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Mike Wallace (seventh) was the top finishing Camry in today's race. Camry drivers led the most laps in today's race -- a total of 88 laps led. Tony Stewart led the most laps in the race (61). A Camry driver has been at the front of the field for...

Mike Wallace (seventh) was the top finishing Camry in today's race. Camry drivers led the most laps in today's race -- a total of 88 laps led. Tony Stewart led the most laps in the race (61). A Camry driver has been at the front of the field for 322 laps in NNS competition so far this season, and 898 laps led since joining the NNS in 2007. Brian Vickers gave Toyota its sixth pole position in the Nationwide Series today.

Stewart earned the top starting spot in Daytona at this year's season-opener. Four poles were earned during Toyota's inaugural season in NNS competition -- Jason Leffler earned two poles (Daytona-2 and Bristol-2), and Dave Blaney (California-1) and David Reutimann (Texas-2) each earned one pole in 2007.

Stewart remains the leader in the NNS points following today's race. He has a 42-point advantage over second-place. Other finishing position for Toyota drivers in the field today included Reutimann (25th), Stewart (27th), Kyle Busch (31st), Vickers (36th) and Leffler (39th). Toyota has four wins since joining the NNS last year. Stewart earned the Camry its first two wins of 2008 with back-to- back victories at Daytona and California. Last year, Toyota earned two NNS wins -- Leffler at Indianapolis and Reutimann at Memphis.


MIKE WALLACE, No. 7 GEICO Toyota Camry, Germain Racing Finished: 7th

How was your day today? "It was a very good day. Finishing seventh may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I haven't had a top-10 in a year -- so that was a big deal. The car, for the first part of the race, was a little pushy loose. Then, they got it tuned up and about halfway through (the race) that thing took off. It didn't seem like we had anything for the 5 car (Mark Martin) or anything like that, but I think we could have got a few more spots if we had a few more laps there. I'm real excited -- a great run, everything was good."

Are you and your new team (Germain Racing) becoming more comfortable working together? "This is a new team in one aspect, but it's a seasoned group of guys that have raced before. I think we are doing well together. This is only our third race out and we finished seventh. Germain Racing told me they would field me good race cars and they're living it up to it. Everything has been good. It's not like it's a new race team -- it's just a seasoned group of guys working together for the first time."


DAVID REUTIMANN, No. 99 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota Camry, Michael Waltrip Racing Finished: 25th

How was your car today? "We had a good car in the beginning and then we messed with it and over-adjusted it. We had a pit road penalty, but even with all that we were going to be okay. It wasn't going to have an affect on the outcome. We had an incident there and it messed our deal up."

What happened when the No. 20 (Tony Stewart) and your car made contact? "I don't even know. I thought I gave him room, but maybe I crowded him getting in and got him loose. I'm not really sure. I haven't seen the replay so I can't say. If it's my fault, I certainly apologize to Tony Stewart and his team. I don't know -- I haven't seen it (the replay) and can't make an assessment one way or the other."


TONY STEWART, No. 20 Old Spice Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finished: 27th

What happened? "We got in a wreck. I was on the bottom and I couldn't go down any further than where we were -- there was not much I could do."

Have you talked with anyone about the accident? "My crew guys -- sitting here trying to take a totaled race car and to just get it where we can put it in the trailer right now. Us and Jeff Burton and Mark Martin had the three fastest cars there -- and our teammate Kyle Busch, obviously -- and there's three of the four (fastest cars) in the garage area."

Any reason for this many on-track incidents? "A lot of it looked weird. Like Bobby Labonte's wreck -- I was behind him when it happened and his car just took off. That's not anything like Bobby -- it just took off on him. It's a repaved race track that's on its second year now. Welcome to Las Vegas."


KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finished: 31st

What took you out of the race? "I didn't see anything. I didn't feel anything that I ran over. It's just unfortunate luck, I guess -- bad luck today with the Interstate Batteries 18 car. It's just unfortunate for all these guys and the points situation. We'll see what happens later on in the year. Today is today, and we go on to tomorrow now."

What happened to your right front tire? "It's the wrong tire for here, it's too hard. They're trying to slow us down and everybody's wrecking. You even have experienced guys that are wrecking. We blew a right front tire."

How was your car before your tire went down? "Everything was going well. We were a little bit tight there in that run. We were going to free it up on the next stop in order to make a better charge there towards the end of the race, but we weren't able to make it."


BRIAN VICKERS, No. 32 Dollar General Toyota Camry, Braun Racing Finished: 36th

Why are you in the garage early today? "We were just trying to survive with the plates on these cars. This is some of the worst racing I've ever been in. You can't run around anybody, you can't pass and it's all you can do to hold onto the car. Unfortunately, we've always seen when you put plates in the cars they go fast through the center and the corner -- we were 15 to 20 miles per hour faster through center and the corner than the Cup cars, and the tires just can't take it. We had eight laps on a set of tires and the bead just blew apart, dropped the right front and we hit the wall. That's unfortunate because the car was really fast during practice and qualifying. It was great to get the first pole for these guys and Toyota. We had a great car -- we were just trying to survive out there."


JASON LEFFLER, No. 38 Great Clips Toyota Camry, Braun Racing Finished: 39th

What happened to take you out of the race? "Not sure what happened out there. The 41 (Kyle Krisiloff) was a fast race car but he just couldn't be patient from lap one. It's obviously disappointing to be out this early. We had a good race car and the guys worked hard all weekend to make it better and better. It's just a shame for them and for Great Clips, but that's racing.

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