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* NEW CAR BLUES? NO WAY: The Carfax 250 at Michigan International Speedway will mark the second race of the 2010 season for the NASCAR Nationwide Series "new car." The car is designed to be safer and more similar to the NASCAR Sprint Cup...

* NEW CAR BLUES? NO WAY: The Carfax 250 at Michigan International Speedway will mark the second race of the 2010 season for the NASCAR Nationwide Series "new car." The car is designed to be safer and more similar to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series current car. The car is also more economical for the teams and branded better for the fans. The first NASCAR Nationwide Series "new car" event took place in July at Daytona International Speedway, where Joey and the No. 20 team finished second to Dale Earnhardt Jr. The team will bring chassis 20107, which will make its debut at Michigan.

* A SHORT DRIVE FOR OUR HAULER DRIVER: Even though George Hoult, the hauler driver for the No. 20 GameStop team, has a long drive from North Carolina to Michigan this weekend, his drive to Michigan International Speedway didn't used to be quite as far. Hoult, who celebrated his birthday and the birth of a grandchild the past two weekends, grew up in Milford, Michigan, which is located just 70 miles from the two-mile superspeedway.

* OVER THE WALL AND THROUGH THE WOODS TO HOME WE GO: GameStop Racing's hauler drive George Hoult isn't the only "homestate" crew member this week. Two members of the No. 20 GameStop Toyota "over-the- wall" team grew up in the state of Michigan. Rear tire changer Chris McMullen (who is also a member of the over-the-wall pit crew for the No. 42 Sprint Cup team) hails from Canton, Michigan, which is only about 60 miles from Michigan International Speedway. Catch Can man Brian Larson, who is also on Logano's No. 20 Sprint Cup over-the-wall team, comes from a little further away in Escanaba, Michigan. Escanaba is part of the "U.P." or upper peninsula of Michigan, about 450 miles from the track.

Joey Logano:

"I'm pretty excited to get to see what the Nationwide Series new car is going to do at Michigan. It will be a lot different then at Daytona, where it is all about the draft, bump drafting and making the right moves. Now, we'll actually get into working on more of the handling characteristics of the car and see how it is going to react to different changes. Hopefully, because of the bigger wheelbase and the construction of the cars, they will handle a little more like the Cup cars and that will give the No. 20 team a bit of an advantage.

"I am pretty pumped following our run last week. I know it really had the guys pumped up too after the race. We came into Watkins Glen just hoping to survive about come out of there with a top-10 or possibly a top-five and we got a second-place run. And we were that good too. So I think that really helped my confidence and really helped the confidence of the team. But we are not going to settle for second-place anymore. I just realized that we have finished second five times so far this year. What do they say? 'Always the bridesmaid and never the bride,' or something like that. I think we are ready to be the one with all of the attention on us for a change.

"I got to see what the new car is going to look like with the GameStop colors on it and its pretty sweet. Those black and red colors always look good on the car, but it just really fits on the new car as well. We need to get the car into Victory Lane now. That is the goal for this weekend. To get GameStop back in Victory Lane and let all of the GameStop guests in attendance have a little bit of fun with us while we celebrate the win."

Kevin Kidd:

"I think everyone is going to come into the weekend just wondering what is going to happen with these new cars on a track like Michigan. We've got a lot of notes we can go off of, but with any new product and any new car, you never know what you are going to get until you put it out there on the track and actually start turning competitive laps in it around other cars. So we'll be ready for about anything it throws at us and whatever Joey needs us to do to the car.

"The guys were really pumped following last weekend's run. We all always knew that Joey was a great driver, one of the best out there, but he really showed all of us something at Watkins Glen. Like he said to me after the race, a second was like a win to him. But we're ready to start turning all of these second-place finishes into wins. Every team out there wants to win on any given night, but I can guarantee that there is no team out there that wants to win as bad as we do, because we've been so close all year long."

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