BNS: Tracy Gordon comes back from early wreck at Beech Ridge

Tracy Gordon, who drives the ...

Tracy Gordon, who drives the #14 Tic Tac Chevrolet on the Busch North Series, NASCAR Touring, came to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine as the third place driver in the championship standings. Gordon, who won this event at Beech Ridge last year, came back from an early accident to place tenth at the end of the PTM 150.

Gordon, who won the pole at Beech Ridge's September race last year, did not have a chance to qualify on Sunday as rain forced the cancellation of time trials and the race starting lineup was determined by points standings. This placed Gordon third on the starting grid.

Only thirteen laps into the event, the eventual winner, Mike Olsen, spun coming out of turn four and collected Gordon, who was right behind Olsen. David Darling spun approaching the stopped car of Gordon and struck the Tic Tac Chevrolet in the left rear fender.

"Mike just lost it, it's no big deal," Gordon said after the race. "The car was hurt, I don't know how bad it was hurt but it was. I got hit on the front end and it might have screwed something up. I don't think it hurt the rear end as bad as I thought it did."

Continuing in the race but at the back of the pack, Gordon raced his way back to 14th when he joined the bulk of the field in hitting pit road for fresh tires. Confusion among competitors over where they could signal their intention to pit caused officials to declare that Gordon committed to pit too soon and again had to restart the race in the rear of the field.

With less than a third of the race left to run, Gordon started coming back through the pack, re-entering the top ten with just a few laps to go. The race ended after a green-white-checker finish, and Gordon was tenth at the checkers.

"We just underestimated the track today," he said afterwards. "We always know at night that this track tightens up big time, and myself and my crew chief are pretty good at catching what the track's going to do, and I just underestimated it tonight. The track tightened up on me. When I came in for my second set of tires they didn't grow and they were just too tight.

"We got a top ten out of it but we're getting killed in points," Gordon continued. "Maybe this will be like the July we had last year. We had a bad July last year, maybe we'll have a bad June this year and come back strong after that."

Gordon expressed frustration at his being penalized for his pit road approach.

"After the pace car passes the start/finish line for the second time, and your car comes to the line, you can pull up to the pace car. It's not my fault that other guys don't know if they want to pull up until after they see how many other guys are going to pit. We pulled up to the pace car and we all get penalized for it.

"The worst part is that I got penalized for it after I beat most of those guys out of the pits. My pit crew beat those guys all out of the pits. Brad [Leighton] came in way ahead of us and we still smoked him out of the pits. My crew had a good stop and it didn't show up."

The next race for Gordon Racing is the Star 150 at Epping, New Hampshire's Star Speedway. Gordon has won Star's annual Busch North race the previous two years and is looking forward to returning to one of the series' charter tracks.


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