Big Diamond results 2004-07-02

Minersville, PA - June 2 - Keith Hoffman of Whitehalll, PA found his way back to the Hoover Chevrolet winner's circle at Big Diamond Raceway on Craftsman Night, Friday, June 2. It was Keith's second NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified win for...

Minersville, PA - June 2 - Keith Hoffman of Whitehalll, PA found his way back to the Hoover Chevrolet winner's circle at Big Diamond Raceway on Craftsman Night, Friday, June 2. It was Keith's second NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified win for Johnny Rae's Fanelli Window Pros/Cocino Food Service Systems #1 Team this year but this win came in a new Teo car while his first win came in the team's Troyer car.

Jimmy Layton of Harrisburg, PA had raced in the shadows of Chad Layton, but on Friday at Big Diamond he captured his first career KARS 358 Sprint feature win. Kevin Holland (Pine Grove) won the roadrunner feature held-over from June 25 while Dean Ulsh (Auburn) was victorious in the night's regularly scheduled main event.

Keith Hoffman took his second Big Diamond modified win, his first since April 30, in the 25-lap main event over Craig Von Dohren (Oley), Doug Hoffman (Allentown), Kyle Weiss (Hamburg), Rick Laubach (Richlandtown), Paul Kline (Reading), Billy Pauch, Jr. (Frenchtown, NJ), Jason Andrews (Palmerton), Tom Umbenhauer (Richland) and Ron Mawson, Jr. (Hughestown). Heat winners were Rick Laubach and both Keith and Doug Hoffman in the 30-car field.

In a strong performance, Jimmy Layton took his first KARS 358 win over Keith Prutzman (Hamburg), Dale Hammaker (Grantville), last week's Port Royal winner Brian Eichelberger (Etters), Dan Richcreek (Enola), Justin Zimmerman (Selinsgrove), Larry Kelleher (Scranton), Rich Carnathan (Northampton), Bob Beidleman (Walnutport) and Adam Wilt (York). KARS heat winners were Nate Snyder (Halifax), Dave Neuman (Myerstown) and Prutzman while Kevin Nagy (East Brunswick, NJ) was the B-Main winner.

Kevin Holland took his division leading fourth roadrunner feature win of the season in the evening's opening 15-lap feature over Robbie Pyle (Downingtown), Dave Miller (Pine Grove), Jason Purcell (Pine Grove) and Butch Solt (Lehighton). In the closing feature it was Dean Ulsh taking his second win of 2004 over Miller, Mike Allar (Orwigsburg), Marty Shappell (Pottsville) and Solt.

Rookie Justin Andrews (Parryville) started on the pole for the 25-lap Modified feature and paced the field until lap 4 when tenth place started Kyle Weiss took the lead. Andrews refused to give up easily and challenged Weiss on the lap 6 restart following a pile-up that eliminated Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing) from competition. Andrews ducked inside Weiss in turn one to take the point but Keith Hoffman, who started 14th,

Went between the two leaders in turn two to take second and then around the outside of Andrews in turns three and four to officially lead lap six. Weiss regained second on lap nine with Craig Von Dohren, Rick Laubach, Doug Hoffman, Jason Andrews and Paul Kline flying through the field in a pack to Challenge Weiss and Justin Andrews.

Craig Von Dohren charged by Weiss on lap 10 and was all over Keith Hoffman. In fact it appeared that Von Dohren was on his way to his fourth win, but Hoffman continued to hold him off and draw ahead at the start/finish line. Point leader Doug Hoffman grabbed third on lap 14 be he was unable to seriously challenge the top two.

Tim Higgins (Reading) started outside the front row for the 25-lap Doorways Unlimited KARS 358 feature and took the lead at the drop of the green from Matt Beasley (King of Prussia). There was a long yellow flag delay as a push truck rode up over the rear tire of Adam Wilt following a lap one tangle between Wilt and Larry Kelleher (Scranton). The long delay eventually forced a precautionary flag fuel stop on lap 12 when the red flag flew as Matt Beasley's car caught fire under yellow.

Jimmy Layton, who started fifth, quickly moved his 55 to second on lap two while Keith Prutzman moved from seventh to third and Dave Neuman charged from 11th to fourth as they completed lap three. Layton began seriously closing in on Higgins on lap eight and a dive to the inside of the leader in turns three and four on lap 11 gave him the lead. Prutzman, Neuman and point leader Dale Hammaker were battling while trying to get by Higgins when the yellow flew for a Rich Carnathan spin and Neuman got crossed up collecting sixth place Beasley. After a push off and the line-up formed to go green, Beasley's car caught fire resulting in the red.

On the restart Prutzman got by Higgins for second on lap 13 with Hammaker and Brian Eichelberger doing the same a lap later. But Prutzman was unable to overtake Layton, in spite of two more yellows and was forced to hold off a strong Hammaker for the second spot.

With Checkered Flag Fan Club Night coming up on July 30, club representative, Debbie Hamm was on had to honor Jimmy Layton for his KARS win. Representatives will also honor the URC feature winner here on July 16 while the official Big Diamond CFFC Night on July 30 will see the fine organization recognize the modified, sportsman modified, late model and roadrunner winners on that night.

Robbie Pyle led the early laps of the roadrunner feature held-over from June 25 from the pole starting position but Kevin Holland moved his 66 from seventh starting spot to the lead on lap four. There were an unusually high number of caution flags but Holland held on to the lead to win over Marty Shappell. Shappell was later disqualified with an illegal exhaust system and Pyle earned second spot. Although there was only one pass for the lead the action was as competitive as usual, particular for positions three through eight. Point leader Mike Allar was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was twice spun out by contact by over aggressive drivers with packs of three and four wide yielding little room for error. Top five point drivers Elvin Brennan (Forestville) and Kevin Beach (Llewellyn) were eliminated on lap 2 in a crash in turn four with Dave Miller.

Just mentioning all the lead changes in the second roadrunner feature would fill a race report. Butch Solt led lap one with Tom Hablett (Schuylkill Haven) taking over on lap two. Jason Purcell (Pine Grove) took the lead on the far inside of a four-wide run for the lead down the backstretch on lap three. Purcell led three laps until Mike Allar took the lead on lap 6. Purcell edge back in front for laps 7 and 8 until Allar regained command for a lap on lap 9. Dean Ulsh settled things down by taking charge on lap 10 to win, forcing the wars to continue for second through five behind him. Dave Miller, in his first week back in action this season, edged Mike Allar at the finish for second.

The Independence Day celebration at Big Diamond wraps-up with still another big event, the 25th Annual Georgie Stevenson Memorial on Sunday evening, July 4, culminating with NASCAR Modified Twin-20s, NASCAR Sportsman Modified Twin-15s and Roadrunner Twin-12's. Although all divisions have been a part of the Stevenson Memorial, the Modifieds were always the class to see extended championship races or multiple features. This year will be the first time all three divisions run double features. Additionally there will be a huge fireworks before the second set of features.

Also on July 4 members of the Big Diamond Junior Fan Club in attendance will have the chance to win new bicycles. One girl and one boy will go home with new bicycles if their names are drawn and they are in attendance. If one of the prizes is not claims, additional names will be drawn until fan club members are found in attendance to win the bikes.

On Weaknecht Sporting Goods Night on July 9 the Sportsman Modifieds will run their rain-delayed 20-lap feature from June 25 along with a full NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series card for the Modifieds, Sportsman Modifieds and Roadrunners. Only drivers in attendance on June 25 will be eligible to compete in the already started first heat as well as the two remaining heats and the feature. The regularly card for the sportsman will be open to all drivers as usual.

The United Racing Club Sprints return to Big Diamond Raceway on July 16 on an 8 PM card with the NASCAR Modifieds and Roadrunners. Although not scheduled for their official fan club night at Big Diamond until July 30, representatives of the Checkered Flag Fan Club will be on hand to recognize the URC Sprint feature winner.

For more information on Big Diamond Raceway check out the Internet and the track's official website, or call the speedway office at (570) 544-6434.


NASCAR DODGE WEEKLY SERIES MODIFIEDS - 25-LAP FEATURE - 1. 1 Keith Hoffman, Whitehall, PA; 2. 70d Craig Von Dohren, Oley, PA; 3. 77 Doug Hoffman, Allentown, PA; 4. 21K Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA; 5. 14 Rick Laubach, Richlandtown, PA; 6. 5 Paul Kline, Reading, PA; 7. 15X Billy Pauch, Jr., Frenchtown, NJ; 8. 21T Jason Andrews, Palmerton, PA; 9. 19U Tom Umbenhauer, Richland, PA; 10. 3x Ron Mawson, Jr., Hughestown, PA; 11. 178 John Durling; 12. 15Dale Hartz; 13. 505 Randy Mohn; 14. 83B Josh Biever; 15. 73 Rick Schaffer; 16. 88X Roy Wiest; 17. 221 Ryan Beltz; 18. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick; 19. Sq.1 Bobby Gunther Walsh; 20. 69 Dave Dissinger; 21. 7X Tommy Sheetz, Jr.; 22. 87 Andy Burkhart; 23. 64W John Willman; 24. 24H Justin Andrews; 25. 901 Bruce Williams; 26. OO Doug Manmiller; 27. 11 Keith Brightbill; 28. VR1 Tim Fitzpatrick. Non-Qualifiers: 33 Ray Swinehart, 42 Jeff Sechrist. Lap Leaders: 24H Ju. Andrews (Parryville) 1-3; 21K Weiss 4-5; 1 K. Hoffman 6- 25.

10-lap Qualifying Heats... Heat 1: 1 K. Hoffman, 21K Weiss, 221 Beltz, VR1 T. Fitzpatrick, Sq1 Walsh, 69 Dissinger, 15 Hartz, 87 Burkhart, 7X Sheetz, OO Manmiller, 42 Sechrist. No Time... Heat 2: 77 D. Hoffman, 15X Pauch Jr., 505 Mohn, 73 Schaffer, 24H Ju. Andrews, 3x Mawson, 11 Brightbill, 19U Umbenhauer, 88X Wiest, 33 Swinehart. No Time... Heat 3: 14 Laubach, 70D Von Dohren, 5 Kline, 21T Ja. Andrews, 901 Williams, 64W Willman, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 178 Durling, 83B Biever.

KARS 358 SPRINTS - 25-LAP FEATURE - 1. 55L Jimmy Layton, Harrisburg, PA; 2. 28 Keith Prutzman, Hamburg, PA; 3. 66 Dale Hammaker, Grantville, PA; 4. 55E Brian Eichelberger, Etters, PA ; 5. 80R Dan Richcreek, Enola, PA; 6. 7J Justin Zimmerman, Selinsgrove, PA; 7. L70 Larry Kelleher, Scranton, PA; 8. 64 Rich Carnathan, Northampton, PA; 9. 81 Bob Beidleman, Walnutport, PA; 10. 15 Adam Wilt, York, PA, 11. 6 Rick Horn, 12. 31 Tim Higgins, 13. 66N Nate Hammaker, 14. 7 Mike Ressler, 15. 67 Lloyd Ettinger, 16. 12L Tim Long, 17. 56 Nate Snyder, 18. 33 Scott Lutz, 19. 11 Dave Neuman, 20. 12B Matt Beasley, 21. 88J Rory Janney, 22. 14 Will Urkuski, 23. 45 Kevin Nagy, 24. 99 Nyle Berkes. Non Qualifiers: 27Wade Stauffer, 55 Jeff Warner, 22 Dave Herrold. Lap Leaders: 31 Higgins (Reading) 1-10, 55L Layton 11-25.

10-lap Heats - Heat 1: 56 Snyder, 55L J. Layton, 80R Richcreek, 12b Beasley, 12L Long, 66N N. Hammaker, 6 Horn, 88J Janney, 27 Stauffer. No Time... Heat 2: 11 Neuman, 14 Urkuski, 81 Beidleman, 55E Eichelberger, 33 Lutz, 7J Zimmerman, 45 Nagy, 99 Berkes, 22 Herrold. No Time... Heat 3: 28 Prutzman, 66 D. Hammaker, 31 Higgins, 7 Ressler, L70 Kelleher, 15 Wilt, 64 Carnathan, 67 Ettinger, 55 Warner. No Time.

12-lap B-Main: 45 Nagy, 64 Carnathan, 6H Horn, 88J Janney, 99 Berkes, 67 Ettinger, 27 Stauffer, 55 Warner, 22 Herrold.

NASCAR ROADRUNNERS - 15-LAP FEATURE #1 (from June 25) - 1. 66 Kevin Holland, 2. 39 Robbie Pyle, 3. 1 Dave Miller, 4. 35 Jason Purcell, 5. 39s Butch Solt, 6. 3 Dean Ulsh, 7. Big1 Mike Allar, 8. 31 Rob Laudeman, 9. 4 Jake Smulley, 10. 22 Tom Hablett, 11. 23 Dave Kamp, 12. 17 Kevin Beach, 13. 555 Elvin Brennan, 14. 17 Kevin Beach, 15. 117 Marty Shappell (2nd but Disqualified to last with an illegal exhaust system). Lap Leaders: 39 Pyle (1-3), 66 Holland (4-15).

15-LAP FEATURE #2 - 1. 3 Ulsh, 2. 1 Miller, 3. Big1 Allar, 4. 117 Shappell, 5. 39S Solt, 6. 39 Pyle, 7. 31 Laudeman, 8. 4 Smulley, 9. 1J Jason Sherman, 10. 35 Purcell, 11. 77 Schrader, 12. 66 Holland, 13. 22 Hablett, 14. 17 Beach, 15. 23 Kamp, 16. 555 Brennan. Lap Leaders: 39S Solt (1), 22 Tom Hablett, Schuylkill Haven (2), 35 Purcell (3-5), Big1 Allar (6), 35 Purcell (7-8), Big1 Allar (9), 3 Dean Ulsh (10-15).


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