BNS: Penfold Motorsports Signs Another Sponsor

Nashville Band to Sponsor Penfold Motorsports Team at NHIS Bill Penfold and the Penfold Motorsports Team are excited to announce a new sponsor on the teams ...

Nashville Band to Sponsor Penfold Motorsports Team at NHIS

Bill Penfold and the Penfold Motorsports Team are excited to announce a new sponsor on the teams #0 Monte Carlos for the Busch 100 race at New Hampshire International Speedway on May 8th. The team's race car will carry the logo of Nashville recording artist's The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies for the event which will be televised on The Nashville Network.

The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies were formed in 1993 in Tennessee. Over the past six years the band has grown from the boogie of their beginnings, through the caricature of their southern origins into one of the premiere straight up rock and roll bands around. The band recently won a Nashville Music Award (NAMMY) and NSAI songwriter's award for Album of the Year for their latest release "Big Wheel."

The pairing of the Wheelies and the Penfold Team came together through the efforts of the team's rear tire changer, Bryan Thompson. Bryan and his friends from his hometown of Rowland, Pennsylvania are big fans of SCW. They all pooled together forming the Rowland Wheelie Crew and made the project happen.

"I saw an opportunity to get the bands message out to the mainstream and I didn't want to pass it up," Thompson said. "One of the best things to me about the Cheetah Wheelies, other than their talent is their positive and uplifting message, which is the opposite of so much other modern music."

Once Bryan and the Rowland Wheelie Crew set the wheels in motion, SCW and the Penfold Team came together for this Rock'n Racin' promotion.

Mike Lutz of The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies management team states "I think its amazing that a bunch of folks from Rowland, PA would pool together and sponsor a band that they love. It's a testament to the dedication that every SCW fan around the world has for this band."

Mike Farris, lead singer for The Wheelies said, "Its such a great honor to be involved in something that began at a grass roots level. Racing started out as a bunch of guys getting together and enjoying a common love, cars. That's much like what The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies and our fans are all about. A bunch of folks getting together to do something they love in music and over the years developing a dedicated family of fans. The Rowland Wheelie Crew is a prime example."

Over the course of 3 albums and relentless touring the band has amassed a tremendous following across the United States. Fans travel from all over the country to see their favorite band perform. The Wheelies have gained national attention performing on the HORDE festival and their music has appeared in feature films and television, most recently, Universal Pictures "Bride of Chucky" and HBO's "The Sopranos" series.

Bill Penfold has been competing in the Busch North Series for the past four seasons. In 1999, he had two top ten finishes at NHIS including an 8th place finish in this event last year. He also led many laps of the nationally televised race at NHIS in August. "We are excited about having the SCW's on our car," said Penfold. "I hope this works out great for both of us, making some race fans into Wheelie fans and some Wheelie fans into race fans. We'll have a great car at Loudon and I feel we have a great shot winning the race. Hopefully you will see some Wheelie fans in Victory Lane!"

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