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BURNHAM BOILERS 150 Morning Practice Quotes JOE PEZZA ( ...

BURNHAM BOILERS 150 Morning Practice Quotes

JOE PEZZA (#58 Bestway Lumber Chevrolet) - The oil pump belt came off and we lost oil pressure. I think the motor’s gone. So that means we’re gone. It’s a shame because they worked so hard, and the car felt pretty good, but we only got a chance to do a couple of laps. But that’s racing.

STUB FADDEN (#16 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet) - We don’t really have any serious problems yet, just some minor things that we’re trying to fix up. Just little things, fortunately. I think the track’s fine. I haven’t seen anybody have any problems, and nobody’s mentioned it. They’ve done a lot of upgrading here. I think those lights (caution lights which are located around the course) they put up are going to be fantastic once you make a mental note of what they all mean.

TED CHRISTOPHER (#13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet) - The car’s pretty fast. We had a problem and thought it was the motor. Well, it was the motor, but it was just a spark plug wire that came loose. They’ve had a lot of cautions, which is good for us because we’ve been doing a lot of work, and they haven’t been out there practicing so we haven’t missed anything. The racing’s been really nice the past few weeks, it hasn’t been too hot. I’m supposed to drive a truck when the trucks come. So I’ve got to have a good showing here on Saturday. And I’ve got a big horsepower motor for the Modified race.(Christopher also runs the #13 in the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series) Last time I was down on horsepower here, but I made arrangements to borrow a motor, so hopefully I’ll do better. Third (place in the Polaroid 150 on June 28th) was good, but from the year before, I really expected to be able to win. I like racing here, it’s so nice up here.

RICK ZACHARIAS (#62 Maloney Motorsports Chevrolet) - We don’t have the right setup and we’re basically done for the day. We’ve got the wrong gears and we don’t have another set. We forgot to bring them, and the garage is down in Wilkes-Barre (PA) so we have no time to go back and get them. We’re just going to go out and see what we can do. Knowing our luck, we won’t get lucky. We had fun last year, being here. It’s a lot different from ovals. This place makes you think all the time. I love it.

SCOTT BOULEY (#26 Expert Tees Buick) - The engine is fine, but we might have a different driver. We might have Herb Drugg drive the car. He’s up in the points more than us, and I don’t think we can get a good time. We’re eligible for a provisional spot, but we’re not sure yet. He’s tested the car for us a couple of times.

DENNIS DOYLE (#30 Sta-Rite Pumps Chevrolet) - We got three laps in and lost an engine. We called home, back to Connecticut, and we’re trying to get one shipped out here. We’re thirteenth in points, so we’re hoping at least to get a provisional. Our engine builder has about six hours of work to do. We worked all night last night, left the shop at eleven, drove all night to get here, and then this happened. So we’ll be working all day tomorrow. That’s if we get in the race, but it looks pretty good.

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