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CARL EDWARDS, No. 60 Valvoline Ford Mustang (Finished 2nd) "It was a pretty wild last lap. I wish we could have won that thing. Brad's guys did a good job, he did a good job and they earned that victory. I wish we could have gotten a victory...

CARL EDWARDS, No. 60 Valvoline Ford Mustang (Finished 2nd)

"It was a pretty wild last lap. I wish we could have won that thing. Brad's guys did a good job, he did a good job and they earned that victory. I wish we could have gotten a victory here for Jack and Ford and this Mustang, but this is a pretty good showing. I guess we will just go race tomorrow. Man, those guys did a really good job, congrats to Brad."

HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU APPROACH RACES WITH THIS NEW RACE CAR? "It's going to be a lot different. It is going to be a little bit tough and different, but in the end I think it is going to be good."

CAN YOU RECAP YOUR RUN FOR US? "I wasn't sure we had the car at the beginning but Drew and the guys did a really good job on pit road and until that last caution I thought we might win this thing. We had that last caution and Brad was able to just launch out in front. It became a battle for second. That was a pretty good battle and I had a good time racing that last lap. I am glad we were able to hold of Kyle and finish second. I could taste the victory though. The best car ended up winning though. Those guys did a good job."

DID YOU GIVE ANY CONSIDERATION TO HAVING PAUL BEHIND YOU ON THAT LAST RESTART? "No, I didn't even think about that. I probably should have but I was more concerned with having the top because I felt like that was the only way I could hold Brad off. As it turned out, Justin pushed me as well as anyone could have and ran wide open from the green to the back straightaway and Brad had about three of four car lengths on me. I think if I was on the bottom, I probably would have lost more positions. I think I would have got freight-trained there a little bit. So that was my decision there."

WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF THE NEW CAR? "I think that it raced well. I think the safety improvements are good. The only thing I would wish for is less downforce and more horsepower. They are really dependant on the engines. You are almost wide open around there. I wish we could take those ears off the back and shorten that front splitter a little more. I still believe firmly that this sport will be better off if we are racing cars on tracks and not cars through the air. They look great and the race pretty well."

SINCE THIS CAR HAS THE SPRING CUP CHASIS, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO TRANSLATE SATURDAY RACES TO SUNDAY? "Maybe. I think we are trying to figure that out. There are differences in the front suspension and front height of the car. I think there are some things you can transfer. It might make it more beneficial to run these races. The horsepower difference is so huge that the cars, you drive them differently. You need different things out of the cars, if that makes sense, so it doesn't translate completely."

YOU AND BRAD WERE RUNNING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY OUT THERE, DO YOU HAVE TO BE MORE CONSCIOUS OF HIM BEING THAT YOU ARE ON PROBATION? "The good thing is that we are both on probation. Both of us are probably thinking the same thing, don't be the guy that messes this thing up. He raced me very cleanly and I thought we raced well together. That is the kind of racing that I am sure we both want to be doing and I had a really good time. That was fun to be able to race that close. When him and I and Paul were all running one, two, three, that is as good as it gets."

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS CAR IS GOING TO DO IN ALL SITUATIONS? "I didn't feel any bumps, so that is clean. Almost anything goes until you run into somebody. Overall I felt it was a very clean race."


PAUL MENARD, No. 98 Menards Ford Mustang (Finished 5th) - "It was good. The Ford Mustang was fast all weekend really. When the car was at its worst was actually when we were leading. We got too loose. We made a few adjustments and it was really good at the end. We could have done without that last restart. That was the best it was, leading up to that restart."

HOW IS THE SECOND RACE WITH MUSTANG DIFFERENT THAN THE FIRST ONE AT DAYTONA? "We can actually change things on it and improve it. Daytona you are locked in with spring, shocks and aero. Here you can change a lot of things to improve your car, which I felt like we did today."


COLIN BRAUN, No. 16 Conway Freight Ford Mustang (Finished 9th) - "It was really good. I felt like we qualified really good. We were going to error on being a little bit tight on the first part of the run, and we were. We gradually freed it up all race. My guys had really good pit stops. This is my first time driving this Mustang, so I had to start a little bit on the conservative side. I feel like next time we can be more aggressive and probably get more out of it. It was a really good day with us and we got a lot of points."

WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF THE NEW CAR? "I had a lot of fun racing it. It kind of reminded me of racing my trucks, the way you had to use the draft and could really side draft off of people. I didn't race it at Daytona obviously, but I had a blast racing it here."

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