Cajon results 2003-08-09

EL CAJON, CA (08/09/03). Eric Ferguson definitely had things go his way while his two main rivals in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series points chase at Cajon Speedway had their woes Saturday night. Ferguson swept both 25-lap street stock main events...

EL CAJON, CA (08/09/03). Eric Ferguson definitely had things go his way while his two main rivals in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series points chase at Cajon Speedway had their woes Saturday night.

Ferguson swept both 25-lap street stock main events on the 3/8 mile paved oval and has rammed his way to the top rung of the points ladder for the division. Richard Hinze who started the night leading the chase was involved in a shunt midway through the first feature while battling for the lead. Rich Green, who sat third in the chase when the night started, lost his motor in the nightcap. When the night started the standings read Hinze 715, Ferguson 699, and Green 698. They now read Ferguson 837, Green 803, and Hinze 789. Dave Arce maintained his fourth place standing; he has 766 markers.

In the companion main events Saturday night, Ty Tipton dominated action in the pony stocks. Brian Fitzgibbons raced his way to victory in the bomber stocks. Stephen Peace was victorious in the legacy car feature.

Ferguson big break in the first contest came on lap 14. He was running third in a very tight lead pack when the leading duo of Ivan Harrison and Hinze touched exiting turn four and spun into the infield. Until that time the lead group had varied between six and ten cars in a very hotly contested race. Before the incident Ferguson could only sit and watch as Harrison and Hinze diced side-by-side. Ken Wikoren set the pace for the opening ten rounds before Harrison took over. Harrison started ninth in the 19-car field while Hinze came from 12th. Ferguson started 15th. Once in front Ferguson went unheaded. His lead was as large as five lengths but dwindled to three lengths over Rich Green by the checkered. Rob Overman ran third. Dave Arce just nipped Mark Holland for fourth.

In the second race Ferguson came from sixth starting position and overhauled the pacesetting Holland on lap 14, the same round where fortune struck in the first race. For the previous five rounds Ferguson has been running underneath Holland, the 2002 bomber stock champ. He had been unable to work his way past. At times the two were door-to-door and at times Ferguson could draw no closer than the rear quarter panel. But Holland's fate was sealed when they came out of turn two on lap 14 and the two leaders closed quickly on the lapped car of Wikoren. Wikoren was in the high groove and Holland backed off. That was all Ferguson needed. Arce followed Ferguson past Holland. Holland lost his fine run when he and Rob Freeman spun on the home chute battling for third. Chasing Ferguson at the conclusion of the second 25-laper were Dave Arce, Brian Collins, Hinze, and Jason Pontsler.

The second twin was a marathon. While the opener was run off in ten minutes with only the single yellow required, the nightcap took nearly 47 minutes. It was slowed five times. Twice in three rounds there were long delays to clean up blown engines. Green lost his dramatically on the front stretch and into turn one on lap 6. Then on lap 9, Dan McKenna oiled down the entire backstretch. On the restart Hinze got out of shape exiting turn four coming to the green. He looped it. Gordon Anderson spun and was nailed by Kenny Hall. Then there was the Holland-Freeman tussle on lap 16. The final slowdown resulted when Bob Meese was turned around in turn four on lap 18.

Ferguson was quick to acknowledge that lady luck from shining down on him from the nearly full moon. "Tonight we had all the breaks and the last couple of weeks we didn't have any. So we'll take it," the double winner observed.

"That deal where (Harrison and Hinze) wrecked was too bad for those guys," Ferguson continued. "We were in third and all of a sudden there we were in first. Sometimes that works out, sometimes that doesn't."

"The second race where we got to start up front was OK. We got to race up front the guys we normally race from the back. We got to race Dave Arce good and Mark Holland was strong tonight. (With the lapped car), I tried to give Mark some room. But I don't think he was expecting it so he backed off when we came up on it."

It wasn't a totally easy night for Ferguson's crew who were busy between the races. "We switched all the brake rotors because they were warped from the first race," he pointed out. "The car didn't have any problem overheating at all (despite some abnormally high air temperature and humidity). The car was 200 all night. I know a lot of other guys were overheating. The brakes were vibrating in the first race. Thanks to NAPA we were able to swap all the rotors and put new ones on. They were shaking the last week a little bit (so we were kinda expecting it)."

Tipton broke through traffic early and then had to fend off point leader Hector Leon in the pony stock 20-lap affair Traffic couldn't buffalo Tipton, who started 11th and was fifth at the end of the second round. Two circuits later he was second. On lap 5 he was shadowing leader Chris Vaughn. He was out front the next time around. Leon was much more methodical working his way forward from 12th. He and Marty Schmidt ran as one in second and third on laps 10, 11, and 12 before Schmidt found his way blocked by a lapped car. Once in second Leon ate just a bit of Tipton's margin, but was still almost two lengths back at the stripe. Schmidt maintained third ahead of Hale and the rookie Vaughn. It was the fourth victory of the year for Tipton.

The bomber stocker belonged to Kevin Gantz early on. The polesitter got a break when Darrell Moore and Joey Schneider were glued to each other in the battle for second. With no way around Moore and Schneider, traffic backed up and Gantz cruised to a 12-length lead by lap 5. But then rookie David Whisenant went head on into the turn three wall. The single file restart gave everyone some breathing room. Fitzgibbons, who started third, was fourth on the restart and quickly got by both Schneider and Moore. But Gantz didn't roll over. He made the youngster work. Not until lap 11 was Fitzgibbons finally able to gain the advantage. It was his second win of the season. Gantz stayed in second. Point leader Rick Hagen nosed his way past points runner-up Greg McCown on the final lap. McCown could have kept third place. But he was concentrating on passing Gantz and left room for Hagen to sneak by underneath. Marty Lehrke was fifth.

PIT NOTES: Modified driver Chad Harmon, one of the few- the proud, will be leaving Saturday August 16 for a one year tour of duty with the USMC in Japan. Harmon just returned from Iraq three months ago. His wife Amber and son Colton will stay behind here while Chad is overseas and Amber will continue to race her #303 pony stock. Chad is a nuclear, biological, and chemical specialist with the Marine Corp and has served our country for the past 12 years. We'll miss you Chad and look forward to you returning home next August. -- JD Reyes towed south from Riverside with his street stock to run at Cajon for the first time Saturday night. Unfortunately he lost a motor in hot lapping so he was not able to compete. -- The San Diego Blood Bank will have their Bloodmobile at Cajon Speedway on Saturday, August 23 from 9:00 am -- 2:30 pm. The Cajon Speedway Blood Driver will support Austin Cameron, our El Cajon NASCAR Winston West driver who is fighting cancer. All donors will receive a limited edition surfer tee shirt and a voucher for a free car wash courtesy of Genie Car Wash. Walks in are welcome, but people with appointments will be honored first.


Fast Time - Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - :17.725.

Main event (25 laps) - 1. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 2. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 3. Rob Overman, San Diego; 4. Dave Arce, Santee; 5. Mark Holland, San Diego; 6. Ken Wikoren, San Diego; 7. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 8. Kenny Hall, Lakeside; 9. Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; 10. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 11. Jason Pontsler, Poway; 12. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 13. Bob Meese, Poway; 14. Rusty Rodvold, El Cajon; 15. Randy Buell, San Diego; 16. Rob Freeman, Santee; 17. Bill Sanchez, Santee; 18. Dan McKenna, Ramona; 19. RJ Stockman, Lakeside; Time - 10:38.96.

Main event (25 laps) - 1. Eric Ferguson, El Cajon; 2. Dave Arce, Santee; 3. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 4. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 5. Jason Pontsler, Poway; 6. Mark Holland, San Diego; 7. Rob Overman, San Diego; 8. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 9. Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; 10. Bob Meese, Poway; 11. Rob Freeman, Santee; 12. Bill Sanchez, Santee; 13. Ken Wikoren, San Diego; 14. Rusty Rodvold, El Cajon; 15. Dan McKenna, Ramona; 16. RJ Stockman, Lakeside; 17. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - 46:54.56.

Fast Time - Hector Leon, Santee; Time - :18.337.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Chris Vaughn, San Diego; 2. Robert Minnick, El Cajon; 3. Rick Lyon, San Diego; 4. Rob Dinsmore, Ramona; 5. Len Cartwright, Lemon Grove; 6. Bill Parenteau Sr., El Cajon; 7. Amber Lee Harmon, San Clemente; 8. Shealynn Longwell, El Cajon; 9. Roland Nocon, Santee; Time - 7:30.40.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Ty Tipton, Spring Valley; 2. Hector Leon, Santee; 3. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 4. Darrell McKee Jr., San Diego; 5. Trevor Maynard, Lakeside; 6. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 7. Russ Gregson, El Cajon; 8. Michelle Bishop, Poway; 9. Thomas Winter, La Jolla; Time - 6:09.11.

Main event (20 laps) - 1. Ty Tipton, Spring Valley; 2. Hector Leon, Santee; 3. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 4. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 5. Chris Vaughn, San Diego; 6. Darrell McKee Jr., San Diego; 7. Shawn Muscat, Escondido; 8. Rick Lyon, San Diego; 9. Trevor Maynard, Lakeside; 10. Thomas Winter, La Jolla; 11. Len Cartwright, Lemon Grove; 12. Russ Gregson, El Cajon; 13. Michelle Bishop, Poway; 14. John Aganowski, National City; 15. Robert Minnick, El Cajon; 16. Rob Dinsmore, Ramona; 17. Roland Nocon, Santee; 18. Amber Lee Harmon, San Clemente; 19. Shealynn Longwell, El Cajon; 20. Bill Parenteau Sr., El Cajon; Time - 11:00.40.

Fast Time - Rick Hagen, El Cajon; Time - :20.185.

Dash (4 laps) - 1. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 2. Greg McCown, El Cajon; 3. Rick Hagen, El Cajon; 4. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; Time - 1:23.15.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Joey Schneider, Escondido; 2. Hayden Smith, San Diego; 3. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 4. Darrell Moore, El Cajon; 5. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 6. Kevin Gantz, Spring Valley; 7. Perry Humphries, San Diego; 8. David Whisenant, Murrieta; Time - 2:50.22.

2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Randy Hart, National City; 2. Mike Johnson, Spring Valley; 3. Greg McCown, El Cajon; 4. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 5. Rick Hagen, El Cajon; 6. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 7. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 8. Mark Wendell, Santee; Time - 2:45.62.

Semi (10 laps) - 1. Bill Holland, El Cajon; 2. Thomas Osborne, San Diego; 3. Jeff Coskey, Santee; 4. Jay McKellep, El Cajon; 5. Bob Underwood, Spring Valley; 6. Bob Blew, Santee; 7. Pat Bradley, San Marcos; Time - 10:01.02.

Main event (20 laps) - 1. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 2. Hayden Smith, San Diego; 3. Rick Hagen, El Cajon; 4. Greg McCown, El Cajon; 5. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 6. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 7. Joey Schneider, Escondido; 8. Mark Wendell, Santee; 9. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 10. Jeff Coskey, Santee; 11. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 12. Darrell Moore, El Cajon; 13. Randy Hart, National City; 14. Perry Humphries, San Diego; 15. Bob Blew, Santee; 16. Bob Underwood, Spring Valley; 17. Kevin Gantz, Spring Valley; 18. Thomas Osborne, San Diego; 19. David Whisenant, Murrieta; 20. Mike Johnson, Spring Valley; 21. Bill Holland, El Cajon; 22. Jay McKellep, El Cajon; Time - 27:16.95.

Fast Time - Rob Ferguson, Poway; Time - :18.922.

1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Scott Dannen, Dewey, AZ; 2. Rob Ferguson, Poway; 3. Marcus Smith, Corona; 4. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 5. John Gravelle, San Diego; 6. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 7. Randy Ryden, Escondido; 8. Chad Hines, Jamul; Time - 7:21.38.

Main event (20 laps) - 1. Stephen Peace, El Cajon; 2. Rob Ferguson, Poway; 3. Scott Dannen, Dewey, AZ; 4. John Gravelle, San Diego; 5. Brian Fitzgibbons, El Cajon; 6. Randy Ryden, Escondido; 7. Marcus Smith, Corona; 8. Chad Hines, Jamul; Time - 11:21.96.


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