BNS: Watkins Glen top three quotes


MIKE STEFANIK (#51 Bunham Boilers Chevrolet) - "I was really surprised, because the times that they were giving me...I knew how fast everyone else was going because it was on the board (the qualifying positions are displayed on a chart in the paddock area). When it was all over, they said 'how did you do?', and I thought I did a respectable job, but I didn't know. And then I came in and found out that we did have the pole. I'm happy for the sponsors. It's the Burnham Boilers 150, and we've got 750 people coming to our hospitality event, and now we've just got to go out there and have a good race. I'm just glad to be in two championship battles (Busch North and Featherlite Modified), and to have Burnham with me, and to have two great teams to experience it with. I feel a lot more pressure in the Busch North series than I do in the Modified. It's fun to run the Modified, it's a fun car, and it's just fun fun fun. The Busch cars are concentration, sweat, and frustration, wicked competition...not that the Modified tour isn't, it's just that the Busch cars are so evenly matched, and I guess that I feel that I just don't understand them the way I do a Modified. So it frustrates me, because I just don't know what's under there until it all plays out."

BRYAN WALL (#77 Players, Inc. Pennzoil Ford) -- We were a little quicker in practice. The track slowed up a little. But it was a good lap. Players Inc. sponsored us for this race, and we told them we were going to have a good race for them. I was kidding with them and told them I was going to get a pole and a win. Hopefully the win will be there. As far as Player’s Inc., their goals and their marketing will b e announced. There’ll be a press conference on Saturday. They just wanted to make the announcement this weekend. They wanted to have someone representing them on a car. It just ended up that we got lucky enough or fortunate that they gave us a call. This is great for us. We’re happy with everything and everybody. It came about at the last minute and they got the uniforms down to us. I did the exact same thing in qualifying as I did in practice and we slowed down. We turned a 17.6 earlier. Man, I had it to the floor everywhere I had it to the floor this morning, but I just couldn’t get that extra umph. It’s a great track and I love it. We’ve been here a lot, and that’s what I attrib ute what we did manage this afternoon. I was a little disappointed because it was also the second time we got bumped by a hundredth-of-a-second. I wanted to start on the pole. Honestly, we were really fast in practice. But look at it this way, how bad can it be when you’re disappointed and starting second how bad can it be. I think the real key to winning is to have patience. You’ll have to get through the first fe w of laps. We’ll let it string out and then go to work. We have a real good pit crew. The guys have worked real hard on their pit stops. You know we’re going to have to come in for at least fuel. We’ll see how the car’s handling. If we need tires we’ll put two tires on. But our plan right now is to go fuel only to get some good track position and win this thing.

TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet) - "It was good. On the last lap, they threw the yellow, so I probably lost a little time. Going up into the Inner Loop someone spun, and I didn't know if he was in the middle of the track or not, so I had to be a little cautious. But I'll take third, and we've got a really good car for the race. I went half a second faster than I did in practice, so it can't be that bad.

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