BNS: Watkins Glen qualifying quotes


#44 Tom Carey -- EJ Prescott / Wittenberg University -- Qualified 1st - "We had a pretty good run out there. We were good in practice this morning. We weren't really working on shooting for a pole, but the car was driving comfortably and we really did make a tape run or anything like that. We just threw a deal on it this afternoon and I hit all my marks and the car really went good. Andy and the guys did a good job. We have had some really good cars here, just never been able to capitalize on it. Hopefully we can have a little luck tomorrow and keep it up front"

#55 Brad Leighton -- Burnham Boilers -- Qualified 2nd - "I am a little disappointed because we had a good car in practice. A lot of people thought I went through the inner loop to get the fast time. I'm not telling them whether I did or didn't. We wanted to back (that time) up, but obviously we didn't. Hopefully we can end up tomorrow with a win. I would certainly like to do it for the guys who have put a lot effort into this road course program. I'm looking forward to tomorrows event."

#13 Ted Christopher -- Les Care Kitchens -- Qualified 3rd - "I am headed back to Stafford. We have the twin 40 lappers tonight and we had the twin features last night up at Thompson."

#96 Michael Johnson -- Johnson Lumber/Martin Ford -- 2nd in points, Qualified 16th - "It felt pretty good, for not really having any practice this morning. We lost a motor. We didn't really have any practice here last year either. We had a brake failure. Haven't had too good of luck when we first get here. Things are coming along; we picked it up quite a bit. Last year we had a provisional and ended up 11th. We're starting 16th and we definitely think we can get it in the top ten, hopefully."

#61 Mike Olsen -- Little Trees Car Freshener Chevrolet -1st in points, Qualified 19th - "Qualifying wasn't what we hoped for. We qualified 19th and we were 15th or 16th on the time sheet during the first practice. Obviously, we're looking for a little bit better than that; I was hoping to get in the top ten. We were close to that. So our race strategy is going to be to get track position at some point and see if we can do a fuel mileage deal. We'll see how that works out and hopefully nothing breaks so we'll be there at the end tomorrow."

47 Kelly Moore -- NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet -- 3rd in points, Qualified 21st -- "We only really got about 8 laps in practice. We had some mechanical problems during the practice, so that limited our time. During our qualifying run from the first lap to the second lap we just got quicker. We're just gonna have to work on picking up points. Historically, we do better in the race than we do in qualifying, so there's no big surprise that we qualified where we did. We're just going to try to put all the pieces in the right place and get a good solid run tomorrow."


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