in the division. He did capture the season opening NASCAR Featherlight Southwest Series event back in April.

Meech was a little more subdued than Overman after his 44th Cajon Speedway victory. "The car was better in the second race than the first," Meech observed. In that race, he had started sixth and worked his way up to second before slipping back to sixth by the checkered.

"In the first, we burned off the right rear tire and we were lucky to survive it," he explained. "In the second one, I was probably not the fastest car out there. But we were the hardest to pass, I guess. Manke ran a good race. I could see Beat back there every once in awhile. So I knew they were there. This was the first time with a little more power and now we have to work on the car. That's what we're going to look forward to doing."

Green's fine run in the 25-lapper for street stocks came on a night when his two main rivals for the divisional championship had their woes. Point leader Eric Ferguson had a loose shock all night and had to pit for a loose plug wire and then a flat tire in the main event. Richard Hinze, who started the evening second in points, blew his motor on lap 19 while running third. Green got through traffic quickly after starting 12th. He was out front by lap 7. Jason Pontsler continued his string of fine runs by finishing second. Josh Green had the best run of his three-year career with a third place finish. Rounding out the top five were Dave Arce and Rob Freeman.

In the pony stocks, Tipton prevailed for the fifth time this year. Douglas Wright Jr. was second ahead of Marty Schmidt, Hector Leon, and Thomas Winter. Leon virtually locked up his first championship with his finish. He is 183 markers ahead of Schmidt with only two races remaining. Should that lead be even 148 tallies after the pony's next race on September 20, Leon will become the person who finally dethrones Ed Hale as the king of the pony stocks. Saturday night Tipton stormed from tenth into the lead in less than three laps but then had to fend off Wright and Schmidt for the win.

The factory stock race saw Marty Kepler and Blaine Sharp put on a terrific duel for the lead early on. Kepler finally got the advantage. But his left front tire went flat on lap 14 and he touched the wall. Sharp meanwhile had the move of the night when he swerved quickly to avoid Jim Crone IV, who lost control right into front of Sharp on the 13th circuit. Sharp however lost second place to point leader Matt Arnold at that point. So when Kepler lost the tire a round later, Arnold was on the top rung. Sharp maintained his second place run. Rich Crutchfield took third ahead of Lee Harbin and Ryan Gay.

Art Nevill and Tom Landreth continued their battle for supremacy in the legend cars. The two had battled tooth-and-nail at the Orange Show Speedway a week earlier. Saturday night they picked things up right where they left off. It was a dazzling driving display by the two veterans who were locked to each other for the whole 25-laps. Nevill kept the point for nearly the entire way though Landreth was out front for at least one round. Landreth tried Nevill on the high side and on the low side. He tried going into turns high and coming out low. He tried going in low and coming out high. A lesser driver than the veteran Nevill would have fallen victim to his stalker any one of several attempts. But Nevill never faltered. John Isabella had the best view for that fantastic show; he was third. Donnie Akers and Tom Skahill were chasing him.

PIT NOTES: Beat picked up his seventh Sid's Auto Body Hard Charger $200 check for gaining the most passing points in the first race. He can sew up his first track championship by finishing no worse than 8th in the first of the two season finale races on Sept 20. And that is only required if 22-cars show up and John Manke has fast time and wins both of the Grand Prix races that night. So David can sleep comfortably for the next three weeks until the sportsman return. -- Meech will be back for the open comp on October 4. He will be with the Southwest Series at Tucson when the sportsman race again at Cajon on Sept 20.


Fast Time - David Beat, Santee; Time - :16.387.

Main event (30 laps) - 1. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 2. Danny Gay, Lakeside; 3. David Beat, Santee; 4. John Manke, Ramona; 5. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 6. Mark Meech, La Mesa; 7. Bob Wickey, San Marcos; 8. Dee Cable, Santee; 9. Dan McKenna, Ramona; 10. Jerry Gay, San Diego; 11. Scott Moses, Chula Vista; 12. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 13. Jeff Wright, San Diego; 14. Claude Bell, El Cajon; 15. Rod Hildebrand, Alpine; 16. Ray Burns, Santee; 17. Alex Robertson, San Diego; 18. Billy Hoagland, Santee; 19. Bill Parenteau Jr., Santee; Time - 22:36.91.

Main event (30 laps) - 1. Mark Meech, La Mesa; 2. John Manke, Ramona; 3. David Beat, Santee; 4. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 5. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 6. Bob Wickey, San Marcos; 7. Jerry Gay, San Diego; 8. Jeff Wright, San Diego; 9. Danny Gay, Lakeside; 10. Scott Moses, Chula Vista; 11. Dan McKenna, Ramona; 12. Billy Hoagland, Santee; 13. Dee Cable, Santee; 14. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 15. Rod Hildebrand, Alpine; 16. Claude Bell, El Cajon; 17. Alex Robertson, San Diego; 18. Ray Burns, Santee; 19. Bill Parenteau Jr., Santee; Time - 10:22.25.

Fast Time - Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - :17.870.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 2. Ken Wikoren, San Diego; 3. Bill Sanchez, Santee; 4. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 5. Josh Green, San Diego; 6. Tom Jaggi, Campo; 7. Steve Bolin, Lakeside; Time - 2:29.90.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Jason Pontsler, Poway; 2. Rob Overman, San Diego; 3. Mark Holland, San Diego; 4. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 5. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 6. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 7. Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; 8. Dave Arce, Santee; 9. Rob Freeman, Santee; Time - 4:40.60.

Main event (25 laps) - 1. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 2. Jason Pontsler, Poway; 3. Josh Green, San Diego; 4. Dave Arce, Santee; 5. Rob Freeman, Santee; 6. Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; 7. Mark Holland, San Diego; 8. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 9. Rob Overman, San Diego; 10. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 11. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 12. Tom Jaggi, Campo; 13. RJ Stockman, Lakeside; 14. Steve Bolin, Lakeside; 15. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 16. Ken Wikoren, San Diego; 17. Bill Sanchez, Santee; Time - 36:30.38.

Fast Time - Douglas Wright Jr., Santee; Time - :18.457.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Chris Vaughn, San Diego; 2. Michelle Bishop, Poway; 3. Rob Dinsmore, Ramona; 4. Amber Lee Harmon, San Clemente; 5. Len Cartwright, Lemon Grove; 6. Robert Minnick, El Cajon; 7. Evan Adair, El Cajon; 8. Bill Parenteau Sr., El Cajon; 9. Shealynn Longwell, El Cajon; Time - 5:52.02.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ty Tipton, Spring Valley; 2. Darrell McKee Jr., San Diego; 3. Douglas Wright Jr., Santee; 4. Hector Leon, Santee; 5. Russ Gregson, El Cajon; 6. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 7. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 8. Trevor Maynard, Lakeside; 9. Thomas Winter, La Jolla; 10. Shawn Muscat, Escondido; Time - 9:57.45.

Main event (20 laps) - 1. Ty Tipton, Spring Valley; 2. Douglas Wright Jr., Santee; 3. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 4. Hector Leon, Santee; 5. Thomas Winter, La Jolla; 6. Chris Vaughn, San Diego; 7. Darrell McKee Jr., San Diego; 8. Michelle Bishop, Poway; 9. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 10. Rob Dinsmore, Ramona; 11. Russ Gregson, El Cajon; 12. Shawn Muscat, Escondido; 13. Robert Minnick, El Cajon; 14. Amber Lee Harmon, San Clemente; 15. Len Cartwright, Lemon Grove; 16. Evan Adair, El Cajon; 17. Trevor Maynard, Lakeside; 18. Shealynn Longwell, El Cajon; Time - 11:04.23.

Fast Time - Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; Time - :21.114.

Dash (4 laps) - 1. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 2. Vernon Gilmore, Santee; 3. Pat Bradley, San Marcos; 4. David Liedike, El Cajon; Time - 7:33.11.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Martin Kepler, El Cajon; 2. Lyle Driscoll, Lakeside; 3. Ernest Teixeira, Vista; 4. Blaine Sharp, Jamul; 5. Rick Lloyd, El Cajon; 6. Rich Crutchfield, Santee; 7. Mike Ellis, Lakeside; 8. Ed Valenzuela, Santee; Time - 3:02.07.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Matt Arnold, San Diego; 2. Ryan Gay, El Cajon; 3. Lee Harbin, El Cajon; 4. Vernon Gilmore, Santee; 5. Pat Bradley, San Marcos; 6. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 7. Mike Rumbaugh, Poway; Time - 2:53.74.

Semi (10 laps) - 1. Eric Sweetman, Santee; 2. Jack Krueger, Fallbrook; 3. Michael Burford, Ramona; 4. Eric Shockey, Santee; 5. Keith Krueger, Fallbrook; 6. Jim Crone IV, Escondido; 7. Robert Hughes, Campo; 8. Steve Abbott, Lakeside; 9. Chuck Irey, Spring Valley; 10. John Alvernaz, Lakeside; 11. Jacob Schneider, Escondido; 12. Rob Kahle, Chula Vista; 13. Butch Johnston, San Diego; Time - 5:36.53.

Main event (20 laps) - 1. Matt Arnold, San Diego; 2. Blaine Sharp, Jamul; 3. Rich Crutchfield, Santee; 4. Lee Harbin, El Cajon; 5. Ryan Gay, El Cajon; 6. Pat Bradley, San Marcos; 7. Jack Krueger, Fallbrook; 8. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 9. Ernest Teixeira, Vista; 10. Eric Sweetman, Santee; 11. Michael Burford, Ramona; 12. Vernon Gilmore, Santee; 13. Mike Rumbaugh, Poway; 14. Robert Hughes, Campo; 15. Lyle Driscoll, Lakeside; 16. Rick Lloyd, El Cajon; 17. Keith Krueger, Fallbrook; 18. Eric Shockey, Santee; 19. Jim Crone IV, Escondido; 20. Steve Abbott, Lakeside; 21. Martin Kepler, El Cajon; 22. Mike Ellis, Lakeside; Time - 7:43.00.

Fast Time - Tom Landreth, Alta Loma; Time - :18.928.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Kevin McMahon, Long Beach; 2. Bill Everett, Fontana; 3. Mark Gaiser, Anaheim; 4. Rick Chavez, Lakeside; 5. Denis Meyer, Carlsbad; 6. Bill Bonney, San Clemente; 7. Mike Daniel, Alpine; 8. John McIntyre, El Cajon; Time - 2:39.39.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Tom Landreth, Alta Loma; 2. John Isabella, El Cajon; 3. Donnie Akers, Anaheim; 4. Art Nevill, Acton; 5. Tom Skahill, Duarte; 6. Bob Graham III, Alpine; 7. Warren Merrifield, Pasadena; 8. Bob Landreth, Alta Loma; Time - 5:39.45.

Main event (25 laps) - 1. Art Nevill, Acton; 2. Tom Landreth, Alta Loma; 3. John Isabella, El Cajon; 4. Donnie Akers, Anaheim; 5. Tom Skahill, Duarte; 6. Bob Landreth, Alta Loma; 7. Bob Graham III, Alpine; 8. Warren Merrifield, Pasadena; 9. Bill Bonney, San Clemente; 10. Mark Gaiser, Anaheim; 11. Mike Daniel, Alpine; 12. Rick Chavez, Lakeside; 13. Kevin McMahon, Long Beach; 14. Denis Meyer, Carlsbad; 15. Bill Everett, Fontana; 16. John McIntyre, El Cajon; Time - 7:43.00.


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