Big Diamond results 2004-04-30

Minersville, PA -- April 30 -- Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA made sure the season opener at Big Diamond Raceway for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modifieds would not be repeated Friday as he held off brother, Doug Hoffman (Allentown, PA) for his...

Minersville, PA -- April 30 -- Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA made sure the season opener at Big Diamond Raceway for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modifieds would not be repeated Friday as he held off brother, Doug Hoffman (Allentown, PA) for his first win of the year. Two weeks ago, Doug chased down Keith and stole the win in the opener.

Greg Weiland of Port Carbon, PA capitalized on the woes of the dominator of the 20-lap feature, Lowell Snyder (Upper Black Eddy, PA), to take his first career NASCAR Sportsman Modified win with his new 2004 Bicknell #5 over two-time 2004 winner Tom Brennan (Pottsville, PA). Kevin Beach of Llewellyn, PA put his Uncle Cone's 17 into the Hoover Chevrolet winner's circle in the roadrunners for the second time this season.

Keith Hoffman started on the pole and led all 25-laps of the NASCAR Modified 25-lap feature to win over Doug Hoffman, Craig Von Dohren (Barto, PA), Ray Swinehart (Bechtelsville, PA), Billy Pauch (Frenchtown, NJ), Rick Schaffer (Woxall, PA), Rick Laubach (Richlandtown, PA), Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing, PA), Craig Whitmoyer (Hamburg, PA) and Kevin Hartnett (Perkasie, PA).

Greg Weiland took the lead on lap 15 of the 20-lap Sportsman Modified feature and took his first career win over Tom Brennan, Dave Dissinger (Mohrsville, PA), Billy Moyer, Jr. (Pine Grove, PA) and Donn Edgar (Lehighton, PA).

Kevin Beach took the lead from Elvin Brennan (Minersville, PA) on lap three of the 15-lap roadrunner feature to take his second win of the year over Dean Ulsh (Pine Grove, PA), Marty Shappell (Pottsville, PA), Jason Purcell (Pottsville) and Mike Allar (Orwigsburg,, PA).

For the final time this spring, the modifieds drew for their starting spots and Keith Hoffman drew the pole starting position with Kevin Hartnett starting second. Hoffman immediately took command at the drop of the green in his Johnny Rae-owned, Fanelli Window Pros / Cocino Food Service Systems / HHH Plumbing and Heating #1. Hartnett bobbled early racing on the outside allowing Craig Von Dohren to take second and Kyle Weiss, third. Doug Hoffman started eighth but by lap three he gained fourth as Meme DeSantis (Temple, PA) relinquished the spot as his dropped out of the event. Kyle Weiss spun out of third spot on lap five and on the restart Doug Hoffman took second from Von Dohren.

"I knew Doug was the guy to beat tonight," shared Keith Hoffman later in the Hoover Chevrolet Winner's Circle. "He came up early and I knew I had to get up on the (steering) wheel here or I was gonna be hanging my head again like after the last race."

That was exactly what he did as Keith was able to maintain a lead and pull ahead on each restart while Doug had to deal with constant pressure from Von Dohren for second until the late laps. With seven laps complete a seven car tangle coming off turn two saw Kyle Weiss rollover in the 21k resulting in a red flag. Weiss was uninjured but his car sustained heavy damage.

The yellow flew seven times by lap 10 resulting in single file restarts and there were no further yellows. The leaders encountered heavy traffic at the rear on the field on lap 18 and Doug closed in on Keith. But Keith made a daring pass on Sam Schaeffer (Hamburg, PA) and Randy Mohn (Fredericksburg, PA) coming off turn four that paid off and enabled him to pull a sufficient gap over Doug to maintain the lead to the checkered despite lapping seven more cars.

"We haven't been that good over the last two years," commented Keith Hoffman. "Sure we won the Coal Cracker last year and the title in 2000 but I said two weeks ago that with this piece (a new Troyer modified), we are back like we were in 1999!"

Modified heat winners were Keith Hoffman, Doug Hoffman, and Ray Swinehart with Rick Schaffer winning the consolation.

The sportsman modified feature was a real heart breaker for Lowell Snyder, who makes the long tow from Upper Black Eddy every week to race a Big Diamond. Snyder bolted into the lead from outside the front row at the drop of the green, beating pole sitter Mario Dinatale (Reading) through turn two. Fellow long-distance traveler, Larry Lippencott (Riegelsville) moved from fourth to second at the same time. Greg Weiland, in his second full season of racing at Big Diamond, moved his new D&W Speed and Custom / Detweiler Towing / Schaeffer's Harley Davidson #5 from ninth starting spot to third by lap five. In an effort to catch Snyder, Lippencott got a bit too low in turn four and spun his 515 on lap 10 moving Weiland to second. At this point two-time 2004 winner Tom Brennan had moved from a 12th place start to third with veteran Dave Dissinger and Dan Guinther (Salisbury Township, PA) next in order.

Greg Weiland seemed unable to catch Snyder but Brennan, who everyone expected to make short order of the top two, was also not making up any ground on Weiland. Just as Snyder looked like he would take his first career win, his 10 appeared to slow. Weiland quickly closed in and make the pass with an inside move in turn one on lap 15. Brennan also took second on lap 15 and by lap 17 Snyder dropped from the top five. Greg maintained his margin and took his first career feature win while Snyder saw his 'feast' turn to 'famine' as his 10 blew its engine in a huge cloud of smoke after taking the white flag.

Heat winners in the sportsman modifieds were Tom Brennan, Lowell Snyder and Jason Kohler (Fleetwood, PA) while Freddie Fisher (Reading, PA) took the consolation victory.

Starting heads up based on their heat finish, Elvin Brennan (Minersville) took the early lead in the roadrunner 15-lap main event. Second place started, Kevin Beach settled into second spot for two laps until the yellow flew for the only time in the event for a spinning Kevin Holland after contact with Mike Allar. On the restart Beach took charge and never looked back. Brennan remained second until lap 10 when Mr. Outside, Marty Shappell charged around the slowing 555. Dean Ulsh now entered the battle and was able to get by Shappell on lap 13. But Ulsh was unable to challenge Beach for the win.

Nathan Quinter of Reading had his name drawn as Junior Fan of the Week but he was not in attendance. Nathan's name will return to the container of membership numbers for a chance to be selected as one of the weekly Junior Fans of the Week in the future.

Racing returns to Big Diamond Raceway this Friday night, May 7, at 8PM with a full racing card featuring the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modifieds, Sportsman Modifieds and Roadrunners. . The evening of speed will be Ladies' Night in honor of Mother's Day with all ladies getting $4 off the regular $12 adult admission to the stands.

That's right. Ladies get in to the stands for only $8 at Big Diamond Raceway on Friday, May 7. Gates open at 6PM.

For more information on racing at Big Diamond Raceway, call 570-544-6434 or check out the official track website at


NASCAR DODGE WEEKLY SERIES MODIFIEDS - 25-LAP FEATURE -- 1. 1 Keith Hoffman, 2. 77 Doug Hoffman, 3. 70d Craig Von Dohren, 4. 33 Ray Swinehart, 5. 114 Billy Pauch (Sr), 6. 73 Rick Schaffer, 7. 14 Rick Laubach, 8. 00 Doug Manmiller, 9. 707 Craig Whitmoyer, 10. 6jr Kevin Hartnett, 11. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 12. 83B Josh Biever, 13. 11 Keith Brightbill, 14. 88X Roy Wiest, 15. 42 Jeff Sechrist, 16. vr1 Tim Fitzpatrick, 17. Sq.1 Bobby Gunther Walsh, 18. 7X Tommy Sheetz, Jr., 19. 505 Randy Mohn, 20. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr., 21. 71S Sam Schaeffer, 22. 7Jr Jimmy Reppert, 23. 21T Jason Andrews, 24. 100 Tom Pompei, 25. 21K Kyle Weiss, 26. 221 Ryan Beltz, 27. 99 Meme DeSantis, 28. 64W John Willman. (15x Billy Pauch, Jr. scratched.)

Qualifying Events -- 10-lap Heats, 7 qualify, Top 4 redraw. Consolation 10-laps, 7 qualify.

Heat 1: 1 K. Hoffman, 70d Von Dohren, 21T Ja. Andrews, 6Jr Hartnett, 707 Whitmoyer, 42 Sechrist, vr1 T. Fitzpatrick, 88x Wiest, 901 Bruce Williams, 71s Schaeffer, 15 Dale Hartz, 73 Schaffer.

Heat 2: 77 D. Hoffman, 114 Pauch (Sr), 00 Manmiller, 21K Weiss, 83B Biever, 15X Pauch, Jr., 221 Beltz, 6 Dale Roth, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 64W Willman, 41B Brian Gagliardo.

Heat 3: 33 Swinehart, 99 DeSantis, 14 Laubach, Sq.1 Walsh, 11 Brightbill, 100 Pompei, 7X Sheetz, 3X Mawson, 505 Mohn, 24H Justin Andrews, 7Jr Reppert.

Consolation: 73 Schaffer, 71S Schaeffer, 7Jr Reppert, 3X Mawson, 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 88X Wiest, 505 Mohn, 64W Willman, 6 Roth, 24H Ju. Andrews, 15 Hartz, 901 Williams, 41B Gagliardo.

NASCAR SHORTRACK SERIES SPORTSMAN MODIFIEDS - 20-LAP FEATURE - 1. 5 Greg Weiland, 2. 26 Tom Brennan, 3. 69 Dave Dissinger, 4. 17 Billy Moyer, Jr., 5. 30 Donn Edgar, 6. 97 Dan Gechter, 7. 926 Darren Dreher, 8. 8 Brad Force, 9. 3 Luke Wagner, 10. 93 Ryan Moyer, 11. 2 Art Liedl, Jr., 12. 00 Mario Dinatale, 13. 59 Jason Kohler, 14. 47 Gary Wagner, 15. 515 Larry Lippencott, 16. 72 Ray Woodall, Jr., 17. 10 Lowell Snyder, 18. 95 Freddie Fisher, 19. 12V Johnny Deatrich, Jr., 20. 23B Steve Zimmerman, 21. 39J Jeff Geake, 22. 8JR Doug Hendricks, 23. 64 Andy Miller, 24. 157 Andy Fayash, Jr.

Qualifying Events -- 10-lap Heats, 6 Qualify, Top 4 Handicapped. 10-lap Consi, 6 Qualify.

Heat 1: 26 Brennan, 515 Lippencott, 157 Fayash, 00 Dinatale, 8 Force, 64 Miller, 57 Ricky Rutt, 19U Jordan Umbenhauer, 4 Jesse Sterling, 147 Louie Mitchalk, 3 L. Wagner.

Heat 2: 10 Snyder, 69 Dissinger, 93 R. Moyer, 30 Edgar, 23B Zimmerman, 12V Deatrich, 72 Woodall, 2 Liedl, 09 Jimmy Payne, 39B Bobby Reese, 17T Ryan Grim.

Heat 3: 59 Kohler, 5 Weiland, 8JR Hendricks, 97 Guinther, 17 B. Moyer, 39J Geake, 95 Fisher, 47 G. Wagner, 926 Dreher, 35 Ebby Ridge, 12 Carl Lieber.

Consolation: 95 Fisher, 47 G. Wagner, 926 Dreher, 3 L. Wagner, 72 Woodall, 2 Liedl, 57 Rutt, 12 Lieber, 17T Grim, 19U Umbenhauer, 4 Sterling, 147 Mitchalk, 35 Ridge, 09 Payne, 39B Reese.

NASCAR ROADRUNNERS - 15-LAP FEATURE - 1. 17 Kevin Beach, 2. 3 Dean Ulsh, 3. 117 Marty Shappell, 4. 35 Jason Purcell, 5. Big1 Mike Allar, 6. 19W Derek Bender, 7. 22 Tom Hablett, 8. 39S Butch Solt, 9. 4 Jake Smulley, 10. 39 Phil levering, 11. 555 Elvin Brennan, 12. 66 Kevin Holland, 13. 31 Robbie Laudeman.

Heat -- 6-laps -- 555, 17, 35, 4, 3, 117, 66, 39s, Big1, 22, 19w, 31, 39.


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