BNS: Watkins Glen race quotes #2



JEFF BARRY (#22 Barry Associates Chevrolet) -- Barry got out of his car, asking for a relief driver. Tom Carey , who was pitted next to Barry, had just gotten out of the #42 car, which had left the race with a blown engine. This is Carey's first road course race. I can't believe how hot it was in that car. I'm almost embarrassed to have to get out.

ERIC BODINE (#21 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet) -- We're disappointed. I had made it up to a good position, and the engine blew. It's a shame because we really wanted to do well today. Hopefully the other Bodines will have a better day tomorrow.


DAVE DION (#29 Berlin City Ford/Continental Paving Ford) -- Retains point lead by 11 over Andy Santerre by finishing 10th. I'm really proud of the guys. I got into two tangles today and they got me out, they kept me digging and kept me in front of the leaders. I'm really proud that I could stay in front of those leaders. I think I learned a lot. I made a couple of inside shots that I really thought were good passes, but the people I was passing thought they weren't good passes, so they took the lane away from me. I had a good time. I made two errors passing. I got a real good run coming out of the carousel on the 71 car and I set him up on the short shoot. He moved over to the preferred lane, which is the right so I just passed him on the left, and I thought he had to yield. I don't know if it was poor judgment on my part or not. I don't really know how to pass, so I thought the lane was fine and we touched. It might have been my fault. I don't really have the confidence to say I was there. I could have waited because I would have gotten him pretty easy. I locked the wheels, and I tried not to take him into the barriers. The car definitely got away from me once I locked the wheels.

ANDY SANTERRE (#44 Monro Muffler/EJP Chevrolet) -- It was my own fault. I could have won this race. We had an awesome car. We went back to our old set up that we always run here, and we got up in the front there and some of the guys pitted a little early, but I didn't dare. I didn't think I could make it, so I planned on pitting the next lap and the caution came out. I was going to pit anyway, so I just went down pit road and I drove right by the red flag. NASCAR came over the radio and they said to go to the rear of the last line, and I said everyone is pitting, so we're all right. But they said I had to go to the rear of the line, so I was last. I was 40th, and I had 30 laps to get back to the front, so I said well, I'm going to have to drive this thing. I drove the wheels off it and we got back up into the top pretty quick. I got to fourth and looked at who was leading and who was in front of me. I knew they were all running good and I would have to really race them hard for it, and take a chance on maybe spinning. Mike Stefanik had a lot of tough luck at the beginning of the day. I was sorry to see that on his end. Marquis wasn't having a good day, so I knew Dion was there, and he had some problems, so I said we've just got to finish this thing where we're at. Right now we're 11 points out of the lead, so I'm happy for Monro. They really want to win this championship. I'm looking at points now. This is the first time in my life I've ever really raced for points, but I want to win it for them. This may be my last year up here and I want to make it a good one. We've run so well and been so consistent, and in championships, consistency is how its done. I think we just stay out of trouble and keep up with these top fives every week and we're going to win it.

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