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Ryan Seaman Gets First Busch North Top Ten Finish At Dover (Dover, Del. - Sept. 24, 2004) - NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series Rookie of the Year contender Ryan Seaman wasn't sure if he would even make it to Dover International...

Ryan Seaman Gets First Busch North Top Ten Finish At Dover

(Dover, Del. - Sept. 24, 2004) - NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series Rookie of the Year contender Ryan Seaman wasn't sure if he would even make it to Dover International Speedway after suffering an accident Monday at New Hampshire International Speedway. But he and his crew set to work making repairs and got to Dover with a whole car, a car good enough to carry the Toms River, N.J. driver to his first top ten finish in Busch North competition.

The process of rebuilding his John Camburn Electric/Dillons Creek Marina Chevrolet began as soon as the ERS Motorsports team got back from New Hampshire.

"We got home Monday at 8:30 PM and worked on the car till midnight, and Tuesday night at 11:30 PM we were painting the race car. We had to put a door on it from the center of the wheel to the center of the wheel on the driver's side," he described. "The nose piece was broken in half from the center of the grille to the left front fender, so we had to reform that from the pieces that we brought home with us. The rear quarter panels were all messed up and the deck lid was almost touching the fuel cell, so that had to be taken all apart and beaten back straight. The quarter panels went halfway back together and the back bumper cover was put back together since that was broke in half as well. We got it on the scales Wednesday night around eight o'clock, loaded it in the trailer at 12:30 a.m. and left for the racetrack at 1:00 a.m. To do the amount of work that we did to this car, my guys really stepped up to the plate and accomplished a lot in very little time. I appreciate it so much, a lot of the guys won't ever know how much I appreciated it. But it showed that they wanted to be here just as much as I wanted to be here, and those are the kind of people you want on your team."

Once at the track, Seaman went about the task of learning the fastest track the series runs on, with its steeply banked turns and concrete surface. Qualifying found him 22nd on the field after time trials.

"We weren't too bad at the start, but I'm disappointed in myself with my qualifying lap, I think we could have been a little bit faster," he said. "I don't have much time here, so I can't complain. I'm in the race, now I just have to pick my way up through the field. In the last practice I got going pretty decent, even though we were on tires with over a hundred laps on them. I put the set of scuffs on that we'll put on during the race and we got going decent on those too. I'm not too disappointed with how things went today."

At the start of the race, Seaman's car wasn't handling well, and he took advantage of a lap 26 caution to pit for a chassis adjustment and to top off with gas. Returning to the race in nineteenth, he resumed the chase. The next run of green-flag racing was the longest of the race, and Seaman wound up going a lap down to the leader on lap 58. Caution on lap 81 brought him back in to the pits on two consecutive laps: once for right-side tires, and a second time for left-side tires. That second stop, though, did not go smoothly.

"We came in to pit and the first stop for right-side tires went great, then we came in a second time to put left-sides on and we didn't tighten the lug nuts on all the way on one wheel so I had to come back in," he said. "I came onto pit road as they threw the green, so I had to hustle to not lose another lap, and that worked."

Seaman ran the rest of the race staying that one lap down, and avoided a lot of misfortune that struck other contenders to pick up enough spots to finish tenth for the first time in is brief Busch North career.

"We made some adjustments before the race and I don't think we should have made them," he said after the race. "We lost a lap pretty quick, and it was frustrating. We missed the setup completely but we could hold our own. After we stopped and made adjustments, I could drive as fast as I qualified because we made enough adjustments to get us halfway into the ballpark. We avoided a lot of big wrecks, made a couple of passes, and picked up a lot of spots up.

"For what we left New Hampshire with on Monday, to get back here to get our first top ten of the season, it shows a lot of dedication from all my guys," Seaman continued. "It's cool, though I'm disappointed that it took us to the next-to-last race of the season to get our first top ten. But we got it, and that makes all the work worth it. We've got a lot to build off of for next week."

Seaman will finish out his Rookie of the Year campaign next Saturday when he races at his home track, Wall Township Speedway, where he will be carrying the colors of Ocean First Bank at a track that he's tested well at just a few weeks ago. For more information, visit


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