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• Camry driver Kyle Busch won Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) race at Auto Club Speedway.

• The victory was his third of the 2011 season, his 35th driving a Toyota, and his 46th career NNS win.

• The win was also Busch’s fifth NNS at the 2-mile track, and the seventh consecutive victory for Joe Gibbs Racing at the track.

• Camry driver Joey Logano (seventh) also had a top-10 finish in the race.

• Camry drivers Brian Scott (13th), Kenny Wallace (15th), Ryan Truex (17th), Michael Annett (18th), Kevin Conway (22nd) and Steve Wallace (27th) were also in the 150-lap race at the Southern California track.

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Z-Line Designs Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 1st

Were you okay taking two tires on the last pit stop? “I was good with it man. I thought that was a great way to win the race. These guys do such a great job. I can’t thank Jason (Ratcliff, crew chief) enough -- he won the race today. We stole this one -- it wasn’t ours. We were a third, fourthplace car -- fourth-place on the shorter runs and a third-place car on the long runs. I don’t know why we had such a problem today getting going. This Z-Line Designs Toyota Camry really came to life there late in the runs. I can’t thank Toyota enough, NOS Energy Drink, Nationwide Insurance, Gillette, and the fans. It’s cool to come out here. I love California -- I love the west coast. This is a cool win for us.”

What happened on the final lap? “I just got loose. I kept trying to run as high as I could because as high as I could get it the car would gain grip up there. I got up in the marbles too high off of turn two and got my right rear in the stuff. I got loose and got in the fence a little bit. It was a good thing it wasn’t one more lap because that’s all we needed right there. I can’t thank these guys enough. We didn’t have a winning car -- we worked all day yesterday trying to get ready and do what we needed to do. I told them don’t worry and then we qualified seventh and I thought maybe we should worry a little bit. Today the 33 (Kevin Harvick) and the 60 (Carl Edwards) were gone -- they were so fast. It took us a bit to get there, but we had a good enough car that we could keep with them at least where we could make that call and get two tires in order to win the deal.”


JASON RATCLIFF, crew chief, No. 18 Z-Line Designs Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

What made you decide to gamble on the final pit stop where you took two tires? “Actually, I still can’t believe it finally worked out. You think about things like that and you’re like, ‘Okay.’ When you’re sitting on the couch and thinking if I was that guy I’d do this. It was a good opportunity for us. We weren’t going to win it by taking four tires. I’m really surprised that we were the only ones to do the right side (tires) like that. We were waiting too many laps where it wasn’t going to work, but we had to wait and see what the 60 (Carl Edwards) and 33 (Kevin Harvick) were going to do. The 60 pitted early and took four and the 33, I wasn’t real sure what they were going to do. If they would have taken two, then we would have just put four on and hope for a caution late in the race. It worked out. Our Toyota Camry was good, but we couldn’t find speed in it. We worked in one area yesterday and then I think today the track may have changed on us a little bit and it was more than we could fix with air pressure. We learned a lot today and learned a lot about these big race tracks. I think we’ll do better coming back. It’s fun to win one like that. We were doing the math and thought it was going to be close, it’s going to be really close. It worked out.”


JOEY LOGANO, No. 20 GameStop Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 7th

How would you assess this afternoon’s race? “A long one. We were hitting the splitter on the first run so we came in and raised the nose up a little bit and then found out that we had a hole in the nose too. So, we made an adjustment there and tried to catch up to the racetrack from there. We had the balance close. I just don’t know where the speed is. We got to figure out what we’re doing. We used to have a bunch of speed in these cars and I don’t know whatever happened. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure eventually. Kyle (Busch) apparently got it all figured out. We’ll just put in exactly what he has.” How was your car damaged early in the race?

“I don’t know. There was a piece of aluminum in the nose and it punched a hole in it. I never saw the piece. I don’t even know where I came from. I don’t know.”


BRIAN SCOTT, No. 11 Shore Lodge Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 13th

KENNY WALLACE, No. 09 Toyota Camry, RAB Racing with Brack Maggard Finishing Position: 15th

Are you pleased with your performance today? “Fifteenth position -- never happy because I’m a winner. I’ve won nine of these things, but been 10 years since I won my 10th. I’m proud of my team because we’re best in class. To outrun RWI (Rusty Wallace Inc.) every week like this lets us know that we are already competitive. We’ve tried to learn everything from all the Toyota teams. We compare our setups every weekend. We’re doing the best we can. I’m happy with the solid start to the year. Obviously, we want to be in the top-10 every week, but that was the fifth race of the year.”


RYAN TRUEX, No. 99 Pastrana-Waltrip Racing Toyota Camry, Pastrana-Waltrip Racing Finishing Position: 17th

MICHAEL ANNETT, No. 62 Oakley Toyota Camry, Rusty Wallace Racing Finishing Position: 18th

STEVE WALLACE, No. 66 5-Hour Energy Toyota Camry, Rusty Wallace Racing Finishing Position: 27th

KEVIN CONWAY, No. 87 Extenze Toyota Camry, NEMCO Motorsports

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