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Colin Braun, driver on the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion captured his first career NASCAR Nationwide Series pole on Saturday afternoon. This is Braun start at Autodromo in a stock car and his third career start in the series. His lap time was 88.217...

Colin Braun, driver on the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion captured his first career NASCAR Nationwide Series pole on Saturday afternoon. This is Braun start at Autodromo in a stock car and his third career start in the series. His lap time was 88.217 seconds at 102.756 mph, nearly one-tenth quicker than second place starter Scott Pruett.

Braun is one of four Ford drivers to start in the top five for tomorrow's race. Carl Edwards will start third, Marcos Ambrose is fourth and Boris Said will start fifth.


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Scotts Water Smart Ford Fusion -- (qualified 3rd)

YOU PICKED UP A TON IN BETWEEN PRACTICES AND POSTED A QUICK LAP TODAY. "Yeah, it was a lot of speed. We didn't run a qualifying run in practice, so I wasn't sure how fast it would go. I think that will be a top-eight or 10 spot, I hope and that would be great for us. That would be good."


BORIS SAID -- No. 25 No Fear/Team Smithfield Ford Fusion -- (qualified 5th)

"It was a good run, but I hoped to be better. We were a little loose in qualifying, so we'll make a few adjustments. I think we'll be all right for the race. I shouldn't be disappointed with fifth, but I am just a little bit. I feel like I let our guys down, but they did a great job with this car, everyone at Rensi, Frank and hopefully, we'll race good.


ERIK DARNELL -- No. 17 CitiFinancial Ford Fusion -- (qualified 14th)

WHAT DO YOU THINK ON THIS FORMAT OF QUALIFYING? "It is really different. Our CitiFinancial Ford Fusion is pretty fast and I thought we would have run faster than we did yesterday. I think it's just my inexperience on these places. I sailed off into turn one on cold brakes and then didn't get slowed down quick enough and just spun off the track a little bit. I knew we had to make it on time, so for my second lap, I just went nice and smooth and got in the show and tried for it a little harder on the third lap. The car just wasn't quite where it was yesterday. I'm a little bit disappointed with that lap. That's the same lap time we ran yesterday in practice. I thought we'd go faster today, but we didn't. It's a lot of fun. I'm out there learning and I think we'll end up with a top-15 starting spot and I'll be pretty happy with that. I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow. I had to do a conservative lap to make sure we got in, then kind of went for it in the third lap. Then they told me how fast Carl [Edwards] ran and I thought the track had picked up from yesterday. It didn't for me, but Carl turned a heck of a lap."

CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING YOUR FIRST NASCAR NATIONWIDE AND ROAD COURSE START. "Thank you. Yeah, it's a first for both. We're in the show, we were top-10 in practice yesterday. That's where I was hoping we ended up in qualifying today. A top-15 starting spot is good. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep all four fenders on it and get a decent finish out of it tomorrow."


KELLY BIRES -- No. 47 Clorox Ford Fusion -- (qualified 18th) --"It's a good pick-up from yesterday. That's what we focus on every week, is having our fastest lap in qualifying trim. It was a good lap. It should give us a good, solid starting spot here for tomorrow. The guys did a great job. We made a ton of adjustments over night and to be able to go out there and be fast like that, that's a pretty good accomplishment for the Clorox Ford Fusion team."

YOU PICKED UP TIMES BETWEEN THE TWO PRACTICES AND POSTED A QUICK TIME TODAY, YOU LEARNED THE TRACK REALLY FAST. "Yeah, I'm real new at this so every time we go on the track, I get better. It's gonna keep doing that. Every race I get to run on a road course it will just keep getting better and better. It's just the way it works and I'm so new at this that it is going to take me a little bit to get on a top-10 pace, but that's a great start today."

WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS TODAY? YESTERDAY YOU WERE ANXIOUS. "I'm still anxious; anxious to get the race started."

WHEN YOU PUT TOGETHER A LAP LIKE THAT WHERE IS THE DRIVER? WHERE DO YOU SEE THE CRITICAL POINTS OF THE RACE TRACK? "It's very, very slippery out there for qualifying today. I don't know if it's the rubber from the number of cars that were on the track this morning. You've got three laps than you can use brakes up on. You can rely on them. I felt out there that I just wasn't smooth. I didn't try to hustle the car. The third lap I tried hustling the car and it got loose on me. It's just being smooth and great adjustments overnight made us get a good pick-up." HOW MUCH OF A CONCERN ARE BRAKES? "We haven't had any issue with them yet this weekend. I have been very happy with that. The guys on the Clorox Ford Fusion team put a great package together here to go road racing, especially with me being the first time."

DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOOD AT ROAD RACING BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT BEFORE AND HAVEN'T DEVELOPED BAD HABITS? "They say that's true, but when you're not in a good race car, you develop bad habits too. The guys prepared a great race car for me and I'm able to learn in a good car and that helps a ton."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion -- (qualified 23rd)

"I thought we'd qualify better, so we'll probably end up 24th. We didn't go fast. We were a little free. We didn't run what we did yesterday. We probably should have made a qualifying run yesterday. We tried, but qualifying isn't everything here. Certainly, it would be fun to start in the top-10 or 15, but it looks like we're not. So, we'll just have to go racing tomorrow."

DON'T YOU WANT THE CAR TO BE FREE ON ROAD COURSES? "Yeah, you want to be free, but you don't want to be wrecking loose, fixing to wreck the car. Yeah, it's good to be free and that will help 10 or 15 laps into a run. Some of these guys can go out and run fast. The big thing is making no mistakes on race day and we'll be fine."

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