Big Diamond results 2000-08-04

VON DOHREN RETURNS HOME TO BIG DIAMOND WITH DESIRED RESULT; SUPRICK SCORES SECOND URC WIN IN SYRACUSE QUALIFIER by Jeff Gromis and Bob Miller Minersville, PA - Aug. 4 - Craig Von Dohren of Barto, PA returned to Big Diamond Raceway two weeks...

by Jeff Gromis and Bob Miller

Minersville, PA - Aug. 4 - Craig Von Dohren of Barto, PA returned to Big Diamond Raceway two weeks ago in NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified action and quickly found himself in familiar territory on Friday in his second feature appearance of the year,... the track's 901 Pub winner circle. It was Von Dohren's first win of the season in the BRB 114 but it was his 42nd career Big Diamond Modified feature win which is the all-time high at the track. George Suprick of Clarks Summit, PA was the man to beat in URC sprint car competition Friday night at the Big Diamond. For Suprick, it was his second win this season on the URC BAR'S Leaks Sprint Series and his first win as part of the year 2000 CARQUEST Pennsylvania State Series. Marc Berzowski of Minersville, PA completed the triple header with his first NASCAR Accel Roadrunner feature win of the season. Craig Von Dohren had been racing the Alpha Mills 114 elsewhere this season but a rough stretch of engine woes resulted in the team turning to their NASCAR Dual Track power plant and Big Diamond on July 28. Although he started at the rear of the handicapped cars at his "opener" at Diamond he parlayed it into a top five and one week later, starting only ahead of last week's winner and the top two in track points of the handicapped cars, he made his way to the winner's circle. Jeff Sechrist (Womelsdorf, PA) took the early lead in the Wertz Racing 42J in the 25-lap NASCAR WRS Modified main event with Kevin Graver, Jr. (Lehighton, PA) taking the top spot on lap 5. Point leader Duane Howard (Oley, PA) was on the move in Cary Duncan's 85A starting 14th and moving to second by lap 7 with a pass of Craig Whitmoyer (Hamburg, PA). A yellow on lap 10 saw a high flying Bobby Trapper (Scranton, PA) being sent to the pits from fourth as high flying brush with the wall tore off his 69T modified's rear bumper. This moved Craig Von Dohren, who started 13th, to fifth behind Graver, Howard, Whitmoyer and Todd Bashore (Bethel, PA). Following the restart, Howard powered around Graver in turn one to lead lap 11 but Von Dohren was also flying and moved to second. A yellow one lap later tightened the field again and Von Dohren again flexed his muscle and powered around Howard as they accepted the restart green. One lap later Keith Hoffman (Whitehall, PA), who started 15th, charged passed Howard as well but he could not catch the leader and there were no yellows the rest of the way to provide any assistance prior to the checkered flag. Craig Von Dohren took the win over Keith Hoffman, Duane Howard, Meme DeSantis (Blandon, PA), Kevin Graver, Jr., Todd Bashore (Bethel, PA), Jeff Strunk (Bethel, PA), Terry Meitzler (Kutztown, PA), Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA) and Jim Hauer (Lebanon, PA). Art Bair Racing Wheel Repair heat winners in the 44-car field were Tom Pompei (Sellersville, PA), Tim Fitzpatrick (Minersville, PA), John Willman (Zionsville, PA) and Barry Readinger (Fleetwood, PA) while Kyle Weiss and Ray Swinehart (Bechtelsville, PA) were consolation winners.

URC CARQUEST WIN TO SUPRICK George Suprick led the entire 25 lap distance but it really wasn't that easy, as a red flag and two cautions gave the field an opportunity to move closer to his rear bumper. In the closing laps, Suprick was forced to deal with some slower traffic, giving Jon Eldreth (Rising Sun, MD) and Greg Coverdale (Milford, DE) a chance to make a late race run at the leader. The win for Suprick also earned him a guaranteed starting position in the URC/ESS "Shoot Out on the Mile" at the NY State Fairgrounds on Saturday, Oct. 7 during Super DIRT Week. A field of twenty-nine URC sprint cars made the tow to Big Diamond Raceway. With an outstanding track surface available, the business of qualifying was completed in short order with heat race victories going to Gary Gollub (Mohnton, PA), Curt Michael (Ocean View, DE) and George Suprick as Fred Kennedy (Delran, NJ) rallied home the winner of the consolation. Twenty-four sprints answered the call for the URC BAR'S Leaks sprint feature. George Suprick took immediate command of lead followed by Midge Miller (Willingboro, NJ) and Jon Eldreth. The red flag was displayed at the completion of lap four when Kramer Williamson (Palmyra, PA) flipped down the homestretch without injury. The restart once again saw Suprick as the dominant force with Miller hot in the chase. Eldreth, Danny Massey (Mt. Laurel, NJ) and Greg Coverdale followed in the top five. By lap nine, Jon Eldreth was in second dropping Miller to third. Curt Michael was on a charge, now racing just out of the top five. At the halfway point, Suprick, Eldreth and Miller were the top three with Greg Coverdale now in fourth and Danny Massey followed in fifth. On lap fourteen, current point leader Brian Seidel (Allentown, PA) came to a stop in turn three, displaying the final caution flag of the event. On the restart, Suprick remained on top but now Coverdale and Michael were on a charge moving into third and fourth. Suprick quickly moved away from runner-up Jon Eldreth but as the laps ticked off, the leader quickly moved in on slower traffic. Suprick drove a conservative line while in traffic, but now Eldreth, Coverdale and Michael were quickly gaining on the leader. Eldreth was trying to move into a position to challenge Suprick for the lead, but his hands were full just holding off a determined Coverdale with Michael a car length behind Coverdale. With two laps to go it was shaping up to be a four car shoot out to the checker. Coverdale was searching high and low to find an open lane but Eldreth managed to keep the door closed. At the checkered flag, George Suprick took the win with Jon Eldreth collecting second place money as Greg Coverdale, Curt Michael and Midge Miller made-up the top five. The second five in order were Danny Massey, Dave McGough (Sassamansville, PA), Scott Pursell (Frenchtown, NJ), Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. (Norristown, PA) and Fred Kennedy. BERZOWSKI TOPS ROADRUNNERS On the night that saw brother Fran Purcell, Jr. married at the track during intermission, Marty and Jason Purcell (Pottsville, PA) ran one-two in the opening laps of the 15-lap Accel Roadrunner feature. Jason Oswald (New Ringgold, PA) took the lead off turn two as the brothers Purcell got together on lap three. At the same time Berzowski took second. On lap 8 Berzowski overtook Oswald and led until John Ulsh (Summit Station, PA) rolled his 5 battling for second in turn four on the final lap. The red flew instead of the checkered but the necessary restart did not cost Berzowski and he went on for his first 2000 win over Jason Oswald, Steve Fessler (Schuylkill Haven, PA), Dean Ulsh (Auburn, PA), Barry Schrader (Orwigsburg, PA), Mike Allar (Orwigsburg, PA), and Marty Purcell. As only 7 cars finished, John Ulsh was credited with eighth followed by Chris Evitts (Orwigsburg, PA) and Kirby Schlappich (Temple, PA). Heat winners were Jason Purcell and Allar. A minor electrical short and fire on a light during hot laps, burned through a few wires causing a phasing problem on a set of the frontstretch lights. A short section of the straight was left a bit darker than usual but safe for racing so the track crew elected to continue the card without forcing fans to deal with a major delay This problem will be repaired for next Friday. This Friday night, August 11, will see the NASCAR EXIDE ShorTrack Sportsman return to action with the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds and the NASCAR Accel Roadrunners. The EXIDE Sportsman will run in a special Twin-20 lap racing program while the Modifieds will go in a regular 25-lap main and the Roadrunners, a 15-lap main. For more information on Big Diamond Raceway call (570) 544-6434 or check out our internet site at

<pre> RESULT SUMMARY - AUGUST 4 - BIG DIAMOND RACEWAY NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES MODIFIEDS - 25-lap Feature - 1. 114 Craig Von Dohren, 2. 5 Keith Hoffman, 3. 85A Duane Howard, 4. 88T Meme DeSantis, 5. 101 Kevin Graver, Jr., 6. 4 Todd Bashore, 7. W9 Jeff Strunk, 8. 14B Terry Meitzler, 9. 21K Kyle Weiss, 10. 9 Jim Hauer, 11. 357 Glenn Strunk, 12. 33 Ray Swinehart, 13. 19 Tom Umbenhauer, 14. 18C Craig Whitmoyer, 15. 77X Jerry Higbie, Jr., 16. 55 Dennis Bailey, 17. 1T John Willman, 18. 42J Jeff Sechrist, 19. 386 Barry Readinger, 20. 21T Jason Andrews, 21. 99X Smokey Warren, 22. 100 Tom Pompei, 23. 102 Tim Fitzpatrick, 24. 5X Paul Kline, 25. 027 Bruce Williams, 26. 2Z Doug Manmiller, 27. 69T Bob Trapper, 28. 27 Bob Ebersole. Non-Qualifiers: 11X Brian Engle, 58S Shawn Reimert, 131 Barry White, 87 Kerry Kratz, Z81 Rich Stankiewicz, 23 Ryan Moyer, 44 Gary Hager, L70 Larry Kelleher, 81 Randy Bailey, 276 Sam Schaeffer, 176 Bob Lilick, Jr., 27X Jeff Paulson, 3X Ron Mawson, 21 Kirby Sites, 73 Scott Albert, 05 Guy Keller. Heats: 10-laps, 5 Qualify, 4 Handicapped, Consolations: 8-laps, 4 Qualify. Heat 1: 100, 2Z, 5, 18C, 88T, 3X, 81, 131, 176, 9, 73. No Time. Heat 2: 102, 101, 69T, 114, 19, 21K, 77X, 21T, 44, Z81, 11X. No Time. Heat 3: 1T, 4, 42J, W9, 357, 27, 33, 87, 21, 58S, 05, No Time. Heat 4: 386, 027, 85A, 14B, 5X, 99X, 55, 23, 276, 27X, l70. Time: 3:11.41. Consi 1: 21K, 77x, 9, 21T, 11X, 131, Z81, 44, 81, 176, 3X, 73. No Time. Consi 2: 33, 27, 99X, 55, 58S, 87, 23, l70, 276, 27X, 21, 05. Time: 2:32.91. UNITED RACING CLUB SPRINT CARS - 25-lap Feature: 1. 87 George Suprick, 2. 25 Jon Eldreth, 3. 56 Greg Coverdale, 4. 99 Curt Michael, 5. 8 Midge Miller, 6. 76 Danny Massey, 7. 669 Dave McGough, 8. 1 Scott Pursell, 9. 5G Todd Rittenhouse, 10. 89 Fred Kennedy, 11. 54 Gary Gollub, 12. X Todd Wise, 13. 78 Jeff Whary, 14. 39M Matt Gerber, 15. 19 Brian Seidel, 16. 39 Fran Hogue, 17. 16 Bill Brian Jr., 18. 21 Trevor Lewis, 19. 6 Mike Haggenbottom, 20. 5 Sam Ross, 21. 10 Bobby Seidel, Jr., 22. 11 Tommy Martocci, 23. 33 Kramer Williamson, 24. 40 Mike Kostic. DNQ-74 Doug Borger, 4 Travis Quinn, 31 Tim Higgins, 3 Dave Gable, 0 Pete Green. Heats and B-Main - 8-laps..... Heat 1: 54, 16, 56, 5G, 21, 6, 4, 39M, 78, 0. No Time...... Heat 2: 99, 669, 8, 25, 1, 11, 89, 74, 31, 3. No Time...... Heat 3: 87, 5, 39, 40, 76, 19, X, 10, 33. Time: 2:11.33...... B-Main: 89, 39M, 10, 33. X, 78, 74, 4, 3. No Time.

NASCAR ACCEL ROADRUNNERS - 15-lap Main: 1. 25M Marc Berzowski, 2. 18 Jason Oswald, 3. 7 Steve Fessler, 4. 3 Dean Ulsh, 5. 77 Barry Schrader, 6. 22 Mike Allar, 7. 69M Marty Purcell, 8. 5 John Ulsh, 9. 24 Chris Evitts, 10. 77X Kirby Schlappich, 11. 8M Ken Eckert, Jr., 12. 13 Rob Kistler, Jr., 13. 3C Cory Renninger, 14. 15 Dale Hartz, 15. 93 Jason Purcell, 16. 00 Chris Reed. Heats 8-laps, All Qualify and Handicapped Heat 1: 93, 25M, 77, 13, 15, 3, 00, 18...... Heat 2: 22, 5, 8M, 77X, 7, 24, 69M, 3C.

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