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Bill Penfold Likes His Chances in the CMT 100 Bill Penfold, driver of the ...

Bill Penfold Likes His Chances in the CMT 100

Bill Penfold, driver of the #0 Penfold Motorsports, believes his team has a very realistic chance to win their first race at the New Hampshire International Speedway this weekend, in the NASCAR Busch North Series race there.

Penfold started his Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4th in the last event here on August 2. The Yarmouth, Maine native then moved up to take the lead on lap 34, and held the lead until the eventual race winner, Dale Shaw, took the lead from him on lap 48. This was an exceptional accomplishment, considering the team didn't even have an engine in the car just two hours prior to the race!

The team had lost its race motor during the morning practice session, and had no back up with them. They were able to get an old Joe Bessey motor from their shop delivered two hours prior to the start of the race. The old motor had not even been fired up in a year, and the team didn't even know if it would run a lap, let alone 100 laps.

"The team really pulled together at that race," remarked Penfold on the last NHIS race. "We blew the motor about six hours before the race. Nobody panicked, the team just did what they had to do, and things worked out better than we could have hoped. This team showed we have what it takes to win races."

As it turned out, the motor was strong enough to keep Bill in the top three for the first 90 laps. But the old motor did not have a properly working alternator, and the battery wore down with a hand full of laps left. Penfold was able to finish tenth, the hardest tenth place finish the team has ever earned.

The Monte Carlo will have a brand new Wagner motor in it for this weekend's Busch North race at NHIS. "The Monte Carlo ran super last time here, and we got to lead a few laps with the old motor," said Penfold. "With the new motor, I think we have a real good shot at leading more laps and winning this race."

Penfold had moved up to sixth in the points standings before last weeks race at Jennerstown Speedway. He dropped back to 11th after that race when he was caught up in a mid race wreck that forced him to end the race in last place.

Penfold has two top ten finishes at NHIS in the three races here so far on 1998. He lead 14 laps here on August 2, the first time he has ever led any laps on this track. Bill has five top ten finishes this season, and only one finish out of the top twenty in the twelve series races so far in 1998.

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