BNS: Burnham Boilers Team 2000 Crew and WKLB Partnership

With less than a month to go before the Busch North season opener at Lee, Bryan Wall's ...

With less than a month to go before the Busch North season opener at Lee, Bryan Wall's #77 Burnham Boilers Brigade is fully assembled and working on the hardware and teamwork for a successful 2000 campaign.

Named runners-up in the Best Busch North Crew standings by Speedway Scene, most crew members are returning veterans, hoping to enjoy even more time in Victory Lane than they did last year with the three wins at Holland, Watkins Glen and Lime Rock Park. The only departure was Troy Prince, who as expected, has moved from the #77 to a Busch South post on the Joe Gibbs Racing team backing Jason Leffler. Scott Walton and Chris Raymond are new to the team for 2000.

The Burnham Boilers Brigade this year includes:

* Crew Chief: Buddy Desrocher
* Truck Drivers: "Deac" Vencis and Kenny Farnell
* Show Car Driver: Rick "Sugar" Ahern
* Tire Specialists: Robin Phillipson and Jimmy Brugess
* Shock Specialists: Mike Morasse and Scott Walton
* Fabricators: Chris Raymond, Kevin "Kevlar" Littlefield, Archie Taylor
* General Mechanics: Brent Murray, Dave Vencis, Kevin Wilkins
* PR/Marketing/Scoring: Stephanie Seacord, Melissa Ricciardi

The Race Day "over the wall" crew will include:

* Jackman: Chris Raymond
* Tire Changers: Mike Morasse, Brent Murray
* Fuel: Dave Vencis
* Catchcan: Kevin Littlefield

Burnham Boilers Director of Marketing Jim Eisenbeis announced last October that Burnham will continue to be the primary sponsor for the #77 team; and brought 1800 Burnham dealers and guests to the season finale at Lime Rock for Bryan Wall's dominant pole, lap times and win. "We have lots of people asking when and where they can see Bryan race this year," said Eisenbeis. "With the Burnham Brigade in place and the car preparation well advanced, we expect they'll see a great show. We can't wait!"

In related news:

Recognizing that country music and NASCAR racing go hand in hand, Country Radio 99.5 WKLB and the #77 BWall Motorventures Busch North racing team have announced a partnership to bring more country music fans to NASCAR racing in New England and more racing fans to 99.5.

"Racing offers a great opportunity to expose the station to more people," said WKLB General Sales Manager David Place. "Knowing that there are 600,000 NASCAR fans in our listening area, it made perfect sense to team up with an actual driver. And since WKLB is the official voice of New Hampshire International speedway (NHIS), it was logical to choose a local team that can help us offer listeners insight into what it's like to run there and to compete in NASCAR today. Bryan Wall and his Burnham Boilers #77 team give us that competitive insider's viewpoint." Bryan Wall and company earned their first Busch North wins - 3 of them - last year for their sponsor Burnham Boilers and capped the season with a dominant win at Lime rock Park (CT) in front of 1800 Burnham Boilers guests.

The team and WKLB plan several joint initiatives, including showcar appearances, driver autograph sessions and live remote broadcasts at strategic points throughout the Busch North season which starts April 16th at Lee USA speedway.

"The station's strength in the southern-New Hampshire/Merrimack Valley makes this marketing appeal to racefans in the area and our choice of Methuen-based BWall Motorventures a perfect match," said Place.

"I'm excited about some of the ideas we've been tossing around," said Bryan Wall after the initial meeting. "WKLB is now the official radio station of BWall Motorventures."

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