Big Diamond results 2004-05-21

Minersville, PA (May 21, 2004) 0x2022 Doug Hoffman of Allentown, PA proved his is currently the man to beat at Big Diamond Raceway Friday night by taking his third feature win NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified 25-lap feature win of the year....

Minersville, PA (May 21, 2004) 0x2022 Doug Hoffman of Allentown, PA proved his is currently the man to beat at Big Diamond Raceway Friday night by taking his third feature win NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified 25-lap feature win of the year. Curt Michael of Ocean View, DE is the only repeat United Racing Club sprint feature winner of '04 and Michael scored his third win of the season and 21st career victory under the URC banner. Kevin Holland of Pine Grove, PA completed the sweep for three-time winners as he took #3 in the NASCAR Roadrunners on the year.

Doug Hoffman chased down his brother, Keith Hoffman (Whitehall), in the closing laps to take the modified feature win. Craig Von Dohren (Barto) finished third trailed by Rick Schaffer (Woxall), and Billy Pauch (Frenchtown, NJ). Tom Pompei (Sellersville) and Paul Kline (Reading) ran the best races of the season to take sixth and seventh just ahead of Rick Laubach (Richlandtown), Meme DeSantis (Temple) and Billy Pauch, Jr. (Frenchtown, NJ).

Curt Michael took the URC sprint main event victory over Kevin Welsh (Far Hills, NJ), Dave Ely (West Lawn), Kramer Williamson (Palmyra), Jason Clauss (Boyertown), Scott Pursell (Frenchtown,NJ), Sean Michael (Allentown), Mike Haggenbottom (Levittown), Tim Hogue (Medford) and Kenny Adams (Malabar, FL).

Kevin Holland took the Roadrunner win over Elvin Brennan (Pottsville), Mike Allar (Orwigsburg), Marty Purcell (Pine Grove) and Butch Solt (Lehighton).

Tom Pompei and Paul Kline started on the front row for the 28-car, 25-lap NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series feature with Pompei taking the early lead over Kline. Kyle Weiss (Hamburg) came from eighth starting spot to over take Roy Wiest (Gratz) and John Willman (Zionsville) by lap four to take third. But as Keith Hoffman, who started 13th in the Cocino Food Service Systems #1, closed in on his tail, Weiss spun his Brickel's Collectibles 21K with eight laps complete while battling Kline for second, eliminating a comfortable lead built up by Pompei in the T/W Builders Custom Homes 100..

Keith Hoffman quickly overtook Kline and his GMI First Mechanical Solutions #5 for second on the restart and pulled even with leader using an inside line off turn two to move in front coming off turn four to complete lap 11. Doug Hoffman was now in third after starting fourteenth. Doug battled Pompei for several laps until he moved into second on lap 15. As Craig Von Dohren and Rick Schaffer, who started seventh and seventeenth respectively, moved in to battle Pompei for third, all eyes were fixed of the Hoffman brothers' showdown up front.

Following a yellow with 17 complete, Doug moved his challenge to the inside groove and lap after lap edges a bit farther under his brother Keith. The crossed the finish line to complete lap 20 with Keith 's bumper less than six feet ahead of Doug's. Doug hugged the inside and coming off turn two he forged in front and never looked back with Dennis Eisenhard's Ford powered TEO sponsored by B&I Auto Supply, Kerry Hertzog Auto Sales, Heritage Ford/Kia, East Penn Podiatry, Craft Oil and West Side Wood Products.

Thirty-five modifieds went in three heats with wins going to Tom Pompei, Craig Von Dohren and Doug Hoffman while Ryan Beltz (Schwenksville) took the consolation.

As both Hoffmans, along with Meme DeSantis, have already earned guaranteed starting spots in the Sunday, May 30 Triple-20 Modified Memorial Day weekend program, Craig Von Dohren earned the fourth of five guaranteed spots with his third place finish in the Devine Transport/Stauffer Construction 70D.

Twenty-five cars took the green flag in the 25-lap URC sprint feature event which was their opening event of the Valley Forge Inc. PA Sprint Series. Before one lap could be completed, the red flag was displayed for a wild seven car accident on the backstretch. Chris Coyle and Tim Hogue came together causing a chain reaction that saw Gary Gollub, Kenny Adams and Josh Weller flip. Also collected in the mishap were Jon Eldreth and Cliff Brian Jr.

The restart went much better as Curt Michael set the pace at the drop of the green flag. Dave Ely and Scott Pursell were in a battle for second as Pete Green and Kramer Williamson followed in the top five. The caution flag was displayed on lap eight for Billy Brian Jr. who spun on the homestretch. This restart was a thriller as Dave Ely dove to the inside of Curt Michael going into turn one. The Frank Davis prepared, Rhino Linings #2 sprinter was set to perfection and Michael made driving look easy.

As the field passed for the halfway mark, Michael remained the pace setter with Ely runner-up followed by Pursell, Kramer Williamson and last week's feature winner, Kevin Welsh. At the front of the pack, Curt Michael was able to put about six car lengths between himself and the runner-up Dave Ely. Slower traffic could now factor into the outcome of this event, but race leader Curt Michael mastered the field flawlessly.

With just five laps remaining, Michael and Ely were at the controls followed by Pursell, Kevin Welsh and Jason Clauss running fifth. With just two laps to go, Mares Stellfox drifted to the outside, tagged the wall and flipped just before exiting turn four.

The restart set the stage for a two lap dash to the spoils. With the green flag waiving, Curt Michael was off and running as Kevin Welsh dove to the inside and passed Ely for second with Pursell and Williamson following in the top five. Welsh, who started ninth, made the charge to second but was just a few laps short of having a chance to challenge Curt Michael for the win.

With the checker flag waiving, Michael took the victory with Welsh second, Dave Ely third, Kramer Williamson fourth and Jason Clauss fifth. A late race flat tire dropped the Scott Pursell sprinter to sixth, after running in the top five most of the race.

A field of twenty-nine URC sprint cars took part in the seventh race of the season with heat race victories going to Kevin Welsh (who started ninth in that event), Tim Hogue and Dave Gable as Jon Eldreth came home the winner of the "B" Main event. In the URC feature, Kenny Adams, who traveled North for the weekend from Malibar, FL, flipped in the first lap accident and returned to race through the field to collect an impressive tenth place finish.

Very uncharacteristically, the roadrunner heat and feature events were plagued with cautions. Elvin Brennan took the initial lead in the 15-lap feature with his Wentz Landscaping #555 but Mike Allar edged in front at the start finish line to lead lap two in Jason Neidlinger's Heritage Ford/Farber Technologies #1. Brennan regained the edge one lap later and looked like he was on to his first win of the year until lap 11 when Kevin Holland put his Harris Car Care 66 in front using an outside move through turns three and four. Holland never looked back as Allar went by Brennan for second on lap 12. But Brennan again battled back to regain second of the final lap of the main event.

Elvin Brennan also was the placement heat winner.

The Memorial Day weekend at Big Diamond sees two events on the schedule in at least 10 feature events!

Thirteen year-old Joziah Millian of Kutztown, PA, was the Junior Fan of the Week. Joziah's favorite driver, Doug Hoffman, visited with her at intermission at the starter's stand gate, answered her questions over the public address system and posed for photographs. Among the activities planned for the Junior Fan Club in the near future are a photo card and autograph night with Craig Von Dohren courtesy of Devine Transport and Racerboy Marketing. Also there will be a drawing from the list of fan club members for one boys and one girls bike on July 4 as part of the Georgie Stevenson Memorial for those members in attendance.

Friday night (May 28) will see the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modifieds, Sportsman Modifieds and Roadrunners in action at 8PM. They all return along with a few invaders on Sunday evening (May 30) for a 7 PM program featuring NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified Triple-20s. That means qualifying heats, consolation qualifiers and three, 20-lap Modified features along with events for the Sportsman Modifieds, Roadrunners, Modified Powder Puffs, Sportsman Modified Powder Puffs and Roadrunner Powder Puffs.



1. 77 Doug Hoffman, 2. 1 Keith Hoffman, 3. 70D Craig Von Dohren, 4. 73 Rick Schaffer, 5. 114 Craig Von Dohren, 6. 100 Tom Pompei, 7. 5 Paul Kline, 8. 14 Rick Laubach, 9. 99 Meme DeSantis, 10. 15X Billy Pauch, Jr., 11. 88x Roy Wiest, 12. 00 Doug Manmiller, 13. 15 Dale Hartz, 14. 19U Tom Umbenhauer, 15. 901 Bruce Williams, 16. 6Jr Kevin Hartnett, 17. 71S Sam Schaeffer, 18. 64W John Willman, 19. 221 Ryan Beltz, 20. 7Jr Jimmy Reppert, 21. 24H Justin Andrews, 22. 21T Jason Andrews, 23. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 24. Sq1 Bobby Gunther Walsh, 25. 21K Kyle Weiss, 26. 42 Jeff Sechrist, 27. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr., 28. 11 Keith Brightbill. Scratched: VR1 Tim Fitzpatrick. Non-Qualifiers: 505 Randy Mohn, 6 Dale Roth, 83B Josh Biever, 18 Ron Myers, 99W Craig Whitmoyer, 33 Ray Swinehart.

Heat 1: 100 Pompei, 6Jr K. Hartnett, VR1 T. Fitzpatrick, 14 Laubach, 21T Ja. Andrews, 71S S. Schaeffer, 24H Ju. Andrews, 221 Beltz, 19U Umbenhauer, 505 Mohn, 33 Swinehart... Heat 2: 70D Von Dohren, 114 Pauch, 1 K. Hoffman, 00 Manmiller, 64W Willman, 15 Hartz, 15X Pauch, Jr., Sq1 Walsh, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 83B Biever, 18 Myers... Heat 3: 77 D. Hoffman, 5 Kline, 42 Sechrist, 88X Wiest, 21K Weiss, 73 R. Schaffer, 7Jr Reppert, 3X Mawson, 901 Williams, 6 Roth, 11 Brightbill, 99 DeSantis, 99W Whitmoyer... Consolation: 221 Beltz, Sq1 Walsh, 3X Mawson, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 10U Umbenhauer, 99 DeSantis, 11 Brightbill, 901 Williams, 505 Mohn, 6 Roth, 83B Biever, 18 Myers, 99W Whitmoyer, 33 Swinehart.

1. 2 Curt Michael, 2. 18W Kevin Welsh, 3. 3 Dave Ely, 4. 33 Kramer Williamson, 5. 08 Jason Clauss, 6. 1 Scott Pursell, 7. 99 Sean Michael, 8. 5G Mike Haggenbottom, 9. 39 Tim Hogue, 10. 4A Kenny Adams, 11. 669 Dave McGough, 12. 4 Pete Green, 13. 5A Ashley Parlett, 14. 56 Chris Coyle, 15. 6 Brian Seidel, 16. 16A Ed Aikin, 17. 69 Justin Collett, 18. 16 Bill Brian Jr., 19. 56M Mares Stellfox, 20. 13 Cliff Brian, 21. 17 Junior Martin, 22. 54 Dave Gable, 23. 25 Jon Eldreth, 24. 6G Gary Gollub, 25. 63Josh Weller. Non-Qualifiers -- 1X Jimmy Stitzel, 39M Matt Gerber, 8 Midge Miller, 00 Randy West.


1. 66 Kevin Holland, 2. 555 Elvin Brennan, 3. Big1 Mike Allar, 4. 35 Marty Purcell, 5. 39S Butch Solt, 6. 22 Tom Hablett, 7. 39 Dean Ulsh, 8. 117 Marty Shappell, 9. 17 Kevin Beach, 10. 19W Derek Bender, 11. 4 Jake Smulley, 12. 23 Dave Kamp, 13. 3 Phil Levering.

Heat: 555, 117, Big1, 4, 66, 39S, 19W, 22, 23, 17, 35, 39 Levering, 3 Ulsh.


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