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Trevor Bayne registered his first NASCAR Nationwide Series win with today’s victory at Texas.

Race winner Trevor Bayne
Race winner Trevor Bayne

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The victory is the 13th for Mustang in its inaugural season by three different drivers (Edwards, Bayne and Stenhouse Jr.) and is the most among all manufacturers.

The win is also the 299th all-time win for Roush Fenway Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series combined.


TREVOR BAYNE – No. 16 Ford. Drive One. Ford Mustang – VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW

“This is just as surreal as the 500. That’s hard to say, but this has been so long. We’ve worked so hard to get our first Nationwide win and I wasn’t sure if it was ever gonna happen. I was thinking maybe the next Cup win would come first, but these guys worked their butts off to get us here and God pulled us through. Man, this is crazy. It doesn’t seem real again, just like the 500. The fashion we were able to win that race, going up and racing against one of the best in motorsport in Carl Edwards, to pass him for the win and get Ford this manufacturer championship and put our effort into it is great. Everybody has won races and leading the points and we were ready to get our first win. I’m glad we could do it here."

YOU DIDN’T HAVE A WINNING CAR UNTIL THE END. “That was a last-minute save by Chad Norris. I didn’t think this car had it in it. I thought it might all week, but with about 14 to go I didn’t know if we’d be able to get up there and get the win, but he dialed it in and the pit crew did a great job getting me back out and this thing was a beast at the end."

THIS PLACE MUST BE ON YOUR FAVORITE LIST. “It is. It’s one of the toughest to drive and that’s why I’ve always wanted to get a win at a place like this. Daytona is great, but that’s restrictor plate racing. I hate to say it but a lot of people could be in victory lane there, but to win at a mile-and-a-half that has been one of my dreams and Texas is by far one of the toughest places to drive, so I’m really excited about this victory.”


RICKY STENHOUSE JR. – No. 6 Sam’s Club/Cargill Ford Mustang

“That was good. It’s awesome to see Trevor win. I think that wraps up the manufacturer’s championship for Ford Racing, so that was one goal that we wanted this year and we finally got that done. Our Sam’s Club Members Mark Angus Beef Mustang was really good at first and then it kind of backed up a little bit. We lost some track position and got a great restart there at the end. I thought we were gonna get home with a top five, but we’ll definitely take where we finished."

WHAT ABOUT THE LAST FEW LAPS? “That was fun. We were just a little bit too tight to keep in front of the 22 and run a couple more down, but it was awesome to see Trevor get a win this year in the Nationwide Series. This wraps up a Ford championship for manufacturers, so that’s awesome. It was a good day for the Sam’s Club Members Mark Angus Beef Ford."

YOU ARE 17 POINTS AHEAD OF ELLIOTT NOW. “That’s good. That’s better than where we were when we came in and that’s really all we can ask for.”


CARL EDWARDS – No. 60 Fastenal Ford Mustang

“He earned that one. He drove really well. That restart he did a really good job. I wasn’t worried about giving him the bottom because I thought I could hang on his door and beat him, but our Fastenal Mustang was really good for the majority of the day. At the end, once those guys got by they were able to drive away. That’s better than finishing right on their bumper because it’s tough to lead that much and not win the thing, but Trevor is a great guy and he deserves to win. I’m happy for him and for Ford.”


DAVID RAGAN – No. 08 Texas Tech Ford Mustang

“We were making a lot of progress. The car was driving as good as it had been all day, but my inexperience with these cars and a start-up team, we just didn’t start where we needed to. I’m proud of the guys. They were making some big adjustments and the car responded, but it just seemed it lost a cylinder going into one and it was something internally in the engine. We’ll chalk it up as a learning experience. It was fun until she blew.”

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