Watkins Glen: Kyle Busch post race interview

KYLE BUSCH, No. 92 Zippo BLU Toyota Camry, D'Hondt Motorsports Finished: 2nd Can you talk about the race today and your incident with Jeff Burton? "It was a great race for us. I can't thank every one at D'Hondt Motorsports enough -- it wasn't...

KYLE BUSCH, No. 92 Zippo BLU Toyota Camry, D'Hondt Motorsports
Finished: 2nd

Can you talk about the race today and your incident with Jeff Burton?

"It was a great race for us. I can't thank every one at D'Hondt Motorsports enough -- it wasn't really a last ditch effort, but it wasn't something that we were able to go test and do a full blown out effort on. I really have to thank Zippo Blu and all the guys at Dietz and Watson and Toyota and JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) for letting me drive this thing. It was fun out there -- we were battling. I didn't know if the 29 (Jeff Burton) could make it the rest of the way or not, and judging by the way that he couldn't make it the rest of the way, then he shouldn't have raced me that way. I got on his inside and he chopped me, we wrecked. It killed my left-front fender, it killed my tow and everything else. People would say that if you knew that then you should have backed off and just waited for him to pit -- I didn't know -- none of us knew. He was the only one that knew."

What happened to your car as a result of the incident?

"When we spun out there it must have pulled the bottom radiator tin out because I saw the front valence chunked out a bunch of dirt spinning across that curb and busted the bottom radiator tin loose. Then you don't have the air flow that you need to go through the radiator. I have to thank TRD (Toyota Racing Development) for this engine because it ran oil pegged and water at 280 (degrees) for the last 18 laps or whatever it was when I got together with (Jeff) Burton. It lasted the whole way."

What was it like to get a second-place finish for D'Hondt Motorsports?

"I'm pleased by the effort by everybody at Eddie D'Hondt Motorsports. I'm happy for Eddie (D'Hondt) that he was able to go off on his own deal and be successful. Hopefully that helps him try to secure some sponsorship that they've got good equipment and they've got a way that they can run up front come next year and they can go out and run some races and try to prolong another driver's career -- I believe it is a young rookie that is going to try to come up through the ranks. Hopefully that will help those guys and it was fun to race for them. Eddie (D'Hondt) and Jeff Dickerson (Kyle's spotter) are pretty good friends, so that's how the whole deal kind of came together and glad we were able to be successful in it."

What was your pit strategy like in the race?

"Thankfully the pit strategy was kind of all 'miscombobulated' and everybody was going every which was with that. We came down the pits and a tire got away from one of the carriers or something like that and we got penalized for not controlling the tire in the pit area and that's a penalty nowadays so we had to come back and go to the tail end of the longest line. We were able to drive through most of those guys and I was getting some cars pretty well picked off and then some guys were pitting under green and other guys -- there was another caution of something and they came in later and pitted which got our track position back. We were crossing our fingers that we would make it to the end and I told them that I would rather run out of gas than come back in one more time. We fortunately were able to conserve enough and battle enough there at the end to where we made it."

Will the race tomorrow be anything like the race today?

"I don't know to be honest with you. I think there could be a good race, but I think it's going to be a lot harder to make any moves or anything because the front eight cars, like it was today, the front eight cars are going to be running relatively the same pace and clicking off some pretty good lap times. Me, I'm to the verge of my brakes that I can be getting into the corners and I have got as much side bite up in the car as I can in the exits of the corners and stuff. I think today was a great race in that car and there was a lot of cars that were nose to tail and right together with each other, but they could never pull out and make that last ditch pass getting into the corners and out-brake somebody because we are all to the limits. Hopefully tomorrow we can see some of that."

What happened between yourself and Jeff Burton?

"The spin with Jeff (Burton) -- getting to his inside, I thought I got far enough up alongside of him to where at least he could see in his mirror that I was either there or something. I don't know if his mirror wasn't big enough to where he couldn't see me or not, but I got to his inside -- I hit him and we both spun and I popped it out of second gear, which is what we run through that corner and got into neutral and was waiting for the thing to spin back around and as soon as it was almost heading into the right direction I got it into first and the thing was still running. It all worked out and I was able to still be leading -- that was pretty cool. I just wish it didn't bend it up as much as it did because if it didn't bend the car up then I would have been able to stay out front and I would have had a pretty big lead at that point. Spinning somebody out and making a smoke screen to where everybody else has to slow down to go through it is pretty cool."

What has your experience been racing against Marcos Ambrose and are you happy to see him win?

"I'm happy for him -- I think it's pretty cool. I know it came on a road course, but he was due on a road course the past few times. He had a great car at Mexico and I think he was second to us. He was leading last weekend in the rain by like nine seconds and just killing everybody and something happened. Today he had a good car -- I don't know how he ran for most of the race, but he was able to get by us and win. I've always raced Marcos (Ambrose) pretty clean and he's always raced me pretty cleanly. He's been great on the road courses and I think he's been getting better and better on the ovals and every week he's a top-10 contender so good for him."

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