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Kelly Moore Leads The Most Laps At New Hampshire; Finishes Second (Loudon, N.H. - July 24, 2004) - Kelly Moore, and the whole Moore Racing team, enjoyed a stellar weekend at New Hampshire International Speedway for the running of the Siemens...

Kelly Moore Leads The Most Laps At New Hampshire; Finishes Second

(Loudon, N.H. - July 24, 2004) - Kelly Moore, and the whole Moore Racing team, enjoyed a stellar weekend at New Hampshire International Speedway for the running of the Siemens 125, the ninth NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series race of the season. He qualified sixth, but wound up leading the most laps of the race while running one-two with his son, Ryan. Moore the father finished second in his NAPA Auto Parts of Maine/Bill Dodge Auto Group Chevrolet, while Ryan wound up fifth.

"It just feels good," he said of the whole weekend. "Last week was one of those down weeks, and this week is very much an up week. You try to enjoy the ups because there's a lot more down weeks in this business than ups. I just feel great for the guys, I can't stress enough how hard they've worked to get us here, and they really earned this today."

Moore's weekend began on Thursday with practice and qualifying. Moore was in the top ten in every practice session, and improved further to qualify sixth.

"The car felt real good, but we messed up with our gear selection and didn't pick the right gear for the RPM range that this motor likes," he explained. "We've got a good motor here, and we didn't get everything we had out of it. But we got everything out of the chassis. The crew did a good job adjusting the car throughout the day, and the driver did a pretty good job getting the car through the corners. The engine ran good, but we didn't pull enough RPM with it. We took some gear out, but we took a little too much gear out. We rolled the dice and went a little too far. It's a little different motor than we usually run and it has a little different torque characteristic than we're used to. Once I get used to it I think we'll be all right. We've got a good car to race with."

Moore wasted no time getting to the front once the race began, as he was battling for second just three laps into the race and past polesitter Mike Olsen to take the lead with a move low in turn one on lap five. He lost the lead briefly to Brian Hoar twelve laps in, but retook that spot a lap later.

Leading the field onto pit road under caution on lap 31, Moore was the second car off and took the lap 34 restart in fifth. It only took two laps and he was back in the lead, again passing Olsen in the first turn for the top spot. Brad Leighton ran second, but then Hoar passed him and ran second.

Following a lap 63 restart, Hoar challenged Moore for the lead and took that but only held it briefly before Moore was back up front. His son Ryan had risen to second now, and the two ran one-two. Ryan wanted the lead, though, and passed his father in turn one on lap 81. Kelly wasn't willing to settle for second, though, and looked for a way by for three consecutive laps as the race was starting to wind down.

As the Moores battled over the lead, Dale Quarterley was approaching from behind and wound up passing them both on lap 106. Kelly followed him past Ryan, and resumed battling for the lead, though this time with Quarterley.

A lap 113 yellow, and brief red flag period, set up a five-lap dash to the checkers. Moore tried to find a way past Quarterley after the final restart, but had to settle for second place.

"I'm really proud of this for NAPA Auto Parts of Maine, Bill Dodge Auto Group, and Maine Lubrication," he said after the race. "The team's been digging since we got here and it's real gratifying to get both of our teams running up front. These guys have been working real hard and we've had some good races, but this is probably one of our best races ever to have both cars running up front and running one-two at New Hampshire International Speedway. Obviously, we were hoping that we'd finish one-two, but Ryan's car got a little tight and so did mine. Ryan's got a little tighter than mine did, and I ended up passing Ryan and he couldn't get back by me. We tightened up after we got by Ryan, and Quarterley got by both of us.

"I didn't know when we had that five-lap sprint to the finish," he said. "If Quarterley's tires cooled off enough, and my tires cooled off enough, that maybe I could get back by him, since I saw he was getting really tight in the middle of the corner. But he held his ground and I dug as hard as I could. I knew that I had to keep my head on and not get into the turns too hard and maybe slide back to fourth or fifth, so I just tried to do the smart thing and hold on to second."

Moore's second place finish saw him pick up two spots in the points, going from fifth to third. He will race next at Adirondack International Speedway in New Bremen, New York. For more information, visit


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