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DUANE HOWARD POWERS TO 2ND BIG DIAMOND NASCAR MODIFIED WIN; HENDRICKS GETS CAREER 1ST IN SPORTSMAN, MILLER DOUBLES IN ROADRUNNERS Minersville, PA -- July 15 -- Duane Howard of Oley, PA was one driver that was thankful that heavy rain and...



Minersville, PA -- July 15 -- Duane Howard of Oley, PA was one driver that was thankful that heavy rain and storms stayed to the south of Big Diamond Raceway as he powered to the Norm's Save Station/MariAl Auto Body/Davis Insurance Bicknell 357 to his second 2005 NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified feature win on Friday's Checkered Flag Fan Club Night.

In the Sportsman Modifieds, consolation winner Doug Hendricks of Auburn, PA came from the 22nd starting spot to take his first career win in the division. Dave Miller of Pine Grove, PA showed he is back as he recorded his first two roadrunner feature wins of the year, taking the held-over feature from July 1 and then the regularly scheduled feature when apparent winner, Elvin Brennan was disqualified in a post race inspection.

Tom Martocci of Kunkeltown, PA rounded out the five feature program by taking the 15-lap Excel 600cc Modified main event.

Duane Howard came from his 14th starting spot in the Modified feature to overtake Keith Hoffman (Whitehall, PA) on lap 21 of the 25-lapper to win over Hoffman, Rick Laubach (Richlandtown, PA), Meme DeSantis (Temple, PA) and Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing, PA). The second five in order were Jeff Strunk (Bethel, PA), Doug Hoffman (Allentown, PA), Tracy Readinger (Oley, PA), Shawn Fitzpatrick (Pottsville, PA) and Jason Andrews (Parryville, PA).

Bobby Gunther Walsh (Allentown, PA) started on the pole but Josh Biever (Landingville) got a good run off the outside to take the lead in turn one on the start. After a lap was complete, a series on three minor yellow following by a seven car tangle in turn two delayed the action. Back under green Biever continued to lead until he crossed up in turn two on lap four, collecting Walsh before he could correct. That put Jason Andrews on top and he led until Keith Hoffman, who started 12th, powered around the outside in turn to take charge on lap eight. But Duane Howard followed suit, taking second in turn four using the same line.

The next eight laps were classic Big Diamond action as Keith Hoffman continued to fend off every run Howard tried until lap 21 when Howard edged even going into turn three on the outside and overpowered Hoffman off turn four to take command.

Rookie Jarrad Miller of Northampton, PA look like he was on his way to his first career Sportsman Modified win after leading from the drop of the 20-lap feature green. But Doug Hendricks was charging from very deep in the field to take the lead on lap 18. Miller held on for a fine second place finish followed by Brad Brightbill (Shillington, PA), Fred Fisher (Wernersville, PA), Gary Wagner (Womelsdorf, PA), Craig Whitmoyer (Hamburg, PA), Greg Weiland (Pottsville, PA), Larry Lippencott (Riegelsville, PA), Jordan Umbenhauer (Richland, PA) and Ray Woodall, Jr. (Pen Argyl, PA).

Tommy Martocci was taking the 600cc Modified event at Big Diamond seriously after having an apparent win in the group's first Big Diamond appearance taken away with insufficient tire pressures found in a post race inspection. Martocci was at Big Diamond three days before this event and he went right out Friday and took the group's qualifying heat. He led the opening lap of the 15-lap Main before being overtaken by Kyle Gardner (Wind Gap, PA) and Scott Washburn (Emmaus, PA), Gardner led laps two through none and Washburn was on top for the next three laps. But Martocci regained command on lap 13 to take the win over Washburn, Jason Von Doren (Easton, PA), Nicholas Mady (Milford, PA) and Big Diamond Sportsman regular, Jason Hamilton (Erwinna, PA).

In the roadrunners, Dave Miller started 12th in the held-over 15-lap Georgie Stevenson Memorial feature from July 1. Eric Pinkerton (Tower City, PA) led the opening five laps with Corey Sechrist (Wernersville), Butch Solt (Lehighton, PA) and Joey Hendricks (Auburn, PA) in tow. Pinkerton and Hendricks had problems on lap six allowing Dave Miller charge by the top four to take command. Miller took the win over Solt, Sechrist, Jason Sherman (Williamstown, PA) and Elvin Brennan (Forestville, PA).

In the second main event Andy Fayash, III (Mary-D, PA) started on the pole but Rob Pyle (Downingtown, PA) led the opening lap. Fayash came back to lead laps two and three before Eric Pinkerton went up front. Elvin Brennan took charge on lap six and went on to the apparent win over Miller, who came from 16th starting spot. But Brennan did not pass post race inspection. So the actual pass for the lead occurred behind Brennan on lap 11 when Miller, who has just followed Kevin Beach (Llewellyn, PA) past Pinkerton, went by Beach as well. Beach, who had a tough DNF in the opening feature, was credited with second followed by Joey Hendricks, Jake Smulley (Phoenix Park, PA) and Pinkerton.

This coming Friday's card will be one of the biggest of the year at Big Diamond Raceway. The United Racing Club sprint cars will be on had for their second appearance of the year, giving the Sportsman a week off. A usual the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modifieds and Roadrunners will be on the card. But, the track has elected to add the Modified 20-lap feature, held-over from July 1, to the card. Thus the impact of the increased admission price for the URC Sprint show will be mitigated for the stock car fans by the addition of the second Modified feature at no extra charge.

One week later, the Sportsman Modifieds return to the three division card with the Modifieds and Roadrunners. To compensate for their off week, the Sportsman will compete in two, 15-lap features.

The Sportsman feature, twice delayed on July 1 and July 6, will be added to the August 5 along with the rescheduled Station House Four Crazy Eight program. The NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series schedule that night will start with the held over Sportsman 20 followed by a complete package of qualifying events for the Modifieds and Sportsman. The Modifieds and the Sportsman will follow with their respective 25 and 20 laps features intertwined with The Four Crazy Eights for the Roadrunners sponsored by The Station House of Llewellyn, PA.

RESULT SUMMARY - July 15, 2005 - BIG DIAMOND RACEWAY, Minersville (Forestville), PA


25-Lap Feature - 1. 357 Duane Howard, 2. 1 Keith Hoffman, 3. 14 Rick Laubach, 4. 11 Meme DeSantis, 5. 11D Doug Manmiller, 6. 88 Jeff Strunk, 7. 77 Doug Hoffman, 8. 2T Tracy Readinger, 9. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 10. 21T Jason Andrews, 11. 64W John Willman, 12. 29 Ray Swinehart, 13. 5 Paul Kline, 14. 178 Neil Huber, 15. 118 Sean Merkel, 16. W9 Colt Harris, 17. Sq1 Bobby Gunther Walsh, 18. 83B Josh Biever, 19. 57 Bill Gensler, 20. 71S Sam Schaeffer, 21. 17 Ryan Grim, 22. 808 Dennis Horvath, 23. 123 Dave Dissinger, 24. 24H Justin Andrews, 25. 42 Jeff Sechrist, 26. 87 Andy Burkhart, 27. 70D Craig Von Dohren, 28. 31 Chris Esposito.

8-lap Heats -- All Qualified, Top 5 Handicapped

Heat 1: 11, Sq1, 70D, 1, 14, 87, w9, 118, 17, 57.

Heat 2: 357, 102, 5, 64w, 31, 123, 29, 178, 808.

Heat 3: 83B, 21T, 2T, 77, 11D, 88, 71s, 24H, 42.


20-Lap Feature - 1. 8JR Doug Hendricks, 2. 917 Jarrad Miller, 3. 19 Brad Brightbill, 4. 95 Fred Fisher, 5. 47 Gary Wagner, 6. 99 Craig Whitmoyer, 7. 145 Greg Weiland, 8. 515 Larry Lippencott, 9. 19U Jordan Umbenhaauer, 10. 72 Ray Woodall, Jr., 11. 3 Luke Wagner, 12. 8 Brad Force, 13. 147 Louie Mitchalk, 14. 144 Don Miller, 15. 10 Lowell Snyder, 16. 64 Andy Miller, 17. 2 Rich Stankiewicz, 18. 71 Chris James, 19. 43 Joe Masiado, 20. 59 Jason Kohler, 21. 157 Andy Fayash, Jr., 22. 25 Ray Deemer, 23. 93 Ryan Moyer, 24. 26 Tom Brennan, 27. 17 Billy Moyer, 28. 15 Jason Hamilton.

Non-Qualifiers: 27M Ken Eckert, Jr., KT3 Cory Renninger, 61 John Leindecker, 110 Bill Finneran, 13 James Norris, 35 Ebby Ridge, 221 Rob Gibson, 30 Carl Felty, 17R Kevin Nolf, 39B Barry Lippencott.

10-lap Heats: 7 Qualify, 5 Handicapped. 10-lap Consi: 5 Qualify.

Heat 1: 157, 93, 71, 2, 19, 145, 10, 8, 35, 27M, 30, KT3.

Heat 2: 15, 917, 95, 47, 515, 144, 72, 147, 221, 8Jr., 39B, 61.

Heat 3: 26, 17, 99, 43, 19u, 64, 25, 59, 17R, 110, 3, 13.

Consi: 8Jr., 3, 59, 8, 147, 27m, KT3, 61, 110, 13, 35, 221, 30, 17R, 39B.


15-Lap Feature - 1. M1 Tommy Martocci, 2. 119 Scott Washburn, 3. 20 Jason Van Doren, 4. 77 Nicholas Mady, 5. 74 Jason Hamilton, 6. X3 Craig Beringer, 7. 88 Paul Tuthill, 8. 8 Barry McDole, 9. 90 Brian Mady, 10. G1 Kyle Gardner, 11. 31, 12. 15 Dave Baldwin.

Heat: M1, G1, 119, 77, 88, 20, 8, X3, 74, 90, 31, 15.


1st 15-Lap Main (Held Over from July 1) - 1. 1 Dave Miller, 2. 8s Butch Solt, 3. 20 Corey Sechrist, 4. 721 Jason Sherman, 5. 555 Elvin Brennan, 6. 22 Tom Hablett, 7. 377 Jake Smulley, 8. 550 Ryan Olenick, 9. 93 Robbie Pyle, 10. 712 Jeremy Becker, 11. 11X Joe Hendricks, 12. 7T7 Andy Fayash, III, 13. 37 Eric Pinkerton, 14. 17 Kevin Beach, 15. 66 Kevin Holland, 16. 5 Dave Schultz, 17. 117 Marty Shappell.

2nd 15-Lap Main - 1. 1 Miller, 2. 17 Beach, 3. 11x Hendricks, 4. 4 Jake Smulley, 5. 37 Pinkerton, 6. 7T7 Fayash, 7. 93 Pyle, 8. 712 Becker, 9. 377 Fran Purcell, Jr., 10. 20 Sechrist, 11. 66 Holland, 12. 8S Solt, 13. 550 Olenick, 14. 721 Sherman, 15. 22 Hablett, 16. 5 Schultz, 17. 555 Brennan by disqualification.


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