Big Diamond Results 2000-06-09

Minersville,PA (6/9)- Duane Howard of Oley, PA captured the $3500 win in the Country Chevrolet 50 at Big Diamond Raceway Friday to become the track's first repeat winner in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds in 2000. Shawn ...

Minersville,PA (6/9)- Duane Howard of Oley, PA captured the $3500 win in the Country Chevrolet 50 at Big Diamond Raceway Friday to become the track's first repeat winner in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds in 2000.

Shawn Fitzpatrick of Pottsville, PA got his Pottsville Broadcasting Company T102 to capture his first NASCAR Exide ShortTrack Series Sportsman win. Steve Fessler of Schuylkill Haven, PA took his first Accel Roadrunner win when the first to cross the line, Willie Metz, was disqualified in a post-race inspection of his car.

In addition to the Country Chevrolet display of Chevrolet's and Used Cars, the dealership on Spring Street in Tremont, PA gave out athletic water/drink bottles to all fans and winner's bonus frisbees. Duane Howard's win was worth $50 to fan Kolby Klechner who caught the Country Chevrolet frisbee bearing Duane's name at intermission. NorthernLight, an very popular internet search engine, also had their Jeff Burton #9 NASCAR Busch Grand National car on display and gave away collector cars and photo cards of the #9.

It was a battle of racers from Scranton, PA during the early laps of the NASCAR Modified 25-lap feature event at Larry Kelleher put his KT Auto Sales and Service L70 into the lead with Bob Trapper second in the Helping Hand Health Care 69T. Kelleher led five laps before Trapper took charge on lap 6 using the outside groove in turn four. Running the outside groove left Trapper vulnerable to someone hooked up on the inside and that was Tim Fitzpatrick who moved his Liberty Oil Co. T102 to the point in turn three to lead lap 9. Duane Howard, who started 16th, moved the Cary Duncan 85A Troyer around Trapper on lap 11 but Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing, PA) had other ideas.

Manmiller surged into second on lap 13 with the Greg's Mechanical 2Z and then charged around the outside of Fitzpatrick in turn two on lap 14 to take charge. Howard also passed Fitzpatrick on lap 14 with an inside pass with the Hutt's Glass Co. 85A and stayed glued to the new leader's rear bumper. With Terry Meitzler (Kutztown, PA), Keith Hoffman (Whitehall, PA) and Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA) closing in right behind Howard, Duane made an inside move on lap 18 payoff and he took command of the feature. As Manmiller began to lose his edge, Hoffman made a big inside move to take second on lap 19 with Meitzler, who started 22nd, getting third on lap 20, Weiss grabbing fourth on lap 26 and Jim Hauer (Lebanon, PA) taking fifth on lap 27. Howard led comfortably the rest of the way but Meitzler passed Hoffman for second on lap 48 and Hauer took third from Weiss.

Howard took his 34th career Big Diamond Modified win over Meitzler in the Heritage Ford/KIA 14B, Hoffman in the Wenger's of Myerstown 5, Hauer in his Dave's Automotive 9 and Glenn Struck (Bechtelsville, PA). Manmiller held on for sixth trailed at the finish by Jeff Struck (Bethel, PA), early leader Bob Trapper who went to the rear of the field on lap 13, Weiss and Randy Bailey (Kutztown, PA), who started 27th in the 28-car feature field. Qualifying heat winners were Larry Kelleher, Scott Albert (Fredericksburg, PA), Trapper and Hoffman while the consolation victories went to Jeff Sechrist (Womelsdorf, PA) and Meitzler.

Shawn Fitzpatrick started on the pole of the NASCAR EXIDE Sportsman 20-lap feature and never looked back. Ricky Rutt (Phillipsburg, NJ) and Rick Hendricks (Auburn, PA) challenged Shawn early. Rutt maintained second while Donn Edgar (Lehighton, PA) took third on lap 6 but Rutt tried a bit too hard to catch the leader and spun on lap 13 collecting fourth-place-running Jimmy Reppert (Hamburg, PA).Edgar was now on Fitz's tail with the Ahner's Furniture 57 but he was unable to get by the strong T102.

Fitzpatrick took his first win followed by Edgar, John Patchoski (Scranton, PA) in the California Trading/Koch Foods 3x, rookie Lenny Leibold, Jr. (Jonestown, PA) in the Don's Auto Service/Leibold's Garage 13, and Ed Scott (New Tripoli, PA) in the Kurt Scott Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning 002. The second five order was Joe Biasi (New Ringgold, PA), Billy Moyer, Jr. (Pine Grove, PA), Laudan Seigfried (Orwigsburg, PA), Terry Bensinger (Schuylkill Haven, PA), and Tom "Elvis" Miller of Gilbertsville, PA. Heat winners were Fitzpatrick, Tom Brennan (Pottsville, PA), and Biasi while returning Jim Payne (Lebanon, PA) grabbed the consolation win.

Dale Hartz (Hamburg, PA) led lap one and Chris Evitts (Orwigsburg, PA) led lap 2 before Barry Schrader (Orwigsburg, PA) apparently took charge on lap three in the NASCAR Accel Roadrunner 15-lap main. Then Willie Metz (Auburn, PA) appeared to take the top spot on lap 8 to go on to win. The key word is "apparently" as Metz and Schrader were disqualified in a post-race inspection of their cars. So in actuality Evitts led until lap five when Steve Fessler took the point in the Fessler Contracting 7 and went on to take his first career win, crossing the finish line behind Metz and ahead of Schrader. Defending track champion, Dean Ulsh (Auburn, PA) was moved to second in the final finishing order followed by Jason Purcell (Pine Grove, PA), last week's winner Marty Shappell (Pottsville, PA) and Ken Eckert, Jr. (Minersville, PA). Willie Metz did get to keep his heat win along with Chris Evitts.

This Friday night, June 16, at Big Diamond Raceway is True Value Hardware Night as well as Simpson Racing Products Contingency Night with the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds, NASCAR EXIDE ShorTrack Series Sportsman, and NASCAR Accel Roadrunners in action with the first heat starting at 8.

Three big events close out the month of June. On June 23 it's JR Trucking Night featuring all three weekly NASCAR divisions. Than on Tuesday, June 27 at 7:30, it is the only chance of the year to see the full super sprints at Big Diamond as Keystone Pretzel Pennsylvania Sprint Speed week stops in with the super sprints being joined by the regular weekly sportsman stocks plus invaders from many area tracks including Five Mile Point. Finally, on June 30, it is the Georgie Stevenson Memorial will all three Big Diamond stock car divisions in action and the Modifieds going in their second 50-lap championship race of the year.

Looking forward even further. Big Diamond Raceway will close out their 2000 season over Labor Day with the Rieck's Printing/Post Vinyl Graphics Coal Cracker 100. Lap sponsorships are now being accepted at $10 a piece by Mary Bagley for that event. Mary can be reached at (610) 659-1869, at, or at the track in the officials tower above the concession stand. <pre> RESULT SUMMARY - June 9, 2000 - Country Chevrolet Night

NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES MODIFIEDS Country Chevrolet 50 - 1. 85A Duane Howard (started 16th), 2. 14B Terry Meitzler (22), 3. 5 Keith Hoffman (15), 4. 9 Jim Hauer (12), 5. 357 Glenn Struck (14), 6. 2Z Doug Manmiller (7), 7. W9 Jeff Struck (24), 8. 69T Bob Trapper (3), 9. 21K Kyle Weiss (10), 10. 81 Randy Bailey (27), 11. 87 Kerry Kratz (8), 12. 27 Bob Ebersole (23), 13. 55 Dennis Bailey (6), 14. Craig Whitmoyer (26), 15. 102 Tim Fitzpatrick (5), 16. 4 Todd Bashore (20), 17. 2T Tracy Readinger (28), 18. 19 Tom Umbenhauer (11), 19. L70 Larry Kelleher (1), 20. 386 Barry Readinger (13), 21. 21T Jason Andrews (19), 22. 23 Ryan Moyer (18), 23. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr. (4), 24. 58S Shawn Reimert (9), 25. 100 Tom Pompei (17), 26. 33 Ray Swinehart (25), 27. 42J Jeff Sechrist (21), 28. 73 Scott Albert (2). Non-Qualifiers: 101 Kevin Graver, Jr., z81 Rich Stankiewicz, 99X Don Keefer, 85S Randy Stoudt, 54W Smokey Warren, 1T John Willman, 027 Bruce Williams, 11X Brian Engle, 131 Barry White, 54 Billy Warren, 24 Butch Cerullo, 88T Meme DeSantis.

Heats (10-laps, 5 Qualify, Top 4 Handicapped), Consolations (8-laps, 4 Qualify).

Heat 1: L70, 357, 85A, 58S, 100, 42J, 11X, 54, 1T, 88T. No Time.

Heat 2: 73, 2Z, 9, 21K, 23, 81, 27, Z81, 85S, 33. N/T.

Heat 3: 69T, 102, 19, 55, 21T, 14, W9, 027, 101, 131. N/T.

Heat 4: 5, 87, 386, 3X, 4, 18C, 2T, 54W, 24, 99X. N/T.

Consolation 1: 42J, 27, 33, 81, Z81, 85S, 1T, 11X, 54, 88T. N/T.

Consolation 2: 14B, W9, 18C, 2T, 101, 99X, 54W, 027, 131, 24. N/T.


Feature - 15-laps - 1. 7 Steve Fessler (9), 2. 3 Dean Ulsh (13), 3. 93 Jason Purcell (17), 4. 117 Marty Shappell (18), 5. 8M Ken Eckert, Jr. (16), 6. 77X Kirby Schlappich (4), 7. 22 Mike Allar (15), 8. 3D Bob Fretz (6), 9. 24 Chris Evitts (3), 10. 69M Marty Purcell (2), 11. 25M Marc Berzowski (14), 12. 15 Dale Hartz (1), 13. 5 John Ulsh (10), 14. 38 John Oswald (5), 15. 18 Jason Oswald (8), 16. 00 Glenn Rowan (12), 17. [DQ] - 14 Willie Metz (11), 18. [DQ] - 77 Barry Schrader (7)...... Heats (6-laps, All Qualify, Top 7

Handicapped) --- Heat 1: 14, 7, 3, 15, 69M, 77, 38, 22. Time: 2:39.91.

Heat 2: 24, 5, 18, 77X, 00, 25M, 3d, 8M, 93, 117. No Time

NASCAR EXIDE SHORTRACK SERIES SPORTSMAN Feature - 20-laps - 1. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick (1), 2. 57 Donn Edgar (12), 3. 3X John Patchoski (15), 4. 13 Lenny Leibold, Jr. (9), 5. 002 Ed Scott (10), 6. B1 Joe Biasi, Jr. (14), 7. 17 Billy Moyer, Jr. (18), 8. 3L Laudan Seigfried (7), 9. 114 Terry Bensinger (5), 10. 24 Tom Miller (19), 11. 611 Brad Grim (26), 12. 28 Tom Solderich (21), 13. 24X Tom Fox (25), 14. 09 Jim Payne (17), 15. 25 John Deatrich, Jr. (11), 16. 35 Lance Hoch (8), 17. 26 Tom Brennan (3), 18. 57X Ricky Rutt (6), 19. Jimmy Reppert (4), 20. 55X John Heckler (22), 21. 44 Gary Hager (13), 22. 7 Rick Hendricks (2), 23. 8 Brad Force (16), 24. 28X Ray Gradwell (24), 25. 39 Tom Cremer (23), 26. 27X Jeff Paulson (20). Scratched: 16 Kyle Strickler. Non-Qualifiers: 88T Todd Lagler, 21S Steve Symons, 19 Brent Boyer, 27 Mike Manwiller, 1L Ryan Bauer, 72 Jeff Ebersole, 55 Darren Dreher.

Heats (8-laps, 6 Qualify, 5 Handicapped), Consolation (8-laps, 8 Qualify)

Heat 1: 102, 114, 44, 57X, 7, 3X, 09, 24, 24X, 27, 55X. No Time.

Heat 2: 26, 35, 3L, 16, 002, 611, 17, 39, 19, 88T, 72. N/T.

Heat 3: B1, 7JR, 57, 25, 13, 8, 28, 28X, 1L, 27X, 21S, 55. N/T. Consolation: 09, 17, 24, 27X, 28, 55X, 39, 28X, 24X, 88T, 21S, 19, 27, 1L, 72, 55. N/T. {TX} Nasr Brothers Jewelers have announced that they will be providing the 2000 Big Diamond Raceway NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified Champion with a champion's ring at the season ending banquet.

Nasr Brothers Jewelers has numerous outlets in the area with their local store located in the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville, PA. They will be producing a special onyx and diamond ring for the Big Diamond modified point champion.

Two drivers who have their eye on that ring are Duane Howard of Oley, PA and Jeff Struck of Bethel, PA. These two drivers have nine Big Diamond Raceway Modified championships between them with Howard getting the upper hand with his fifth title last year. Howard is right on target for capturing the award while Struck has struggled in the early season.

The dominance of the modified throne by Howard and Struck, has come at the expense of Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA who has recorded several championship caliber seasons in recent years only to fall short to either Howard or Struck. Hoffman is a major contender again this season and it right on Howard;'s tail in the 2000 point race.

1999 Grandview Speedway Modified champion, Terry Meitzler of Kutztown, PA had decided he like nothing better than the Big Diamond/Nasr Brothers Jewelers championship ring to go with his Grandview ring. He has joined forces with Dick Biever on a weekly basis in 2000 with a new Troyer car and the team is also in a fight for the title.

And then there is Meme DeSantis, Jr. of Blandon, PA, who has been a winner since he started his career in the modifieds and sportsman at Reading and the Northeast through a few seasons in the sprint car ranks before returning to the modifieds seeking a championship. Meme has had nothing but bad luck in recent weeks after a very quick start but is still a contender for the title.

Other who can build a strong case for their own chances at contending for the championship include Glenn Struck of Bechtelsville, PA; Jim Hauer of Lebanon, PA; Shawn Reimert of Oley, PA; Kyle Weiss of Hamburg, PA; Doug Manmiller of Wyomissing, PA; Ray Swinehart of Bechtelsville, PA and more.

For more information on Big Diamond Raceway call (570) 544-6434 or log on to the speedway's official website, which includes the 2000 schedule, directions, maps, records, results and more. Those who wish can also write to Big Diamond Raceway at 322 Greenbriar Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601-1348.

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