Las Vegas: Ford teams race quotes

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (Finished 28th) "We got pinched down there while I was trying to lap some backmarkers. I saved it, but when I turned full hard right, the steering arm got into the pulley and knocked the...

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (Finished 28th)

"We got pinched down there while I was trying to lap some backmarkers. I saved it, but when I turned full hard right, the steering arm got into the pulley and knocked the oil pump belt off. I shouldn't have got myself in a bad spot anyway and then this just compounds it. We had a long day. We were looking good there for a while, but it wasn't meant to be."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Save A Lot Ford Fusion (Finished 14th)

"It was turning out to be a heck of a race. I was having a blast. Everybody is a little disappointed we didn't get to try to race to the end. I guess Mark just misjudged or something there and got us. Mark and I race really well together and I'm sure it was just a mistake. I don't know what he said about it, but it's too bad we didn't get to race to the end. That was just gonna be one hell of a race. That was gonna be a lot of fun. I thought we could win it for Save A Lot today."


KELLY BIRES -- No. 47 Clorox Ford Fusion (Finished 15th) --

"I think we probably would have ended up between fifth and eighth. I think we were running 10th or so when we pitted there, but we didn't have very good fuel mileage all day and we didn't want to chance it and run out. So we pitted and did a fuel only stop and the caution came out as soon as we pulled away from our pit box. The guys did a great job. We had a solid car. We were racing conservative all day and had probably 10 percent more that I was gonna let loose at the end of the race, but didn't get a chance to do it. It's tough, but it's nice to know that we had a fast race car and were competitive. We had solid pit stops and the thing is in one piece, so we can go back, clean it up and take it to Atlanta if we want to. We had a good points day, so even though we had bad luck, it still was a solid day for us."

WILL YOU SLEEP WELL KNOWING YOU DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD? "I probably won't, but it's tough because you run a whole race and then something like that happens to you at the end of the race. It's hard to swallow, especially here because I'm very competitive. You work to get yourself in that position and then make that last pit stop and something like that happens. But the guys did a great job. There were a lot of people from Clorox here, so it was a great run for us to do that in front of them and I'm excited to go to Atlanta. We've been fast every week. We had a top-10 car last week for sure at California and that car was probably even a little better than this car, so it's nice to know when you're sitting in the seat that you've got top-10 cars or top-15 cars every week."


BRAD COLEMAN -- No. 27 Scott/Smith's Ford Fusion (Finished 9th)

"It was a great day. We just avoided all the wrecks. One time in turn two when Marcos was going around it got really hairy. I don't think I had an inch between me and the wall or me and him, but I've got a great spotter and just got lucky and picked the right hole. These guys never gave up on the car and we just kept working and working and got our top 10."

DID YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES OUT THERE TODAY? "Our car was getting pretty tight, but they never gave up and they kept working on it. Those wrecks definitely helped because we went a lap down and became the lucky dog, so that definitely helped, too. It's just a great day overall for this Kleenex Ford Fusion."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion (Finished 10th)

"We got some help by everyone else's misfortune. We had a decent handling car and just kind of rode around and stayed out of trouble. I think legitimately we might have had about a 10th or 12th-place car, but we ran out of fuel on that last green-white-checkered. I know we were preparing for a green flag stop when the caution came out and we decided to do fuel only and I guess we didn't have quite enough in there because we ran out on that last green-white-checkered and it cost us three or four spots. I think we were gonna finish probably fifth or sixth, but it was a solid run. That's our second top-10 of the year and we'll certainly take it after bringing out a backup this morning. I'm just very happy with all the Discount Tire guys. They worked hard and we'll keep working to try to get better and better and try to win one of these things soon."

-credit: ford racing

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