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PAUL SPENCER (#87 Spencer/Vincent Racing Chevrolet) " Right now it looks like we're in the show. That's what we came here for is to just get in the show. I just don't want to miss this one. We missed the one up at Louden by one car. That's kind of disappointing, but we're looking forward to Saturday. On expecting hometown fans : When Saturday comes around, there are a lot of people who have to work who want to be here to help me out. There are going to be a lot of people here, so I'm really looking forward to having a good run. They all have come down and worked on the car. We didn't leave the garage last night until after two in the morning and we didn't get much sleep, so its definitely a long weekend, but when you qualify good and have a good show, its all worth it. Any outstanding factors with the car, track, or conditions? From what I can remember from when I was here two years ago, nothing has changed, its still Watkins Glen. I wasn't here last year. Two years ago was my only other time here.

ERIC BODINE ( #21 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet) " Qualifying went better than practice. Somehow there was a misunderstanding with the guy who does our Jericho. We had the wrong gears in for practice and it really set us back in practice. We really didn't get anything except we basically just rode around. We just never got a good feel for the car, but we're fairly happy with the times and the car is excellent. We've got an hour tomorrow and we'll work real hard on it and I think we'll start back than maybe the car's capable of being. We love being here with Bully Hill. We look forward to this every year. Its a brand new car for this race, so we're hoping to do well. We painted the car last night, at two a.m., and the guy lettered at least the numbers and the Bully Hill on the side. Tomorrow we'll have a sun with sunglasses on. It has rained here before, so I'll bring the sunshine.

ANDY SANTERRE (# 44 Monro Muffler/EJP Chevrolet) " Qualifying didn't go as well as we had hoped. We didn't practice a lot and I think that hurt us. We basically came back with the same set up as we had in the other car and this car doesn't seem to be responding so well, so we're just trying to figure out what we're going to have to change to catch these guys. There are a couple of guys who are faster than us, so we'll make some changes in that last hour tomorrow, and hopefully we can be a little more competitive. We were a couple seconds slower in practice, and that's where we ended up in qualifying. We ran the fastest times we'd run all day in qualifying, so I guess we can be happy with that. But I'm not completely satisfied. I don't really know were to start looking. Maybe we'll have to start working on the brakes and try to get into the turns a little deeper. I'm having a little bit of trouble at the end of the straight,. The car is turning a little bit too hard, but there's not many gears available, so there's not much we can do with it. Will Monro Muffler fans coming from Rochester add any pressure this weekend? No, we'll just go out there and do what we normally do, do the best we can do, and hopefully we can end up in the front. I was telling my crew, every year, we haven't been the fastest car in practice, but each time we always seem to race real good, so I guess that's all we can hope for this week.

DAVE DION (#29 Berlin City Ford/Continental Paving Ford) " I ended up 22nd. I keep trying to learn, but I'm not doing very well learning. We usually finish pretty good, because I'm afraid to go race. We usually don't beat the car up, and most of the ones who are real fast and real good, want it all or nothing, and I think we're realistic enough to say we're not that good, we're not a top five, we're not a top ten, but we try to run real smooth, and hopefully gain spots from people who didn't run real smooth. But I'm a little disappointed because I thought this year I was going to do better. I'm not comfortable at all I'm okay in the esses and the straightway, but I'm terrible in the outer loop. The carousel is a big problem for me, and I can't get any seat of the pants feeling. I do pretty good on the left, and I do average and fair, then horrible. I can't find one place on the race track where I say, 'Hey, I'm doing a good job,' except when I'm holding it to the floor on the straightway. I have one guy out there spotting trying to give me a critique, so maybe that's a plus. I don't mean to knock the race track, I'm knocking myself. For some reason I just can't get the knack of this. On the tough competition in the Busch North Series: This is not in our column. Realistically, we come in here saying, top 15, and if we finish 15th we go home and say that's great. If Andy, Stefanik and Marquis finish one, two, three, we know their going to grab those 12 positions and we'll go to Star and Riverside and those places where we do real good, and say now we'll take three or four back here. We'd been in third for three or four weeks, but went to Thunder Road, which is our track, and we're back in the point lead. Here is not the place to try hard. Here is - don't break the race car, don't finish 35th, finish tenth and say I did my best. RAY GENICK (#72 Bamal Fastener Corp Chevrolet) - "I think the axle shaft broke. I just repaired it, and put a new/used one in, and I think it broke right in the middle of the turn because the car just looped on me just like that. I was out of the turn, and I was upshifting, and just as I was exiting the corner and making the shift. It spun and went right into the wall. It wasn’t very much fun. This is the third time in a row, too. At Cleveland I didn’t make it through turn one, and I hit the wall at Trois Rivieres last weekend and I worked three full days in Montreal to fix it. I put on a new body piece, and a new front piece. It’s pretty depressing, but there’s nothing I can do about in now but smile and say hey.

KELLY MOORE (#47 Tic-Tac/Jordan Lumber Pontiac) -- We’re happy right now. We only got ten laps of practice today. We had a lot of problems with the car practicing. We had oil leaks and a vibration and that really kind of held us up from practicing. Here it’s track time. I’m not a road racer. We only race on the road courses twice a year, and I’m pretty rusty at it right now because it’s our first road race of the year. When we get out there and get some track times we’ll be alright. We need a lot of track time. I like road racing, but I’m just not a road racer. You have to pick up the points: where to shift, brake, turn and step on the gas. I’m a little more familiar with Lime Rock than I am here at Watkins Glen. I seem to pick that course up faster. Right now I’m still learning where the points are here. I’m kind of picking and guessing the points right now, but I seem to learn them as the race goes along, so I should be gaining and okay in the race. I’m looking forward to the race to tell the truth.

BOBBY DRAGON (#7 Skoal Bandit Racing Pontiac Grand Prix) -- The car felt good. It was comfortable. I think we have a good race setup. Actually this kind of qualifying works to my favor. I’m not a good time-trialer anyway. I need three or four laps to get one good one. It’s to some degree a momentum thing. I really don’t have any road racing experience except this series, so I am not going to burn up the track. I believe we can do well in the race because we have a good crew and a good car. We’ve always run fairly well here, so no reason we can’t do well Saturday.

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