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TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 LesCare Kitchens/Formica Ford Thunderbird) -- I couldn't believe it, right at the start we had a problem with the shifter. I guess I like going to the rear and then coming to the front. We did it before. I could tell from the in-car camera we were passing a lot of cars. I really couldn't hear Benny (Parson) on the radio. Next year we want to step it up to the next level and that requires money. A couple of weeks from now I'll be back here driving a truck and a modified, so this is a pretty good start. I really wanted to win on one of these. I've won on a mile and a lot of short tracks, but not on a road course. The car was really, really good. It was sort of a little disappointing in the beginning with the transmission. That's why I was really slow on the restarts. On the initial restart I started in first and I couldn't go. It locked up. I thought, Oh, boy. I had to start in second all the time. It wasn't too bad. I did like a Ricky Fuller deal, I've seen him do it in the modified a bunch. He weaves, weaves, weaves, and then goes. It worked. I knew on the restart if I could go good into turn one, I could beat them in the Esses. KIM BAKER (#10 Lenox Tools Chevrolet) --Yeah, he (Ted) had a little too much for us. Our problem started with the flat tire we had yesterday in qualifying. It ground down the exhaust. It affected us during the race. During the race it started to fall apart and the car slowed down. Otherwise, the car ran good. The car sputtered the last lap. We wouldn't have made it another lap.

MARTIN TRUEX (# 56 Blount Seafood Chevrolet) --We knew the only shot we had was to go to the front early. We were off from the beginning. We drove the wheels off it. the engine was going to go at any time. KAT TEASDALE (#94 Katco Motorsports Chevrolet) -- Teasdale moved up quickly from her sixth place starting spot, and was running in second position when a long pit stop dropped her well back in the field. "We still don’t know what the heck happened. I don’t know yet, because I just came back with the car. Then we had a flat tire, with a huge hole in it. And just before it went green, a car spun in front of me coming through turn 11 and people were swerving. I got pushed out on the grass, with the left side only, and as soon as I felt the tire go flat, if anyone had told me it was the right rear, I would have said "No way’, because I had to go off on the left. There was just garbage all over the track, pieces of metal, and under the yellows you’d see it and say "OK, don’t go there’, and then next time around, it’d be gone. After the tire, I went around, and it smelled like transmission, and I told the guys, and they said "Bring it in quick." I said ‘You’ve got to get me out before they come by, or I’m going to get lapped.’ They thought it was the rear main engine seal, but I said "No way’, because I could smell it. And sure enough, it was the transmission. So that’s what' put us really down, and by then you’re toast. The car was making noise, and it just wasn’t happening."

KELLY MOORE ( #47 Tic-Tac/Jordan Lumber Pontiac) -- What happened when you lost so many positions? It was just another inconsiderate driver out there. I ran up there the whole race and never put a bumper on anybody. Up to that point we were racing real hard and I took the swing to go into turn one and the number 10 who doesn't race with us all the time - he's got nothing to lose - he piled into the corner and hit me in the left rear. It won't happen again.

JERRY MARQUIS (#15 Ski-Doo/O'Connor GMC Chevrolet) -- We just wanted to finish here so bad today, it was ridiculous. The Ski-Doo Chevrolet was just awesome through the turns. We lost a couple cylinders. It was just a pity. We were right with the front three guys. The car was so strong today. I've got to thank Mike O'Connor they did a super job getting the car prepared. This is like the third time they've been at Watkins Glen with a different driver. They gave me an excellent car here to drive. We beat half the field here on six cylinders. We won the first race when they came on board, and we haven't been doing that well since, but we finished another race, so its a step in the right direction. We lost a couple more points to Dave Dion, but there are still plenty of races. We've got a top notch team and a top notch car.

KIM BAKER (#10 Lenox Tools Chevrolet) more from press conference -- What happened with Kelly Moore in turn one? I just went inside Martin's car and there was just a little bump there and Kelly slowed way down. The first laps had been a little erratic here. Sometimes they go full speed and sometimes they don't. It was a little bump. Planning anymore Busch North Races? This year we'll do Louden and Lime Rock and next year we'll do them all. How did your Watkins Glen experience pay off today? Any experience pays off. I'm a little rusty because I haven't been racing much this year, but this race helped out

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