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Andy Santerre - ...

Andy Santerre - #44 Whelen/EJP Chevrolet (Leader at rain delay) - I think if this EJP/Whelen Chevrolet doesn't breakdown we'll be in good shape. We have a great racecar here. Just have to pace myself right now. Joe Varde here is a road-racing veteran; I'll have to keep my eye on him. We're having a great race and I hope we can pull it off.

Joe Varde - #35 Mitsubishi/Powertel Chevrolet (2nd at red flag) - I don't think I will get past Andy; he's pretty strong. I hope we finish the race, but I don't think I will have anything for him.

Dale Quarterley - #32 Land O Lakes Chevrolet (3rd at red flag) - The car is pretty good. I don't have much for the leaders. We're pretty loose; sometimes I feel like I'm gonna bounce off those foam barriers. If the two in front of me start to battle, I'm not going to be able to run with them.

Brad Leighton - #55 Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth Chevrolet (4th at red flag) - We've got an awesome car. It is so much easier to lead, because you can hit all your points. It's gonna be tough to pass the top three. Once we're out front, I can get fairly comfortable

Mike Olsen - #61 Little Trees Car Freshener Chevrolet (5th at red flag) - I'm happy so far. We've had a terrible weekend. We lost an engine in practice and were really bad in qualifying. I'd be happy with where we are. On a short run, I'm pretty good, but I don't have much for the guys in front of me.

David Amick - #11 Mitsubishi/Powertel Chevrolet - It was a stupid rookie mistake. I just totally misjudged the brake zone and I got into the 40 car. I came here to get some experience and I really hate it for the Powertel/Mitsubishi team. We had such a good car, and I just went over my head. It hurts, but it's the truth.

Tom Carey - #42 AAA Aircraft Supply Chevrolet - We were getting some fluid on the rear tires and then I popped the tires going into turn one. We're not in the race for the points so we figured we'd just park it and keep it in one piece.

Mike Christopher - #12 Penn's Best Trucking Chevrolet - The transmission was broken when I got in. What else can I say?

Ted Christopher - #13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet - The engine blew. We had a fast car, and we could have won this race.

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