NASCAR close to striking a deal with Comcast for title sponsorship rights

Reports suggest that Comcast's Xfinity will become the title sponsor of NASCAR's secondary series in 2015.

According to Sports Business Daily, Comcast Xfinity could potentially replace Nationwide as the title sponsor of NASCAR's secondary series in a $100 million dollar deal that will span over a period of five or six years.

Comcast owns NBC Sports, which will broadcast a number of NASCAR races next year in a new TV deal. Neogotiations have apparently entered the contract phase. There is one major obstacle standing in the way of all this however; Fox Sports.

Some of next year's Nationwide races will be broadcasted by Fox Sports, and you can obviously see the conflict of interests if Comcast's Xfinity were to serve as the title sponsor for the series. Fox could be concerned that Comcast would, naturally, want to promote the races that are to be shown on NBC's networks more than the ones held by Fox Sports.

NASCAR was hoping to get a boost in rights fees over their Nationwide deal, up to $12 million annually over the $10 million that Nationwide paid. Comcast is apparently only willing to spend $9 million, but that is to be expected after the steady fall in ratings for the NASCAR Nationwide Series over the last few years.

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