Milwaukee: Dodge teams Happy Hour quotes

ROBBY GORDON (No. 7 Dodge Charger) ON PRACTICE: "The car is pretty good. We've had some good tests and I was kind of surprised that we didn't do the number when it came time to qualify, but as far as racing -- I feel good about it. I feel good...

ROBBY GORDON (No. 7 Dodge Charger)

ON PRACTICE: "The car is pretty good. We've had some good tests and I was kind of surprised that we didn't do the number when it came time to qualify, but as far as racing -- I feel good about it. I feel good about the grip that we have and really working on the long run, not so much about putting a number up. We went out there and just kept running lap after lap after lap -- that is what we were working on."

ON THE RECENT SUCCESS OF THE DRIVERS WITH A GILLETT EVERNHAM ENGINE: "I feel pretty good about it. (Mark) McArdle and those guys have done a pretty good job over there -- everybody in the engine department. Gillett Evernham had done a good job of obviously getting Kasey (Kahne) on the pole here is really impressive. I think we've got a good package. Obviously they are working on the gas mileage, which is something that came into last race, so at least we'll have that in our back pocket if we need it."

ON RACING A ROAD COURSE VERSUS AN OVAL: "I think the driver plays a bigger role on a road course to be honest. I think the team plays a bigger role on the ovals. What I mean by that is, on an (oval track) the driver makes up about 10-15% of the equation and then the difference between the good drivers is just a little bit. When we come to a road course, I think (the driver) is a bigger part of the equation."


KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Budweiser Dodge Charger) POLE


"It's pretty good. Our Budweiser Dodge is a little loose and siding around a bit. I think that everybody is fighting a loose car a bit trying to get their tires underneath them like they need. So far, so good. We're just trying to fine tune our combination and get the car as good as we can."


"It's pretty good. The biggest thing is just making sure that I'm comfortable with what I am driving. You just want to be comfortable in your braking and the lines you choose in-and-out of the corners. I feel like I'm in the right spots all over the racetracks and feel great inside the Budweiser Dodge."


"I think that the race is going to be exciting. I like the fact that we are out front to start the race. Pit strategy will be a key late in the race. The team that has the best fuel mileage during the race will have a good shot to win. We've got a bunch of Dodge's up-front to start the race, hopefully we'll have a bunch when the checkered flag drops tomorrow afternoon."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 42 Texaco Havoline Dodge Charger)

ON PRACTICE: "It was pretty good. We made a little bit of an improvement from yesterday. We still have to work on it a little bit, but I think that generally we were pretty good. It's a long race and I think that we have a pretty consistent racecar, so I think that should help us."

ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING TO STAY COOL INSIDE THE CAR? "No, not really. We are pretty good."


PATRICK CARPENTIER (No. 10 Valvoline Dodge Charger)

ON PRACTICE: "The car is pretty good. We were trying to see the fuel mileage numbers in the last practice. We took a little bit of fuel to see what we could get. We're not the fastest, but I think that we're really consistent. It's a little bit tight, but I think that is what you need. I was following a couple of cars that were really fast for a few laps, then they would kind of go away and then they would start coming back to me after eight or nine laps - they would start spinning wheels and stuff. I think we're not bad and we are going to be okay for the race tomorrow. It's a lot better than yesterday. A lot better. A lot easier than yesterday to go around."

ON STARTING POSITION: "We'll see how it goes. We were just debating what strategy we should use. Should we go like (Juan Pablo) Montoya and save a bunch of fuel and hope for the right circumstances to be there at the end, or bring a bunch of power and try to get through and pass people? It's tough to pass here. It's much easier to pass at Watkins Glen. Here you don't have a lot of straightaways -- you are pretty much turning all the time. Just going down the hairpin here is a good spot, but we'll see. We're debating that right now. We'll find out what we're going to do and hopefully move ahead."

IT'S GOT TO FEEL GOOD TO BE COMPETITIVE: "It does. I mean as soon as we put it on the track this morning it was fast. We had old tires and we were still up in sixth place when we put it on (the track). It's pretty good. I mean it feels good. We are about a second faster than we were yesterday -- so that's pretty good."

WERE YOU ABLE TO BORROW ANY SETUP KNOWLEDGE FROM THE NO. 9 AND NO. 19? "Yeah, that is what we did overnight. We just asked for some information and a little bit of help. A little bit of what we like to, so it's kind of a bit of both. We put together a different package today and we ran good."

FROM A POINTS STANDPOINT, IS THIS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RACES OF THE YEAR FOR THE NO. 10 TEAM? "Yeah, both cars in front of us went home. Yeah, for us it's an important race to get some points and to get a little bit closer. We need to start getting closer a little bit. We made some gains the last race, but we just had bad luck and didn't get as much as we should have. Luck will come our way one of these days.

YOU HAVE BEEN MAKING GAINS ON THE TOP 35. DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO PUT THE NO. 10 TEAM BACK IN THE TOP 35 BY THE END OF THE YEAR? "If you would have asked me that about three or four weeks ago I would have said I don't know its going to be hard, but right now I truly think we are going to be back in the top-35. We need luck. We need a little bit of luck. If we get a little bit of luck on our side we're going to put it back in the top-35 before the end of the year."

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