Big Diamond Raceway results 2000-05-26

Minersville, PA - May 26 - NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified rookie Tom Umbenhauer of Richland, PA surprised the field at Big Diamond Raceway on Friday's Dairy Association Night by capturing his first career modified win worth $1900. Dave ...

Minersville, PA - May 26 - NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified rookie Tom Umbenhauer of Richland, PA surprised the field at Big Diamond Raceway on Friday's Dairy Association Night by capturing his first career modified win worth $1900. Dave Dissinger of Mohrsville, PA and Gary Hager of Stewartsville, NJ split the Dairy Association Twin 15-lap features for the Exide ShorTrack Sportsman and Chris Evitts of Schuylkill Haven, PA repeated as the Accel Roadrunner feature winner.

The Dairy Association Night was made possible by Way-Har Farms, Harmony Hill Assisted Living, Bashore Trucking and R. A. Ahner and Sons Furniture. In exchange for their rain check, fans were given free Way-Har Farms ice cream courtesy of these sponsors. The evening of racing was also a Simpson Race Products Contingency Night.

Tom Umbenhauer, who has recorded feature wins in both street stock and sportsman action in his racing career, stepped up to the NASCAR WRS Modifieds in a big way in 2000. The Richland, PA resident started third in the 25-lap feature and quickly moved by Bruce Williams (Mahanoy Plane, PA) and John Willman (Zionsville, PA) to take the lead on the opening lap. His first major challenger was Shawn Reimert (Oley, PA) who moved from his eighth starting spot into second on lap 6. Reimert's run fell short and Barry Readinger (Fleetwood, PA), who started inside Reimert in the fourth row, took second on lap 9 with his All Star Racing Wheels 386. But again the story was not who could challenge Umbenhauer but who could hold second. Jeff Strunk (Bethel, PA), who started 9th in the Kenworth/Cummins W9, overtook Readinger on lap 20 as Umbenhauer maintained a comfortable margin up ahead.

Umbenhauer recorded his first modified win with his Messer sponsored 19 over Jeff Strunk, Barry Readinger, Keith Hoffman (Whitehall, PA), Meme DeSantis (Blandon, PA), Shawn Reimert, Jason Andrews (Palmerton, PA), Glenn Strunk (Bechtelsville, PA), Doug Manmiller (Wyomissing, PA) and Smokey Warren (Jonestown, PA). Heat winners were Umbenhauer, Hoffman, Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA), and Duane Howard (Oley, PA) while the consolation victories went to Butch Cerullo (Beach Haven, PA) and Manmiller.

The opening 15-lap Sportsman feature saw rookie John Heckler of Hatfield, PA take the early lead. Heckler refused to yield to pressure first from Troy Moyer (Fleetwood, PA) and John Deatrich, Jr. (Pottsville, PA). Meanwhile Dave Dissinger was showing the methodical that made him a winner's circle fixture in 1998 prior to being sidelined for much of the 1999 season with phlebitis. Dissinger started 12th in the 24-car field with his Harmony Hill Assisted Living 88X and took second on lap 10. He closed in on Heckler and used an inside move at the end of the frontstretch to pull even with the leader on the final lap.

Coming off turn two Dave Dissinger got the edge to take his first win of the season. Heckler ran a fine race to take second followed by Deatrich, Lance Hoch (Topton, PA), Donn Edgar (Lehighton, PA), Jimmy Reppert (Hamburg, PA), Troy Moyer, Gary Hager, Laudan Seigfried (Orwigsburg, PA), and Tom Brennan (Pottsville, PA).

The first feature's top 12 were inverted for the second 15-lap Exide ShorTrack Sportsman feature but two of those in the top 12 elected to start at the rear. Billy Moyer, Jr. of Pine Grove, PA started on the pole and took the early lead but Gary Hager, who ended up starting fourth, dove to the inside of Moyer coming off turn four to lead lap two. From there it was all Hager even though Donn Edgar in the Ahner Furniture 57 and Ricky Rutt (Phillipsburg, NJ) in the 57X pressure him over the last ten laps.

Hager, who announced he plans to also give the modifieds a try for two or three events in the near future, took his fourth win of the year in his Johnny's Truck Stop 44 followed by Edgar, Rutt, Billy Moyer, Jr., John Patchoski (Scranton, PA), Seigfried, Lenny Leibold, Jr. (Jonestown, PA), Deatrich, Ryan Bauer (Bethlehem, PA), and Ed Scott (New Tripoli, PA). Heat winners were John Heckler, Troy Moyer and Jim Payne while Hager was forced to qualify in the consolation which he won.

The roadrunners again put on the best show on the night in the closing event of the program. Marty Shappell (Pottsville, PA) led the opening lap but Chris Evitts took the lead on lap 2. The battle behind him was fierce between Steve Fessler (Schuylkill Haven, PA), John Ulsh (Summit Station, PA), Willie Metz (Auburn, PA), Buckshot Rowan (Pottsville, PA), Jason Oswald (new Ringgold, PA), and Dean Ulsh (Auburn, PA). Metz moved from fourth place on lap five to pass Evitts on the outside exiting turn four to lead on lap 6. Evitts stayed right with Metz, just ahead of the pack battling for third. On the final lap the leaders caught the tail of the field in turn three and Evitts dove to Metz's inside. Metz got trapped behind a slower car and Evitts filled the inside opening to take the win the length of his car's hood. Metz took second followed by John Ulsh, Dean Ulsh and Fessler. Heat winners were Shappell and Metz

With Gary Hager's success thus far in the NASCAR EXIDE ShorTrack Sportsman, a bounty has been set-up for the June 2 Sportsman feature. Any driver who can win the Sportsman feature over Gary Hager will be paid an extra $100 should Hager finish the feature. If Hager takes his fifth win, Hager will earn an extra $50 and the second place finisher will earn $50 of the 901 Pub bonus.

To insure no driver will take out Hager in order to win the bonus, the driver will not be paid out if Hager does not finish the feature. In that case the $100 bonus will be up for grabs in the next Sportsman feature on the Big Diamond schedule.

This Friday night, June 2, will see the weekly three divisions, NASCAR WRS Modifieds, Exide ShorTrack Sportsman and Accel Roadrunners, plus the BCRA Legend cars by Antonini Radiators of Pottsville on Exide Batteries Night. The first 200 children through the gates receiving a collector's miniature of the Exide Batteries 99 Ford Taurus driven by Jeff Burton on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit. The evening of speed will also be Checkered Flag Fan Club Night with members receiving a discount on the gate admission. Also the Sportsman will be competing for the 901 Pub bonus. Racing starts with the first qualifying heat at 8 o'clock.

NOTE - There has been a change made to the handicapping procedures at Big Diamond Raceway this season starting May 1. Many have indicated they are unaware of this or are unsure of the policy. It is summarized here:

> Starting positions are still based on each driver's performance over the most recent four events. >> But now instead of all drivers missing events being assigned 175 points for the handicapping calculation as was the case in the past, 133 points will be assigned. The only exception is that 233 points are assigned instead of 133 if a driver misses a Big Diamond race to compete elsewhere. >>> For comparison, a feature winner earns 200 points on a race night and non-qualifiers receive 70.

RESULT SUMMARY 5/27/00 NASCAR WEEKLY RACING SERIES MODIFIEDS Feature - 25-laps - 1. 19 Tom Umbenhauer (Started 3rd), 2. W9 Jeff Strunk (9), 3. 386 Barry Readinger (7), 4. 5 Keith Hoffman (14), 5. 88T Meme DeSantis (15), 6. 58S Shawn Reimert (8), 7. 21T Jason Andrews (5), 8. 357 Glenn Strunk (10), 9. 2Z Doug Manmiller (22), 10. 54 Smokey Warren (26), 11. 9 Jim Hauer (11), 12. 87 Kerry Kratz (6), 13. 27 Bob Ebersole (17), 14. 2T Tracy Readinger (24), 15. 73 Scott Albert (19), 16. 027 Bruce Williams (1), 17. Z81 Rich Stankiewicz (20), 18. 14B Terry Meitzler (13), 19. 81 Randy Bailey (25), 20. 1T John Willman (2), 21. 55 Dennis Bailey (23), 22. 24 Butch Cerullo (21), 23. 102 Tim Fitzpatrick (4), 24. 85A Duane Howard (16), 25. 21K Kyle Weiss (12), 26. 100 Tom Pompei (18). Heat Winners: 19 Umberhauer, 5 Hoffman, 21K Weiss, 85A Howard. Consolation Winners: 24 Cerullo, 2Z Manmiller. Non-Qualifiers: 69T Bob Trapper, L70 Larry Kelleher, 11X Brian Engle, 4 Todd Bashore, 05 Guy Keller, 101 Kevin Graver, Jr., 23 Ryan Moyer, 51 Mark Stofflet, 5x Paul Kline, 33 Ray Swinehart, 2W Mike Enders, 18C Craig Whitmoyer, 42J Jeff Sechrist.

NASCAR EXIDE SHORTRACK SPORTSMAN Feature #1 - 15-laps - 1. 88x Dave Dissinger (Start Pos. 12), 2. 55x John Heckler (1), 3. 25 John Deatrich. Jr. (5), 4. 35 Lance Hoch (11), 5. 57 Donn Edgar (15), 6. 7jr Jimmy Reppert (13), 7. 50 Troy Moyer (2), 8. 44 Gary Hager (19), 9. 3L Lauden Seigfried (10), 10. 26 Tom Brennan (22), 11. 21S Steve Symons (4), 12. 17 Billy Moyer, Jr. (14), 13. 002 Ed Scott (17), 14. 3X John Patchoski (8), 15. 57X Ricky Rutt (18), 16. 19 Brent Boyer (9), 17. 13 Lenny Leibold, Jr. (21), 18. 3 Luke Wagner (16), 19. 72 Jeff Ebersole (7), 20. 09 Jim Payne (3), 21. 114 Terry Bensinger (20), 22. 1L Ryan Bauer (24), 23. 7 Rick Hendricks (23), 24. 24 Tom Miller (6). Feature #2: 1. 44 Hager (4), 2. 57 Edgar (6), 3. 57X Rutt (13), 4. 17 B. Moyer (1), 5. 3X Patchoski (12), 6. 3L Seigfried (3), 7. 13 Leibold (15), 8. 25 Deatrich (8), 9. 1L Bauer (18), 10. 002 Scott (11), 11. 24 T. Miller (20), 12. 72 J. Ebersole (17), 13. 3 Wagner (16), 14. 21S Symons (2), 15. 09 Payne (22), 16. 7 R. Hendricks (19), 17. 7Jr. Reppert (5), 18. 88x Dissinger (10), 19. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick-alternate (24), 20. 55x Heckler (9), 21. 50 T. Moyer (23), 22. 19 Boyer (14), 23. 35 Hoch (7), 24. 26 Brennan (21). Scratched - 114 Bensinger. Heat Winners: 55x Heckler, 50 T. Moyer, 09 Payne. Consolation Winner: 44 Hager. Non Qualifiers: B1 Joe Biasi, 27X Jeff Paulson, 28 Tom Solderich, 39 Tom Cremer, 28X Ray Gradwell, 7P Rod Frable, 611 Brad Grim, 76 Mike Hallowell, 88T Todd Lagler.

NASCAR ACCEL ROADRUNNERS Feature - 15-laps - 1. 24 Chris Evitts (5), 2. 14 Willie Metz (14), 3. 5 John Ulsh (12), 4. 3 Dean Ulsh (13), 5. 7 Steve Fessler (9), 6. 18 Jason Oswald (11), 7. 25M Marc Berzowski (10), 8. 38 John Oswald (17), 9. 3d Bob Fritz (8), 10. 93 Jason Purcell (17), 11. 00 Glenn Rowan (15), 12. 8M Ken Eckert, Jr. (4), 13. R1 Chris Reed (2), 14. 117 Marty Shappell (1), 15. 1 Charlie Eckert, Jr., 16. 77X Kirby Schlappich (7), 17. 3C Cory Renninger (3), 18. 15 Dale Hartz (6), 19. 22 Mike Allar (19), 20. 51W Marley Whitcomb (20). Heat Winners: 117 Shappell, 14 Metz.

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