Big Diamond results 2000-08-11

Minersville, PA - Aug. 11 - Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA piloted the Bashore Trucking 5 to his second NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified feature win of the season at Big Diamond Raceway on Friday night, August 11, and took over the track ...

Minersville, PA - Aug. 11 - Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA piloted the Bashore Trucking 5 to his second NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified feature win of the season at Big Diamond Raceway on Friday night, August 11, and took over the track championship point lead. Hoffman survived a late race turn four pass which saw contact with leader, Glenn Strunk of Bechtelsville, PA, when Glenn attempted to regain the inside groove which Hoffman already occupied. John Heckler of Hatfield, PA held off the late closing Gary Hager of Stewartsville, NJ to take his first career NASCAR EXIDE ShorTrack Sportsman 20-lap feature win. Kirby Sites of Hamburg, PA took his first career win in the second 20-lapper, in only his second week with the Sportsman, when race leader Gary Hager was spun by Ricky Rutt (Phillipsburg, NJ) late in the feature just after he had taken the lead. Dean Ulsh of Auburn, PA was awarded the 15-lap Accel Roadrunner feature when apparent winner John Ulsh (Summit Station, PA) was disqualified with illegally grooved times. Bob Ebersole of Hummelstown, PA started on the pole for the 25-lap Modified feature and put the Ebersole Excavating 27 into the early lead. Bob Trapper (Scranton, PA) moved from seventh to second by lap two Four separate incidents before four laps were completed shuffled the field and the last of those sent previous point leader, Duane Howard (Oley, PA), to the sidelines. Barry Readinger (Fleetwood, PA) had the All Star Racing Wheels 386 third and Glenn Strunk, who started eighth, was now fourth in the Norm's Save Station 357. Strunk moved from fourth to second with a nice move on lap 9 and proceeded to run in Ebersole's tire tracks throughout the middle stages of the event. While Ebersole ran a flawless race, holding the inside line on the slick track to maintain the lead, Keith Hoffman moved up from his 14th starting spot to third by lap 16. In turn three of lap 18, Ebersole left the inside line a bit open and both Strunk and Hoffman slipped through. Strunk now held the lead keeping the 357 just down on the inside far enough to hold off Hoffman. Again entering turn three on lap 22, Hoffman moved his five to the inside of Strunk in turn three. This time between turns three and four, they drew even and in four Strunk attempted to cut off Hoffman. Keith was already solidly there and contact was made with Strunk spinning. The field was able to avoid the tangle and Hoffman was now the leader. Keith Hoffman when on to take his second win of the season followed by Bob Ebersole in his best career run, Bob Trapper, Barry Readinger, Ray Swinehart (Bechtelsville, PA), Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA), Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing, PA), Jeff Strunk (Bethel, PA), Tim Fitzpatrick (Minersville, PA) and Dennis Bailey (Kutztown, PA). Heat winners in the 45-car field were Glenn Strunk, Readinger, Manmiller and Hoffman while John Willman (Zionsville, PA) and Ron Mawson, Jr (Pittston, PA) took the consolations. Rookie, second-generation driver Brad Grim of Coplay, PA moved from fourth to the lead on the opening lap of the first 20-lap Sportsman feature when the B1 of pole sitter Joe Biasi (New Ringgold, PA) failed. Grim was leading on lap 4 when the yellow flew for a tangle involving point leader Gary Hager, Lenny Leibold (Jonestown, PA), John Patchoski (Scranton, PA), Tom Brennan (Pottsville, PA) and Shawn Fitzpatrick (Pottsville, PA). On the restart Grim lost the handle of the 611, collecting eight other cars including Donn Edgar (Lehighton, PA), Ricky Rutt (Phillipsburg, PA) and John Deatrich, Jr. (Pottsville, PA). Somehow second place John Heckler avoided the incidents to assume the lead. Heckler has run very well all year long as a rookie. Randy Mohn (Fredericksburg, PA) and Jeff Graby (Grantville, PA) pressured Heckler but it was Hager moving back through the field to second on lap 14. That was a far a Hager would progress as John Heckler took his first career win over Gary Hager, Jeff Graby, Randy Mohn, newcomer Kirby Sites (Hamburg, PA), Tom Brennan, Billy Moyer, Jr. (Pine Grove, PA), John Patchoski, Lance Hoch (Topton, PA), and Ricky Rutt. The top 12 were inverted from the first 20 for the start of the second 20-lap Sportsman main and Gene Stravinsky (New Egypt, NY) taking the lead in his first Big Diamond appearance. Stravinsky looped his 7A and Ricky Rutt assumed the lead on the opening lap. Brent Boyer (Bloomsburg, PA) ran second to Rutt through lap six when John Patchoski took second. Patchoski lost second on lap 12 to Kirby Sites in only his second Sportsman start in a former Kyle Weiss modified 21K. Gary Hager was making his usual race charged after starting 11th and he took second from Sites with two laps to go. A yellow with 18 complete bunched the field and Hager made his move to the inside of Rutt in turn one. There was flush door-to-door contact with Hager getting the edge. Rutt was obvious displeased with the move and drilled Hager from behind in turn three, spinning him out. This put a surprised Kirby Sites on top and the street stock and former Pro-Track star when on to take his first career win. Brent Boyer took a career best second followed by John Patchoski, Tom Brennan, Randy Mohn, Jeff Graby, Billy Moyer, Jr., Tom "Elvis" Miller (Gilbertsville, PA), John Heckler and Luke Wagner (Hershey, PA). Heat winners in the Sportsman were Mohn, Biasi and Rick Hendricks (Auburn, PA) with the consolation win going to Patchoski. Marley Whitcomb of Muir, Pa led the opening laps of the first feature of the night, the Roadrunner 15. John Ulsh took the lead on lap five with Marc Berzowski (Minersville, PA) taking second. John Ulsh held on while point leader Dean Ulsh took second on lap 12. As it turned out that pass was actually for the win as apparent winner John Ulsh was disqualified with illegally grooved tires in a post race inspection. Dean Ulsh won over Berzowski, Dale Hart (Hamburg, PA), Steve Fessler (Schuylkill Haven, PA) and Whitcomb. Only two more point race dates remain on the Big Diamond schedule and all three divisions seeing action on AMSOil Night this Friday, August 18. The evening is also Racing With Jesus Ministries Family Night at the track. Racing starts at 8 pm.


NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES MODIFIEDS Feature - 25-laps - 1. 5 Keith Hoffman, 2. 27 Bob Ebersole, 3. 69T Bob Trapper, 4. 386 Barry Readinger, 5. 33 Ray Swinehart, 6. 21K Kyle Weiss, 7. 2Z Doug Manmiller, 8. W9 Jeff Strunk, 9. Tim Fitzpatrick, 10. 55 Dennis Bailey, 11. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr., 12. 87 Kerry Kratz, 13. 4$ Randy Fortna, 14. 357 Glenn Strunk, 15. 027 Bruce Williams. DNQ: 16. 114 Craig Von Dohren, 17. 88T Meme DeSantis, 18. 1T John Willman, 19. 42J Jeff Sechrist, 20. 101 Kevin Graver, Jr., 21. 221 Ryan Beltz, 22. 5X Paul Kline, 23. 10x Scott Albert, 24. 85A Duane Howard, 25. 14B Terry Meitzler, 26. 21T Jason Andrews, 27. 18C Craig Whitmoyer, 28. L70 Larry Kelleher…… Non-Qualifiers: 9 Jim Hauer, 58S Shawn Reimert, 100 Tom Pompei, 19 Tom Umbenhauer, 81 Randy Bailey, 4 Todd Bashore, 99X Smokey Warren 23 Ryan Moyer, Z81 Rich Stankiewicz, 11X Brian Engle, 131 Barry White, 2T Tracy Readinger, 16W Billy Warren, R10 Randy Stoudt, 77X Jerry Higbie, Jr., 176 Bob Lilick, Jr., 27D Scott Davis. Heats (10-laps, 5 Qualify, Top 4 Handicapped in Feature), Consolations (8-laps, 4 Qualify) Heat 1: 357, 27, 85A, 21K, 87, 1T, R10, 221, 131, 99x, 100, 58s. No Time..... Heat 2: 386, 88T, 55, 114, 14B, Z81, 18C, 5X, 9, 81, 77X. No Time..... Heat 3: 2Z, 21T, 33, 4$, 027, 3x, 4, 23, 2T, L70, 19. No Time..... Heat 4: 5, W9, 10x, 69T, 101, 102, 11X, 27D, 42X, 16W, 176. No Time..... Consi 1: 1T, 18C, 5X, 221, 58S, R10, z81, 131, 99x, 9, 81, 77X, 100. No Time..... Consi 2:3X, 102, L70, 42J, 27D, 16W, 4, 176, 11x, 23, 2T, 19. No Time.

NASCAR EXIDE SHORTRACK SERIES SPORTSMAN 1st 20-lap Feature: 1. 55x John Heckler, 2. 44 Gary Hager, 3. 77 Jeff Graby, 4. 505 Randy Mohn, 5. Kirby Sites, 6. 26 Tom Brennan, 7. 17 Billy Moyer, Jr., 8. 3X John Patchoski, 9. 35 Lance Hoch, 10. 57X Ricky Rutt, 11. 19 Brent Boyer, 12. 7A Gene Stravinsky, 13. 24 Tom Miller. DNF: 14. 611 Brad Grim, 15. 72 Jeff Ebersole, 16. 25 John Deatrich, Jr., 17. 39 Tom Cremer, 18. 3 Luke Wagner, 19. 57 Donn Edgar, 20. 7 Rick Hendricks, 21. 13 Lenny Leibold, 22. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 23. 002 Ed Scott, 24. 1L Ryan Bauer, 25. B1 Joe Biasi, 26. 114 Terry Bensinger. 2nd 20-lap Feature: 1. 21K Sites, 2. 19 Boyer, 3. 3X Patchoski, 4. 26 Brennan, 5. 505 Mohn, 6. 77 Graby, 7. 17 Moyer, 8. 24 Miller, 9. 55X Heckler, 10. 3 Wagner, 11. 28 Tom Solderich, 12. 114 Bensinger, 13. 7A Stravinsky, 14. 44 Hager, 15. 48R Ryan Eckert, 16. 47 Gary Wagner. DNF: 17. 57X Rutt, 18. Hoch, 19. 57 Edgar, 20. 002 Scott, 21. 1L Bauer, 22. 102 S. Fitzpatrick, 23. 39 Tom Cremer. DNS: 24. 611 Grim, 25. 72 J. Ebersole, 26. 25 Deatrich, 27. 7 Hendricks, 28. 13 Leibold, 29. B1 Biasi….. Non-Qualifiers (for either feature): 09 Jim Payne, 55 Darren Dreher, 55M Brian Rehbein, 12 Carl Leiber, 72X Mike Glass, 23 Jamey Weinhold. Heats (8-laps, 6 Qualify, Top 5 Handicapped), Consolation (8-laps, 8 Qualify) Heat 1: 505, 72, 55X, 19, 25, 35, 3X, 77, 48R, 55, 57X, 23, Time: 2:37.69..... Heat 2: B1, 44, 39, 57, 26, 1L, 17, 28, 09, 47, 12, 72X. Time: 2:39.53..... Heat 3: 7, 114, 3, 611, 002, 13, 102, 24, 55M, 7A, 21K. Time: 2:41. 16..... Consi: 3X, 102, 77, 57X, 7A, 21K, 17, 24, 28, 48R, 12, 47, 55M, 55, 09, 23, 72X. No Time.

NASCAR ACCEL ROADRUNNERS 15-lap Feature: 1. 3 Dean Ulsh, 2. 25M Marc Berzowski, 3. 15 Dale Hartz, 4. 7 Steve Fessler, 5. 51W Marley Whitcomb, 6. 18 Jason Oswald, 7. 47 Bill McNeal, Jr., 8. 24 Chris Evitts, 9. 8M Ken Eckert, Jr., 10. 13 Rob Kistler, Jr., 11. 117 Marty Shappell, 12. 69M Marty Purcell, 13. 77X Kirby Schlappich, 14. 11 Mike Sweeney, 15. 3C Cory Renninger. Disqualified: 5 John Ulsh.

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