BNS: Watkin Glen race quotes # 1



BRYAN WALL ( #77 Players Inc. Ford) -- Was involved in turn one contact with Dale Quarterly on the first lap, then left the race with engine problems. The brakes were a little cold early. I didn't mean to get into Dale. It was a little early for passing, but that's racing. I tried to warm it up a little bit, but I just couldn't seem to slow it down. The brakes were cold. So I apologize to him. The motor blew up. We had a problem with the motor we had it in this morning. I want to thank Jack Roush and Dave Dion and his crew. We changed our motor this morning, so we had it in the back of our mind that we might have some problems. At least we qualified well. I wish we could have run a little longer, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be, but we'll be back next week.

MIKE STEFANIK (#51 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet) -- "The rear end gears came out of it, and we could have fixed it, but the car was under accelleration, and the tach (tachometer) went right out of sight on the motor, so the motor had to come apart. Otherwise, if we just put the gear back in and went back out, chances are we'd lose a motor, and I don't feel like trying something like that. I'm sorry for Burnham. I know they've got a lot of people here today. We sat on the pole, and thought we'd have a good day,'s just not our turn, I guess." Stefanik heads to Riverhead Raceway on Long Island to race in a 201 lap Featherlite Modified event . He had planned to travel with Ted Christopher ,which would mean that he would have had to wait to leave the Glen." I don't have to wait anymore. Ted Christopher was going to go to Riverhead, and now he's going to Riverside, so I'm not waiting on anybody now. I'm out of here."

BRIAN SIMO (#03 Rochester Steel/400 Auto Wreckers Chevrolet) -- We've had a great race car. My hat's off to the team. Those guys stayed up all night putting the car back together. Its a shame, but there's always next weekend.

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