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THE STORY: Despite a slower than expected start to their 2011 campaign, Steve Wallace and his fellow 5-Hour Energy bandoleros ride into the Lone Star state this weekend with a spot in the Nationwide Series top-ten set squarely in their crosshairs. They currently stand in 11th position overall, a mere nine points behind tenth.

A HELPING HAND: The No. 66 and No. 62 cars-along with the other factory Toyota teams-will carry graphics supporting the American Red Cross's Japan Disaster Relief efforts again this weekend in Texas. Texas is the home of Toyota's award-winning Tundra and Tacoma lines of trucks, which are manufactured in San Antonio.

TEAM 66 PRIMARY: RWR-064--With RWR's COT vehicle production now in full-swing, Wallace's 5-Hour Energy squad will debut a new car--for the second straight race--this weekend.

TEAM 66 SECONDARY: RWR-052--Rebuilt as an intermediate car for 2011, RWR-052 has yet to make its 2011 on-track debut. It scored a top-15 finish in its first start at Daytona last year.

You're going so fast here that you have to be really careful not to let those bumps upset your car.

Steve Wallace

from the cockpit.

Q: You're heading to Texas this weekend; what's it going to take to two-step into Victory Lane?

A: "First of all, you're going to have to quit using all of the bad Texas analogies! Seriously though, as far as the track goes, it's obviously super-fast. At the same time, the surface there has really aged and it's very abrasive. You'll see guys wide open all the way around the track in qualifying trim, but once the tires wear a bit in the race, you're definitely lifting and even having to use some brake if your car's not handing very well. As the track has aged, it has also gotten really bumpy, especially in turns one and two. You're going so fast here that you have to be really careful not to let those bumps upset your car. If you don't, well, there's no such thing as a soft hit at Texas. It's going to hurt. We've run pretty well at Texas over the past couple years though, so hopefully we're not going to have to worry about it."

-source: rusty wallace racing

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